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  1. Thats Krystal & Kyle and this is Ketamine Kyle :
  2. Besides mine, I want to reap the benefits of socialism whilst cutting my taxers to a minimum lmao
  3. This right here explains 95% of peoples political beliefs
  4. @RedLine *nuance thinking has left the channel* It's like saying all steak is equal. Burnt, medium, rare, all are all the same.
  5. Would you say that Contemplation is the very core of your life? It really gets me in the zone really easy, and really deep. I thought about turning it in an essential facet of my LP but it doesn't click completely at this point of my life. I feel I'm too young and have burned through too little karma to live the sage life. Maybe I'll manage to combine it with the impact of humor / playfulness and vanlife travelling.
  6. @Leo Gura IMO the mix of him having family as one of his top values mixed with 20 years of weightlifting embedded into the core of his identity and running a macho man business held him down too hard and led him to an EPIC backlash when when trying to become green. Also it may be related with the fact that he never got into an actual meditation practice as far as I know. Like ever. Also I think him hanging out with Owen and learning about all the pick up stuff made him insecure so he crawled and regressed even harder into blue and closedmindedness. Just speculating here though lol. I appreciate some of his old stuff.
  7. the quote " don't let your feelings dictate your actions, Let your Actions dictate your feelings "
  8. @Carl-Richard Yes. Iddubz should have gotten an oscar for directing this.
  9. This guy gives me tears of compassion empathy and inspiration in almost every video. 22 years old. Genuine and altruistic. This guy has conquered Youtube in the most wholesome way up to date. Surely he could do more with his money, but he's just starting. He makes money by getting views and sponsorships, FOR GIVING AWAY MONEY and doing wholesome things for others, giving him MORE MONEY to give away. That's brilliant, and a delicious strange loop. He truly is a transition towards green in the Youtube entretainment comunity, and I already see many other Youtubers following his example. Don't dismiss him as a rich youtube kid, he actually is surprisingly alturistic and you can that he has no desire to do harm or flex his ego.
  10. well stop wishing and make it happen! have him as an inspiration if you resonate with his path. Remember, If it has been done by someone, then it can be replicated . And now with the internet age it's way closer to the average person than ever.
  11. Micky Mouse and Big Smoke at what seems to be the end of their heist. High on ketamine and a cocktail of other drugs , Micky managed to trash one of the police cars and tries to run away with 2,400,000 $ in cash and a 44 pound bag of cocaine that ripped open. Turns out that only Santa will have a merry Christmas this year, given his succes successful escape with the help of his little helper flying the helicopter. Feel free to throw me more concepts to practice Photoshop ?
  12. @datamonster he was talking about Southeast Asia. But nevertheless, in my 6 months living in BCN i've witnessed about a dozen of robberies first hand . Mostly phones, purses, camaras ,etc.
  13. I wanted to share this phreak of nature. Jeez. Any other out-of-this-world creatures out there?
  14. @Tim R "MR.BEAST as an example of transition towards stage GREEN business"
  15. Well macbook is thinn as fucc and also can be charged with an usb c power bank which is great. If I was sitting on cash I'd definately do the same.
  16. Windows 7 ? I was really dissapointed with some aspects of windows 10 , like the heavy operating system. Pretty much impossible to use even for web browsing without an ssd. I considered switching to linux, but my non existant codeing skills and the linux ideology spamming in the comments of any linux video threw me off
  17. Uhh camper vans are amazing.but Maybe he did stretch it too far with the pedobear graffiti and the lay count on the back though lol
  18. Yes only English is to be spoken on this forum, but what I want to talk discuss here is the uncharted depths of Youtube that we are completely blind to because of our English paradigm lock and the inmense inertia of the American culture. The goal is to directly expand our notion of the scope of humanity. You understand that other countries and continents exist. But to what depth? The idea is to idealy post videos in your language / culture, the more diverse and unique the better, giving an insight into how different cultures can be, shown from the INSIDE. Alternatively, use google translate to get access to hidden parts of Youtube and explore a new digital world ( I do this a lot when I'm specifically lookint for a tutorial or something and there is nothing in English or Spanish. This also goes for shopping online. If you live in Europe, you'd be amazed how cheaper you can find things on the Polish Amazon aka " Allegro " . Also there may be more uses that I haven't thought of yet. Post away.
  19. Couple of them, as seen in the picture. Don't call it "rape van". It's an amazing idea and as a fellow white camper van owner I feel ofended ?
  20. It's not ACTUALLY dead. They had to take down 90% of their content. Visa and Mastercard decided to make them take responsability for ilegal content. Interesting how such a GIANT business that is able to compete with Google and Apple can be kicked in the nuts from one day to the other. The internet is evolving lately huh. Thoughts?
  21. @marinaaniram What else is there to do? How long do you want to stare at a wall? It's a strange loop. A paradox. It does and does't exist at once. What is history? It's the past that we are told that happened. But you may say, past and future are imaginary! Only present exists! But apply this to your life: Imagine you eat a slice of chedar cheese for breakfast.Then you go to school to take an important test. You bloat. Your stomach aches. You sprint to the bathroom and your diarrhea leaves you sweaty and shaking. You flunked your test because you spent most of the time at the bathroom. Oh sh1t. Now , time goes on. You learned your lesson. Life goes by and you tell your story to a skeptic friend. ... " So then it shoot out my ass as if someone had left the tap open - you say." Him : Woah... ( ... I don't belive him. That just a story... That's his-story - he thinks. He wasn't there. He cant know if it happened or not. But there is value in a hipothetical story.e There may be value in avoiding eating cheese if you have lactose Intolerance. Now , life is imaginary at a whole different scale as well. You can call this whole "life" thing a dream, just a more coherent and consistent one, contrasted with those you have at night. Everything is made of dream stuff. But you are experiencing the dream in a sense, right? So why not explore the dream? The fact that cheese gives you diarrhea in the dream is still a "fact". You run around with your pants leaking liquid poop screaming " It's just a dream guys!! " Or embrace how cheese makes you feel inside the dream and do something ool with your dream life ?
  22. Huh yeah. But now imagine being hired as a full time evaluator as your 9-5 job in an office of horny dudes LMFAO ? I can't get this picture of my head. Jesus f*cking christ ( pun not intended) Anyways, 3 million of porn videos left is more than enough IMO lol. They took a big L but they can handle it no problem.