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  1. Real Sugarbaby Dynamics. Cant wait for some infield footage?
  2. @Raze jesus such a biased study. The only guys who would agree to being part of that survey are dry soybois in the first place ? I don't agree with this meme but it made me blow air through my nostrils
  3. @Preety_India plot twist : yellow frisbee is flying low and black one is photoshopped in
  4. @longusername12345 Buy nothing but dry lentels and water untill you save up the 250 bucks. it will pay back the investment x100 fold. If you are serious.
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine I see what you mean. The potential for memeing grows exponentially with your understanding of multiple languages. It's a polyglot thing. Iykyk.
  6. Check maslows hierarchy of needs for a reference for what is the " core of human existance ". Understand why it's shaped like a pyramid. Expression in your case is a mental concept with an arbitrary meaning that creates a false duallity between "this is expression" and " that is not expression". What I'm trying to make you see here is that everything is "expression" to some degree. You creating this post is a kind of expression. You asking this question is a kind of expression. You having some kinds of foods over others is a kind of expression. You blinking is a kind of expression. So for expression not to happen is imposible. For your current perspective, consider this general rule of thumb : the more developed and conscious, the less neurotic and exponentially more expressive and creative.
  7. Think deeply and take the Life Purpose Course duh. Also what you are asking here is that we collectively f*ck your wife. That's like your ultimate and unique business, not ours. Gl though.
  8. @Husseinisdoingfine huh thats an odd mix. @RichnNL uhh I can't seem to understand what you just exactly said. Basically "yes" to everything I claimed?
  9. Huh put that on a shirt. ' YoYo ' right?
  10. May be related to his mental issues during 20s
  11. Self explanatory title. "first time seeing a white man"
  12. Wash your hands guys. @Leo Gura use this one for your book?
  13. This gem, Islamic forum; "Please anwser fast" I can't breathe ???
  14. Inspired by this post, I'd like to come together and brainstorm the positive aspects of a conservative worldview and overall healthy stage blue. We do have a certain bias against it on this forum as it's prone to closedmindedness and induce cringe / cognitive dissonance since most of us are at least orange to yellow. Allow me to pitch the first one : I noticed that for example, back when I was going to school, having a main structure in my life and being told what to do with most of my time had a" healthy " effect on my mental health, as in being around people constantly rather than self-isolated, having a meaning system ( grades, scoring on tests = good , late to school, slacking on homework = bad. . . ). Maybe not the best example, but it's to get the ball rolling. I'll add some more as they come up in my mind.
  15. I had it about 6 months ago. Strong fever for 6 days, no coughing. Caught it at my workplace. It was no big deal. Now that's me. You better watch out, you never know.
  16. @Raze i bought it. It's good. My wing got it for free from google. I felt bad.
  17. "Confirmation bias" Kind of cringe "study" Imo. There are so many more key factors that affect the relationship dynamics. You cant simply lump together 4.5 billion women and start spitting statements. Age matters, personallity matters, appereance matters, money matters, fame matters, inner game matters, context matters, etc etc etc.
  18. @Apparition of Jack "Let's not forget each stage includes the stages before it" Yes and no. You aren't like 100% one color and you mostly have aspects to integrate from lower stages. So you may be 60% orange as your gravity centre and have splash of other stages here and there. And some shadow reactions towards red for example. Fully integrating a lower stage and completely transcending it takes conscious effort imo.
  19. Different people for different aspects of life and qualities. Like, Leo for inner game and spirituallity, rsd tyler or james marshall for dating and sexuallity, david dobrik vlogs and joe rogan standup for humor, rick and morty for creative inspiration, Project life mastery for marketing, Seth riggs for vocal mastery, etc etc. Cherry pick your mentors. Having one guy for everything would be like ( *insert analogy here, im going to sleep and brain is not functional atm*)
  20. Can you stomach all the faith at once?
  21. P. D. for role models go for real people 100%, for real. Fictional fantasy land movie characters are so misleading.
  22. Modeling fictional characters is really detrimental imo. It gives you a false image of what a quality human being looks like and is pretty big on " Wanting to look cool , wanting to be special, wanting to be perfect, wanting to be smoothx" , besides many other things. Ofc you may get some insights from them as well. There is a cool exercise in shadow work that helps to understand yourself better : What fictional character do you identify yourself as? Why exactly? I thought of myself as the Avatar, the little kid that was the special snowflake, the unique guy. I thought of myself as Naruto, the special guy with the inimaginable powers, bad with girls, socially inept, etc. These subconscious characters somewhat hold you back from evolving and also give you insight into your egoic desires, etc. Pin down as who do you identify yourself with and why. If you want, or just cosplay mrbean?