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  1. @Husseinisdoingfine huh thats an odd mix. @RichnNL uhh I can't seem to understand what you just exactly said. Basically "yes" to everything I claimed?
  2. Huh put that on a shirt. ' YoYo ' right?
  3. May be related to his mental issues during 20s
  4. Self explanatory title. "first time seeing a white man"
  5. Wash your hands guys. @Leo Gura use this one for your book?
  6. This gem, Islamic forum; "Please anwser fast" I can't breathe ???
  7. Inspired by this post, I'd like to come together and brainstorm the positive aspects of a conservative worldview and overall healthy stage blue. We do have a certain bias against it on this forum as it's prone to closedmindedness and induce cringe / cognitive dissonance since most of us are at least orange to yellow. Allow me to pitch the first one : I noticed that for example, back when I was going to school, having a main structure in my life and being told what to do with most of my time had a" healthy " effect on my mental health, as in being around people constantly rather than self-isolated, having a meaning system ( grades, scoring on tests = good , late to school, slacking on homework = bad. . . ). Maybe not the best example, but it's to get the ball rolling. I'll add some more as they come up in my mind.
  8. I had it about 6 months ago. Strong fever for 6 days, no coughing. Caught it at my workplace. It was no big deal. Now that's me. You better watch out, you never know.
  9. @Raze i bought it. It's good. My wing got it for free from google. I felt bad.
  10. "Confirmation bias" Kind of cringe "study" Imo. There are so many more key factors that affect the relationship dynamics. You cant simply lump together 4.5 billion women and start spitting statements. Age matters, personallity matters, appereance matters, money matters, fame matters, inner game matters, context matters, etc etc etc.
  11. @Apparition of Jack "Let's not forget each stage includes the stages before it" Yes and no. You aren't like 100% one color and you mostly have aspects to integrate from lower stages. So you may be 60% orange as your gravity centre and have splash of other stages here and there. And some shadow reactions towards red for example. Fully integrating a lower stage and completely transcending it takes conscious effort imo.
  12. Different people for different aspects of life and qualities. Like, Leo for inner game and spirituallity, rsd tyler or james marshall for dating and sexuallity, david dobrik vlogs and joe rogan standup for humor, rick and morty for creative inspiration, Project life mastery for marketing, Seth riggs for vocal mastery, etc etc. Cherry pick your mentors. Having one guy for everything would be like ( *insert analogy here, im going to sleep and brain is not functional atm*)
  13. Can you stomach all the faith at once?
  14. P. D. for role models go for real people 100%, for real. Fictional fantasy land movie characters are so misleading.
  15. Modeling fictional characters is really detrimental imo. It gives you a false image of what a quality human being looks like and is pretty big on " Wanting to look cool , wanting to be special, wanting to be perfect, wanting to be smoothx" , besides many other things. Ofc you may get some insights from them as well. There is a cool exercise in shadow work that helps to understand yourself better : What fictional character do you identify yourself as? Why exactly? I thought of myself as the Avatar, the little kid that was the special snowflake, the unique guy. I thought of myself as Naruto, the special guy with the inimaginable powers, bad with girls, socially inept, etc. These subconscious characters somewhat hold you back from evolving and also give you insight into your egoic desires, etc. Pin down as who do you identify yourself with and why. If you want, or just cosplay mrbean?
  16. @Enlightenment go f*ck 20 clean hookers untill you desensitize touching women
  17. Guys lately ive been playing around with perspective trying to get my good side popping up for that tinder profile. Constructive criticism is appreciated
  18. Idk what kind of anwser are you expecting. You are being needy and you know it. The cure for that is get way more experience with girls overall. Suck it up and go for next. The other thing you may do , that I think is what you want to hear, is getting out of the friendzone and burning the boat by excalating and trying to fuck her. For her to love you you gotta risk her hating you. In short, stop being her friend by negating her attention / validation, make her see you hanging out and having fun with other girls. After you haven't talked for a long time, when you meet up it would be somewhat of a fresh start where you can spark attraction. Plan on escalating on her, get the logistics right. And make the move. Either lovers or not even friends. If she rejects you deal with it. At least you are being honest with yourself and with her. Research getting out of the friendzone, it's a whole technical process. But I highly doubt you will pull out any of this. Most likely you will suffer and salivate a lot over her untill she finds a boyfriend and you feel more hurt. The sooner you move on the better.
  19. Read the description lol. " A single-passenger plane crashed after dumping 350 gallons of pink water; a Texas man used his pet alligator to announce baby's gender by placing a watermelon filled with blue jelly in it's mouth, causing a perilous stir and questions about animal abuse. . . " What's next? Injecting pink ink into your testicles and j^zz^ng at your guests? Ugh nevermind that.
  20. @Preety_India what if I say these things but I'm standing up instead of sitting ? does your thesis about limiting beliefs still work the same? Just kidding. Yeah, limiting beliefs go really , really, REALLY deep. Un-inquired assumptions about how the world works are the number one reason for self-righteousness. Then again, self-righteousness is exactly what blocks a noob from inquiring and deconstructing his belief system. Delicious strange loop right there. If someone reading this decides to do the deconstruction thing, take it slow. Shit falls apart really fast and it gets way worse before it gets better.
  21. It is usefull to remember that " an approach " is a concept. and " to be rejected " is another concept. When you walk into a shop and ask the guy who works there where the pasta is, is that an approach? If that guy was a girl, would it be an approach then ? if you had mistaken a random girl at the store for an employee, and you asked her where the pasta was, is that an approach? The anwser is yes, these are " approaches " , but ONLY if you consider them to be. If the store clerk tells you they are out of pasta, is that an rejection? If the store clerk turns out to be a girl, and she tells you they are out of pasta, is that an rejection? if the girl doesn't stop to talk to you because she's speeding to the bus, or going home to her boyfriend, is that a rejection? Well, yes! But only if you consider them to be. So if your insider " incel " guy says he has done 100+ approaches, he means " one hundred " of what he considers to be approaches. This may be saying hi to a girl and she doesnt aknowledge him because she's wearing earphones, and he takes that both an approach and rejection. Or he walks up to a girl, asks for her number straight up, she says nope and he takes that for an approach and a rejection. What I'm trying to say, is that these are all just concepts, and lumping every "approach" and every " rejection " together into the same bag gives the wrong idea of him having done way more work than he has done. Asking a girl for the time and walking away could be an approach. Hard stopping a girl and saying she seems hot and you'd like to get to know her and having an instant date with her is an approach as well. It's not all about black pill. It's because of the slowly collective evolution of society from blue to orange / green that has made dating for men not as extremely easy and biased as it used to. If you are familiar with spyral dynamics, consider this: Not long ago many countries transitioned from being completely blue into orange and beyond. What does sexuallity look like at blue? Parents hooking you up with some boi or girl, marriage being huge, women having not rights without a man by their side, whether their brother or father or husband, raising a family being a huge value, etc,etc. Look up , for example, Muslim countries. Do you see how easier it was to get laid as a man there ?! Now combine this: Easily available birth controll, freedom of choice and abundance in dating ( allowing women to choose, obviously the better guy in the sexual marketplace ) , men locking themselves up in their mancave plugged into Videogames, false sense of socializing from social media, false sex from p0rn and many other modern day comforts that make your survival EASY . Thats a recipe for " incel " You could literally work online, get paid online, shop through amazon , have your food delivered and play videogames all day.
  22. Gotta love all of those abstract generalizations and finger pointing. Not a single concrete thing was said LOL
  23. Uhh, I don't know if that's gonna do anything. You can make your phone not pick up the signal but it's still there being sent from the router? And also, if you go to your phone wifi options, you most likely will see like 25 more closeby wifi signals being picked up, not as you had the only router in the whole city X D