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  2. What if the creator of motherf**king EXISTENCE was looking through your eyes right now carefully observing this chimp being that you are like a scientist in a lab? In the most immersive way possible, with the purpose of doing as accurate ontological science as possible?
  3. I put this post on the Personal development section on purpose. This is not about actual Truth ir some other relative truths. Let's talk for a moment about what is convenient for you to hold in your mind for Survival. Let's not go totally brainwashed selfish mode ( which may as well be discussed as a thought experiment) Share some cozy comforting beliefs to turn to when you're on a low point in this sometimes brutal existence. Let's say you are fortunate enough to have the luxury of being confused about reality and not having your mind be absolutely locked up in dogma from the get-go. Now your brain can't take staying open minded for much longer. Life is tough and you feel you could use a cute holy text to submit your authority to, but Religion doesn't cut it for you. You may have some beliefs about what life is or you may have had some actual mystical experiences that gave you a glimpse of something you that just left you more confused. Life is tough and all this spiritual work has taken a toll on your human life. You find this pursuit counter productive for building yourself up. Question for YOU : What are some decent day to day and bigger picture beliefs to hold that aren't too far fetched? What would be theoretically convenient good ideas to brainwash yourself in?
  4. From the low effort of the post I don't think this is going anywhere but you never know Give us more detail on what your situation looks like What value are you capable of providing? Anything you can help people with? Anything you're able to sell / rent ? What skill do you have? Any interesting contacts , potential business partners you can reach out to?
  5. Private link to secret YT channel Oh boy. So with this lifestyle, your vehicle is everything. Out of nowhere my van won't start. Ive been In this shopping mall parking for two days brainstorming a solution. 99% sure it's the inmobizer. I have parked next to 12 Tesla chargers and it may be interfering with the key code... It turns but won't start. And if it starts it turns off. Typical inmobilizer symptoms aparentently. May smash that thing and to bypass it with wires, or push my van down the road away from the chargers. Perhaps it would even push start. I'm interested how I'll eventually solve this. I'll keep y'all updated.
  6. for me it went like this : Move to semi big city . Go to free events regurarly. you regurarly see the same faces. you eventually become friends after minimal interaction each time. in two months i met more people than in my entire life, specifically going to bachata dance classes. Pick your thing
  7. Or invent transparent stainless steel
  8. How many hundreds of times per day do you spill that entire cup of water? Your house must be soaked AF Thing looks crazy unstable 😂
  9. What if you were absolutely sold on the idea that if you follow your heart you are absolutely bound to success?
  10. Do you struggle with kindness? What if you believed that you and others are ONE, and whatever good you do matters, because you will one day experience it being done to yourself from the other side? Doesn't have to be that woo-woo. You can go simpler: The single reason for your existence is to experience how awesome you manage to make your life. Or that this existence is a test to see how much you manage to develop yourself. That every challenge is on purpose.
  11. What if you believed that you as a Soul or Consciousness , have chosen this exact life for very precise reasons? What if this existence is designed so that you have the chance to learn and experience very specific parts of reality? What if Reality is Absolutely PERFECT but you need a higher intelligence to appreciate it? What if you don't learn the lessons of this encarnation, you will infinitely keep facing them untill you manage to wise up? What if you are God? What does this mean for your human life? How does this affect how resourceful you are? How does this affect how much you embrace the chaos of existence?
  12. I find that what you believe happens after death is extremely influential on your motivation. What if you believed that your next encarnation may be orders of magnitude worse than this one? Would it make you more grateful for your current life? What if you had no limbs in your next life? What if you were born as a Zebra in the Savannah? What if you were born as a slave in Ancient Egypt? Your imagination is the limit with this one.
  13. Funny how the solution sometimes are right in front of our very eyes and we overcomplicate it so much Golden star ⭐ for @Soul_Guy
  14. If you turn on " no distraccion mode" on Android settings then YT will first you get a warning before allowing to open the YT and then it's automatically turned off in 5 minutes
  15. Ofc we all enjoy YT shorts. It's crazy entertaining. That's the problem. If you want to quit cigarettes it's better for you not to have any around rather than only " deciding not to smoke" and using your willpower consistently Also if you turn the YouTube app on your smartphone phone sometimes you literally are hit with a YT short out of nowhere in a pop-up fashion. Very sneaky. So that's pretty intrusive to me Imagine the tip of an ice cone being shoved in your mouth every time you pick up a dumbbell Or the crazy frog theme shortly playing every time you close your times to meditate Or having a spurt of ranch sauce squirted on your veggies every time you have them Feel free to come up with your own analogies
  16. Ironically this post could be summed up in a quick paced tightly edited YT short 😬
  17. Late night shower thought : If you're LGBTQ you could use a thin plastic bottle and leave it exposed to sun rays to supplement microplastics 🤔
  18. feel free to share here if it's legit There was an a called YouTube Vanced before that allowed you to play videos with your screen off. Eventually it just turned to sh*t with endless ads and it got taken down for legal issues at least the last time I checked Cool little imagination experiment for y'all: What would an OS look like optimized and designed for personal development? I find the answer to be so far from what we've currently got as default it's mind boggling
  19. Literally best whistle register tutorial I've found in months
  20. Yeahhh boiii 2 subs hype. And one of them is a real life friend lol. Shooting for 10 subs at the end of this first week of January I'm extremely optimistic about this. I can clearly see how I can make YT happen. Ofc it's about the content and not about the subscriber count. I plan on eventually sharing so much value for free it's impossible for this not to work Right now it will just be a personal development Vlog. Documenting struggles, goals, lessons, insights, personal accountability and also mundane life. I plan to take it somewhere more nieche in the future. Writing is great. It is very precise, but my ideal medium is speaking, in front of a camara and even better, in front of people . The learning curve will be steep as I tend to be overly perfectionistic. I'll try to drop that for now and learn on the go. Notes to self : Actually finish Life purpose course. I had purchased it back in 2017!!!! I've gone through it partly multiple times over the years , getting better results each time, and just recently everything came together in a pretty clear way but i've never actually finished it. It has to be done , specifically the practical steps part, so that stop dabbling and commit to a single path So what I've come up with for now as far as actual life purpose goes is this : I want to help people, mostly young men, in small groups of maxium 30 people maybe, with personal evolution : To build self esteem, expression ( sense of humor, physical expresion ((dancing, osho dynamic meditation, bioenergetics)) , verbal expresion ( singing, resonance, tonallity, inflexion, richness of tone ...) , spontaneity, sense of humor, confidence with girls , dealing with trauma, understanding social dynamics ... by changing their beliefs and inner game ( through speaking and writing ) , and real life exercises in group settings to trigger social conditioning, judgement and peer pressure . Ultimately I see myself as doing in person workshops of 20-30 people in a Improv setting mixing playfulness, acting with personal development and trauma release. So that's the plan. Doing another post with specific actionable steps, setting a trayectory, and dealing with more mundane stuff.
  21. Aight super quick upload to get channel started Skin tone reveal at 5 subs lol ( taking down link in 24 hours)