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  1. + I could take a year of disemployment where I get paid for NOT working. I'm quite frugal so I don't have issue saving up money, but I've never had this ammount. Last time I burnt 6k+ on expensive RSD course that I flunked and expensive rent in Barcelona. 23 yrs old male and live in Spain. I work as a waiter and live with my "6.5 ( on a toxic scale) parents. Building a camper van to move out and be independent. Haven't gone to university ( yet? ) since I wanted to crack LP a bit first. I recently finished the Life Purpose course and my LP ( after 3 years of slacking and fapping and struggling) can be summed up in " Personal development filmmaker / Vlogger " , with the Impact statement of " Contributing to the evolution of peoples inner game in a playful way via cinematography. I'm still in the very early stages of the vision. Maybe I could invest in filmschool or acting school, while chugging personal dev content on the side? Probly gonna need some gear besides my gopro but I'm clueless. Also I'd like to find people who share my passion, the inertia has my ass on the coach quite hard since it's all on me to start creating content and building my skills ( with no ecosystem that drags me toward filmmaking I mean) I used to be heavily interested in Spirituallity but I find that I've reached my treshold ( still got Karma to burn with girls, making a living, living a "meaningful" life and overall developing the ego. Otherwise I'm just dysfunctional and unmotivated and a couch potato. I've done mushrooms once but IDK if i want to be doing any other 'delics for now. I don't want to f*ck myself up and be unstable again ( struggled with dark night of the soul for 2+ years :0 ) Hmm I think thats enough info bout me. Thoughts? Any finance gurus around? Or just wise people that have been in my situation? ? Or I could just wire the money to Leo's Church of Spiritology ? Or just buy groceries in bulk and build a bunker " to prepare for the Apocalipsis " as my mom says LMAO??‍♂️
  2. No problem. Btw, if you are okay with it, you can do the same thing with pretty much any car. Take out back seats for lots of space, and maybe even codriver seat if its allowed where you are at. Put some cheap diy bedframe, etc. Just gotta take care of where to store it, but maybe you come up with something. Make sure your vehicle is reliable. Like really.
  3. @CultivateLove mentoring and other online programs. @Lews Therin good advice, I'll keep it in mind. I'm not really worried about emergencies and retirement. I trust that by then I've build myself up to be quality human being who offers quality value and therefore swims in abundance. May be kind of careless but it rather just die at 70 if im still a manchild lol. @NatureB still working on it. Most likely it wont be a single teacher since i like to cherrypick from multiple sources. Basicslly the decisión would be if I'd want to invest in film / acting school for the networking and clear 123 formula aspect, but these with the power of the internet these days if I don't get somewhat decent it's entirely on my couch potato - stuck in comfort - undecided ass. Maybe someone here has gone through something similar in terms of investing into film director education or just winged the whole process / or knows someone who knows someone who went through this, or a channel that you reccomend, etc etc.
  4. Work summer / winter seasons as waiter full time depending where you live . Save up. Take time off work, take disemployment pay and other possible government help, etx .Repeat , all this while working on your bizz idea. ( this is just one perspective ) I"ve heard germany you can donate blood and plasma and jizz for some cash. Idk how it is where you live but make sure to stay hydrated and all that. You could also practice freeganism x d Most importantly, train your social skills. But first , let me introduce you this definition- A "hobo" is a migratory worker or homeless vagabond (key is worker). Unlike a "tramp", who works only when forced to, and a "bum", who does not work at all. You want to be the hobo in this case lol. Anyways, you can literally talk to every single person you see and have a casual chit chat and inquire if there is any work you could do for them, for someone they know, get employed somewhere... Etc Every - single - person. Don't let the imaginary boundry between " Friend and stranger hold you back from making every city your own home. Ill leave you with this insight: Your net-worth is your network. Make connections, talk with people, meet up with people from online, etc.
  5. You haven't taken Leo's LP course have you? You wouldn't have such questions if you had. It's a no-brainer. 200 bucks is nothing for the clarity and value it provides.
  6. @aurum I guess that's what I'm going to do now, just keep it. I noticed I had a subconscious barrier at 6k. Every time my savings went above that I'd find a way to spend it. Yeah, I'll definately invest it in LP, whatever that may mean for my specifc scenario ( actually, I need to sit down and journal about what does it ACTUALLY MEAN to invest money into my LP of Personal development filmmaker, I'm clueless) @meow_meow Marbella is quite expensive. I have this plan of living in my Van since it fits my frugal way of being so I won't be investing in renting / real estate, and also, stoncks / crypto isn't aligned with my values so even though I't may be possible to make some income there, I'd rather, as you recommended , go all in with my LP over the long run, but thanks for the perspective anyways.
  7. All of these things are fixed with practice of Self-Love. No books. Turn inward and love, accept and forgive yourself. Forum search for self-love threads, a lot of usefull information.
  8. @Leo Gura If you hand knit me one of these I'll cut you a deal x D Or you may apply the same concept to socks, your choice ; )
  9. @Geromekevin Actual good advice, thanks.
  10. Research vanlife. You can live a frugal life, it is easily possible. Dont need to sleep on streets and turn to freeganism.
  11. + read psycho-cybernerics by Maxwell Waltz. It sheds light exactly on this topic. I remember you can get a copy for free if you google the name
  12. Already had a simmilar post. Skim through this to find some anwsers. Edit: look into "mewing" at Orthropics Youtube channel. You literally change the shape of your cheekbones and jawline by working on your tongue and neck posture. Would you say its okay to transform your face this way, but not with a scalpel? What about braces, makeup, going to the gym, dressing tight / etc. All of these influence the way you interact with people. Truth is, looks matter in society, to a degree. Surgery? If you want, ok. Just be mindfull of where to draw the line.
  13. Good and bad are relative to our own survival agenda. Actions are not good or bad. One thing is sure, whatever you do or don't , simply expect consequences. Consequences are not good or bad. But I'd rather chill and enjoy life doing my own thing rather than being locked up for stabbing someone with a fork. But fearing bad consecuences is a quite autisitc and neurotic way to live life. Feel into your life and follow your heart , as cliché and hippie that sounds. Your felings of Love and Joy are a good compass. When you see a tiny 6 week old kitty, your intuition is to pet it, hold it, cuddle with it, not to reverse triangle choke him with your legs. Why? Idk, we just tend to have a natural inclination towards some things rather than others.
  14. If ur asking for opinion go for 1
  15. Real saints and sages rock that Nokia 3310 Can straight up call Jesus on that thing.
  16. Buy the book. Listen to your intuition also called " Inner Guru" In the Kriya book Leo recommends. Anything done unconsciously can be dangerous : cooking, relationships, walking, speaking. . . Purchase the book from the booklist, listen to your intuition and you should be good.
  17. Go for it man. It's a good vision to begin with. You don't need Leo. YOU can be the visionary leader.
  18. when minecraft memes display the structure of reallity
  19. But Leo! I'm not a coffe table. The boundries between my body and that Ikea piece or furniture are SOLID and OBJECTIVE! But L e O! I do exist! I'm not a thought or a concept. I have name, I own a car, I have parents and I was squeezed out of my moms womb. LOOK at this picture of ME being born in 97. THAT is my mom and THAT is me! See?! But Leo! My hand is not made out of lofty "Consciousness" Or "Love"! Look! Its a piece of bones and meat? Haven't you ever seen an Xray or gotten slapped in the face?! Leo, the back of my head does exist. Every time I go to the hairdresser they tell me I have a hair swirl. How could all of them say the same if it was not because of the the back of my head existing independently of me looking at it?! Etc, WIP.
  20. Where does " Brain chatter " Come from? Literaly from nowhere. It just "spawns" Into existance by the mechanism of "no mechanism". You can become conscious of this by sitting and looking for the "source" of thoughts just as they appear. May take a while and couple of tries. Some really helpful Leo vids would be "Mindfulness meditation" , to discover the true nature of thoughts, and "what is actuallity" For the same reason that when you notice your breathing, you can take more controll of it, like taking a deeper breath, stop breathing, breathe faster, etc. It's the same principle as with quantum mechanics: the act of simply obvserving is not "neutral". By observing you are interacting and interfiering with whatever you are trying to measure or test. If you start looking at your diet more, you wont be eating the same things as if you didnt decide to look at ur diet. If you decide to track how much time you spend looking at your phone because its a concern to you, simply by that you may end up looking less at ur phone, etc etc etc.
  21. Idk about afirmations, but I can share my 2 cents on the topic of emotional mastery work. Imo working within direct experience and your emotional body is more effective than working with concepts and words. Lay in bed or visulize things that " trigger " you emotionally ( if you dont know this concept, look up shadow work ) . Feel into those feelings and visions as deep as you can, and completely accept them as deeply as you can. And by "visualize" I simply mean imagining with your whole mind and body as vividly as you can. That's it. Super simple but super effective. A step deeper into emotional mastery is actually having enough awareness to catch trigger moments in real time as they happen in your day to day, and deeply accept and love them till death. Real Stoicism is warm, open and vulnerable, not cold , closed off and distant. Imagine being emotionally stabbed in the heart multiple times. Being judged and laughed at. And still having enough "stoicism" to forgive, embrace and radiate love. What's more stoic than walking with your naked heart in the palm of your hand for everyone to judge, and still being indestructible? ( metaphorically speaking) Ofc all of this can be misunderstood, you can turn into a doormat or a simp or whatever. Balance and nuance is requiered. Super tricky to comvey such topics. Gl.
  22. Hmm. Another day passed by. Pretty much did gym , shopping and eating. Didn't really fall into any toxic patterns like bingeing shitty food or doing videogames etc. It's a plus I would say, but I feel like obviously I'm not talking enough action. If I already ate and went to work and shopped, my default state and gravity center is "isolation" in my house and scroll through the Internet, sometimes more productively than others. Thats one thing that I want to change over time. I feel it will fix itself once I have my van since I'll be travelling way more easily. About that, in a few days my dad said we'll finish the mechanic parts. I'd probably need to purchase some lights for the greenscreen. Lights that I have around the house look shitty, even though I havent put much effort into making them work. I don't like sitting in my room, its cold and the wall sockets are shitty. When I sit in my van I feel like at home, more than at home. Also I don't like when my mom gets drunk, it's so annoying. I've coped with it with my whole life. When I have my van I can simply drive somewhere and not deal with the situation. I could spend years of time and effort into trying to fix her, but I simply don't want to. And that's okay. Wow, I have drinked like 5 chugs of water only today. Bought the 2 litre bottles but for some reason I keep chronically dehydrating myself. I feel like I wanna go to the gym more often. Lifting and cardio on empty stomach makes me feel so damn good. I wish I could work out in the morning and only eat like before work or before bed so I could have that vigorous feeling for the whole day. You know what, I'll start somewhere. I'll just get into my car and talk to the camara about any típic or anything I want. When? When I'm in my car for some reason, like coming back from work. Where? Inside of my car, parked probably in front of my car. How? With phone, put it on the steeringwheel case with selfie camara. Make it a habit. I can delete the vid if I want to. Actually I could do super easy lighting in my studio room with some wood and lightbulbs and some screws, just got the idea. So? Takeaways? Go gym, talk to the camara, work on healthy mobility, keep working and saving and when the time comes to so some work on my van get it done, pay what needs to be paid. Start with super easy build and my bike. Gonna shower and off to work. Plan the next day before going to sleep. PLAN THE NEXT DAY BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP.
  23. I really enjoy blogging and I think I'll enjoy Vlogging as well. There is something about honestly sharing personal life in general that makes it feel meaningful and somewhat fulfilling. Anyways, I'm tempted to stick with a public journal because it helps to materialize thoughts and put them in somewhat of a linear timeline. My thoughts tend to be all over the place, and you could say that I take pride in chaotic thinking or " connecting dots " or whatever ( no, im not into conspiracy theories, even though my parens are neck deep in them ) Soo. . . Couple things I wanted to write about. I could stop going to the chiropractor. I started going because I was worried about my back possibly snapping in half because of that vertebrae slipping feeling, that turned out to be alright. I found that theory to be plausible because of my lifelong habit of sitting at school / home studying and obviously 16 hours per day WoW gaming since 2009 ( ? ). Good for me - there are no games that I enjoy playing right now. If Wrath of the Litch king was coming out this year , I'd be doomed. Anyways, the chiropractor thing, I'm alright with back pain and she fixed my right shoulder impingement and my bicep tendinitis ( yeah you could say im quite fcked up for a 22 year old, 23 in december ) but I simply keep going because she is hot . Like really, sometimes I need to fap before going so that i won't get a boner when she releases my hip tendon LOL. Kind of left my inner simp out there for a second xd. But thats aight . I finished Life Purpose course after 3 years of procrastination, wrong turns , dead ends, loss of motivation, slacking off, meaninglesness, etc etc.I Skipped the exercises from the last part of the course because I found myself thinking that I've already squeezed the sh1t out of my current worldview and I'm just beating around the bush. Of course I'm rationalizing my slackiness but sometimes you gotta do babysteps to get out of a rut, or being stuck in resistance . I'm sure I'll get back to them once I get into doing Youtube videos ( yeah, thats a part of what turned out to be my LP ) Basically my issue with the course is my lack of life experience. Whole life in house with parents / siblings, at school or in front of the pc, therefore I'm quite limited in what my options are for a meaningful career / impact. So what I want to do is simply get more life experience overall. Simply do Personal development Vlogs ( Like this but in video format ), edit videos and speak my thoughts to the camara. And with time, I'll get more clear what I want my life to be about. But Personal development, Creativity, Adventure, Connection and Wisdom are some of my top values. Obviously these words mean something different for everyone. I won't share what exactly they mean for me now. Cba. Started going to the gym again, this time with my younger brother, which does make it way more expensive since I'm paying for everything, but going with someone is totally worth it . Way more enjoyable and it did take me out of the rut I was in . Maybe I'll get him into calisthenics and he just comes with me to the park close to our house which would make it free, but I'm alright with paying some more months ( 100€ per month for both of us together D A M N ) I really look forward to going to the gym, not for looking good naked or people mirin' my biceps or posting mirror selfies on IG, but I noticed how much lifting weights affects the impact of carbs on my body and mind . Usually after eating beans / rice and things like that I'd get brain fog and super tired, and turns out that If you deplete muscle glycogen or whatever by lifting weights, the carbs refill the muscles first and dont spike my bloodsugar enormously and therefore don't make me so fatigued, if I may put it in broscience. Fasting makes me have a clear mind, but unhealthy relationship with food. Fasting, or even intermittent fasting , from what I've noticed, obviously makes me eat less, and therefore probably not meet the ammout of calories I need. Then I have to fight cravings and binge eating ( usually at night ) even though I'm quite damn skinny ( 67 kg 179 cm , and a quite damn large skull ) It may be psychological, as in a crutch to drown meaninglesness, procrastination and the paralisis of having so much freedom, it may be simply habit and ghreling hunger hormone spiking at night, or it may simply be my body yelling for more effin food because I eat so little . Also eating carbs is somewhat adicting contrasted with Keto diet, but way less expensive and more convenient. I'll do keto when I'm rich (?) I thought about buying a greenscreen setup for my room. I think I'd have so much fun with it. I'm just annoyed that the room isn't that soundproof ( I leave the windows open 24/7 ) and therefore I don't feel that comfortable speaking out loud. I can't wait till I finish my camper van. So stoked for wandering around and vlogging . Its weird but I feel as if all of my life problems would vanish if I just had my van. Seems so meaningfull for me it's unreal. When I sit inside, I simply feel like at home, even more than at home . It's so weird. That would be the one thing that I'd want to have materially. I'm and introvert generally, and the van is a great way to invest into infrastructure and sistematically get out of my house to do things and meet people. Social isolation is one of my weaknesess. I just stay in my mancave most of my day, besides when I go shopping, to the gym or to work. This is getting quite long, but it was a good load off my mind. Ill cut it here and keep it up later.
  24. Thats a quite big insight imo
  25. Having this blog at my fingertips is such so amazing. It's like texting an imaginary best friend about the things that I would't share with everyone or that I feel would be obnoxious to talk about daily ( Imagine texting a friend every day about personal development stuff, I mean it's one of my top passions but I'd find that tiring and exhausting, ) Anyways. Got back from work. Gym early tomorrow because I need to jump to work a sec for that boss meeting ( he never says anything important) I could skip it but I want to talk to the other owner of the restaurand about her paying my vacations that I hadn't taken last year. What more ? Talk with dad again. The van is important for me. Comunnicate this. Got started with the studio. Brainstorm light options and maybe sound isolation. Maybe look into portable greenscreens, etc. Drink water dude! It's quite ridiculous how much I'm struggling with the lowest and one of the most basic human need LOL. On the way back from the meeting buy 2 litre bottles. And some beans and meat. Is this it? There is so much more I could be doing... Do some easy vlogging. I can grab my bike and gopro and practice talking to the camera in some quiet place, or one of my favorites, do it in my car. I want to start documenting my process. It would be so cool. Imagine doing this but in video , day by day, week by week and see all of the progres in 5 / 10 years. The potential is huge . Before aprooval from hot girls and classmates / friends was one of my core motivators in life, as for many many other young people ( mostly unconsciously) But since I've outgrown that, the only thing that seems to be meaningful is this, vlogging and sharing my life. The most meaningful impact I'd like to have in the world, if any, and if I had to choose one would be this, honestly sharing the process of evolution throughout my life in a relatable way. No sugarcoating, no tryharding to look cool. Simply sharing life in a vulnerable and honest way. Seems quite meaningful to me. Idk why but it feels true and authentic , so I'll go with that. I had other desired impacts on the world but most of them dont feel that authentic at this stage of my life, like "contributing to the evolution of the inner game of the youth / mankind, or helping people to release trauma and find unconditional happiness, or become a " Dating coach" to help good men develop their skills with girls, etc. I've brainstormed more but I'm texting this from my phone and I don't have my OneNote Journal at reach. More? Good for now. Tomorrow Gym, quick jump to work, shop and look into lighting and practice acting / editing.