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  1. Now that we are on the topic I would like to share this : 18 yr old guy spent 6 years in jail for threating another dude while playing Runescape ( wow) And here is the youtube channel of that guy if you'd like to hear some prision sotories : Quite eyeopening. That's america though. I'd like to hear more from other parts of the world. I heard terrible things about prisions in Morroco since there are lots of Arabic people here in Spain. Things like 1x1 meters prisions, extreme violence and torturing, beheadings, etc.
  2. @Applegarden @Applegarden You didn't read the post, did you? x D Quote: During this time, you would have access to food and shelter, and the most important thing, TIME FOR INTROSPECTION and maybe journaling and reading lots and lots of books. After your lawbreaking ass gets released, you would have ( at least in my country ) some kind of pension from the government for the next couple of months and a deeper understanding of what it is that you want from life, besides getting jacked and not being able to get into Canada ever again. End of Quote. I'm not defending the idea. This is an open discussion
  3. This would be one of the ways. Give it a read and suck in the concept of 1000 true fans. Quite eyeopening.
  4. Take notes when you watch a video X D
  5. @dflores321 ; ) would be a damn good bestseller rag to riches story, wouldn't it?
  6. I did think about this aspect. A coworker of mine who has been in few times told me at least here in Spain there are different kinds of Jails depending on who you are and what you did. He told me that it was pretty chill and he would definately go back if things got rough for him. Again, this guy knew nothing about personal development and was kind of dumb. Also, my dad had been in jail for few years (long story) and he came our incredibly well read and not f*cked up at all. Again, there are most likely more people who wont be able to get anything positive from the experience and will get involved with gangs and get a facetat and that sh1t. Feel free to share your thoughts / anecdotes and experiences. Ni judgement zone here ( at least from me lol)
  7. Got a thought floating around that you may like these sites that hook you up with farms where you can work for food and acomodation. Like Workaway or another one which I dont remember. These oportunities are everywhere and you may live that kind of 'monk' lyfe that you intend with lots of time for spiritual work or w/e you want to do with your time.
  8. Take a gap year to understand yourself better. This question implies that you simply dont understand yourself deep enough, just like most people ( that's the default ) Think, journal, contemplate, imagine , research and talk with people about possibilities Take Leo's Life purporse course. It offers invaluable clarity on exactly the topic you are struggling with. This is my recommendation. Option 2 is go with your gut feeling and quit if you dont like it and try something else. I'd go with number 1 if I were you.
  9. + I could take a year of disemployment where I get paid for NOT working. I'm quite frugal so I don't have issue saving up money, but I've never had this ammount. Last time I burnt 6k+ on expensive RSD course that I flunked and expensive rent in Barcelona. 23 yrs old male and live in Spain. I work as a waiter and live with my "6.5 ( on a toxic scale) parents. Building a camper van to move out and be independent. Haven't gone to university ( yet? ) since I wanted to crack LP a bit first. I recently finished the Life Purpose course and my LP ( after 3 years of slacking and fapping and struggling) can be summed up in " Personal development filmmaker / Vlogger " , with the Impact statement of " Contributing to the evolution of peoples inner game in a playful way via cinematography. I'm still in the very early stages of the vision. Maybe I could invest in filmschool or acting school, while chugging personal dev content on the side? Probly gonna need some gear besides my gopro but I'm clueless. Also I'd like to find people who share my passion, the inertia has my ass on the coach quite hard since it's all on me to start creating content and building my skills ( with no ecosystem that drags me toward filmmaking I mean) I used to be heavily interested in Spirituallity but I find that I've reached my treshold ( still got Karma to burn with girls, making a living, living a "meaningful" life and overall developing the ego. Otherwise I'm just dysfunctional and unmotivated and a couch potato. I've done mushrooms once but IDK if i want to be doing any other 'delics for now. I don't want to f*ck myself up and be unstable again ( struggled with dark night of the soul for 2+ years :0 ) Hmm I think thats enough info bout me. Thoughts? Any finance gurus around? Or just wise people that have been in my situation? ? Or I could just wire the money to Leo's Church of Spiritology ? Or just buy groceries in bulk and build a bunker " to prepare for the Apocalipsis " as my mom says LMAO??‍♂️
  10. No problem. Btw, if you are okay with it, you can do the same thing with pretty much any car. Take out back seats for lots of space, and maybe even codriver seat if its allowed where you are at. Put some cheap diy bedframe, etc. Just gotta take care of where to store it, but maybe you come up with something. Make sure your vehicle is reliable. Like really.
  11. @CultivateLove mentoring and other online programs. @Lews Therin good advice, I'll keep it in mind. I'm not really worried about emergencies and retirement. I trust that by then I've build myself up to be quality human being who offers quality value and therefore swims in abundance. May be kind of careless but it rather just die at 70 if im still a manchild lol. @NatureB still working on it. Most likely it wont be a single teacher since i like to cherrypick from multiple sources. Basicslly the decisión would be if I'd want to invest in film / acting school for the networking and clear 123 formula aspect, but these with the power of the internet these days if I don't get somewhat decent it's entirely on my couch potato - stuck in comfort - undecided ass. Maybe someone here has gone through something similar in terms of investing into film director education or just winged the whole process / or knows someone who knows someone who went through this, or a channel that you reccomend, etc etc.
  12. Work summer / winter seasons as waiter full time depending where you live . Save up. Take time off work, take disemployment pay and other possible government help, etx .Repeat , all this while working on your bizz idea. ( this is just one perspective ) I"ve heard germany you can donate blood and plasma and jizz for some cash. Idk how it is where you live but make sure to stay hydrated and all that. You could also practice freeganism x d Most importantly, train your social skills. But first , let me introduce you this definition- A "hobo" is a migratory worker or homeless vagabond (key is worker). Unlike a "tramp", who works only when forced to, and a "bum", who does not work at all. You want to be the hobo in this case lol. Anyways, you can literally talk to every single person you see and have a casual chit chat and inquire if there is any work you could do for them, for someone they know, get employed somewhere... Etc Every - single - person. Don't let the imaginary boundry between " Friend and stranger hold you back from making every city your own home. Ill leave you with this insight: Your net-worth is your network. Make connections, talk with people, meet up with people from online, etc.
  13. You haven't taken Leo's LP course have you? You wouldn't have such questions if you had. It's a no-brainer. 200 bucks is nothing for the clarity and value it provides.
  14. @aurum I guess that's what I'm going to do now, just keep it. I noticed I had a subconscious barrier at 6k. Every time my savings went above that I'd find a way to spend it. Yeah, I'll definately invest it in LP, whatever that may mean for my specifc scenario ( actually, I need to sit down and journal about what does it ACTUALLY MEAN to invest money into my LP of Personal development filmmaker, I'm clueless) @meow_meow Marbella is quite expensive. I have this plan of living in my Van since it fits my frugal way of being so I won't be investing in renting / real estate, and also, stoncks / crypto isn't aligned with my values so even though I't may be possible to make some income there, I'd rather, as you recommended , go all in with my LP over the long run, but thanks for the perspective anyways.
  15. All of these things are fixed with practice of Self-Love. No books. Turn inward and love, accept and forgive yourself. Forum search for self-love threads, a lot of usefull information.
  16. @Leo Gura If you hand knit me one of these I'll cut you a deal x D Or you may apply the same concept to socks, your choice ; )
  17. @Geromekevin Actual good advice, thanks.
  18. Research vanlife. You can live a frugal life, it is easily possible. Dont need to sleep on streets and turn to freeganism.
  19. + read psycho-cybernerics by Maxwell Waltz. It sheds light exactly on this topic. I remember you can get a copy for free if you google the name
  20. Already had a simmilar post. Skim through this to find some anwsers. Edit: look into "mewing" at Orthropics Youtube channel. You literally change the shape of your cheekbones and jawline by working on your tongue and neck posture. Would you say its okay to transform your face this way, but not with a scalpel? What about braces, makeup, going to the gym, dressing tight / etc. All of these influence the way you interact with people. Truth is, looks matter in society, to a degree. Surgery? If you want, ok. Just be mindfull of where to draw the line.
  21. Good and bad are relative to our own survival agenda. Actions are not good or bad. One thing is sure, whatever you do or don't , simply expect consequences. Consequences are not good or bad. But I'd rather chill and enjoy life doing my own thing rather than being locked up for stabbing someone with a fork. But fearing bad consecuences is a quite autisitc and neurotic way to live life. Feel into your life and follow your heart , as cliché and hippie that sounds. Your felings of Love and Joy are a good compass. When you see a tiny 6 week old kitty, your intuition is to pet it, hold it, cuddle with it, not to reverse triangle choke him with your legs. Why? Idk, we just tend to have a natural inclination towards some things rather than others.
  22. If ur asking for opinion go for 1
  23. Real saints and sages rock that Nokia 3310 Can straight up call Jesus on that thing.
  24. Buy the book. Listen to your intuition also called " Inner Guru" In the Kriya book Leo recommends. Anything done unconsciously can be dangerous : cooking, relationships, walking, speaking. . . Purchase the book from the booklist, listen to your intuition and you should be good.
  25. Go for it man. It's a good vision to begin with. You don't need Leo. YOU can be the visionary leader.