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  1. I barely can belive this one is real. It looks so alien. I love deep sea creatures and the microscopic world, the beauty is astonishing! Feel free to share more.
  2. Leo when people on the forum claim they're more awake than him : please someone make an edit of this with captions on every people he slaps 😉
  3. Close your eyes and gently pressure your retina. I used to find this so entertaining as a kid. I would lay in bed and just enjoy the visuals.
  4. Few years have passed since this one but it's still one of my favorite ones. Re-watch the episode and hit us with your recontextualization arsenal. Ideally quote a phrase from another member and recontextualize it as much as you want. If your recontextualization makes people giggle on the inside, you get bonus points. Be extra aware of the mental imagine you first create when you read the phrase, and then once again extra aware of how this image morhphs as you recontextualize it with a few words. This works specially good on a phone as you can slowly scroll down without spoiling all the phrases at once. Make sure to add spaces. Let's go : A full hospital. A full hospital in YOUR town. A hospital full of Zombies in YOUR town. A hospital full of Blind Zombies in YOUR town. A hospital full of Olympic Zombies in YOUR town. A hospital full of zombies in YOUR town in 1941. Your turn ?
  5. Are you eating enough calories in the first place? Also, are you sitting for long periods of time in a cold room without moving?
  6. Personal Development enthusiasts sometimes end up being somewhat naive with what is or is not possible for each one of us with that " my beliefs are the only limits " mindset. Let's gather all the genetic lottery winners 😉 Note : Try to discern high skill and mastery from LITERALLY genetically special people. Genetically special people that also have high mastery ( Like Charly Puth's Perfect Pitch ) is okay for this thread as well. But not just mastery or high skill. For example, no ammount of training will give you the ability to hear colors without the right genetics ( AKA Synesthesia ) Here are some examples of what I mean :
  7. - Feel free to comment, ask questions, give unasked advice, use this post for resources, etc. ( all under your own risk and judgement ) Basically, the idea is that I'll be documenting and sharing my journey of chelation. I'm a noob for now, but I expect to gather a decent chunk of understanding throughout this year. This has been on my to do list for over a year now, and I've been motivated recently by Leo dropping the long awaited episode on chelation released for my birthday ?. Sadly, the episode is not as detailed as I'd like it to be and I'm afraid he may have forgotten some crucial information. But if there is time to whine, there is time to roll up my digital sleeves and get to work and research. Let's hope my journal doesn't end up being a Brian Bander's Suicide note 2.0 (RIP)
  8. Build a pillow castle in your living room and watch tik tok on your smartphone
  9. Build a home theater with a proyector, even cooler.
  10. Girl's sixth sense ( triggered if you glimpse at their 'cheeks from out of sight)
  11. Share your homework here after watching the new vid. Include specific things that personally make you happy and specific things that personally make you miserable. A few from my side: Having a sharp mind that allows me to think, contemplate and imagine clearly. I love waking up in the middle of the night in pure silence just to think. This is the core of my happiness. Having the freedom to learn through experimentation, trial and error, at my own pace, and allowing curiosity to lead me down any possible rabbithole or ramifications that happens to spark my interest in the momenent. Superb sense of humor. Absolutely nailing a joke with wit, timing and delivery is magnificent. I don't mind the approval, but sharing a great belly laugh with people over a masterful joke is amazing. Possessing enough eloquence to accurately transmit wisdom calibrated to someone's current struggle, in a non-judgemental embracing style. Some things that make me miserable : Family drama, being around closeminded/toxic/helpless people, legal problems, doing meaningless jobs just for the money, unexpected health problems with unknown causes , unnecessarily complicated and annoying laws , bureocracy and paperwork... Work in progress. What about you?
  12. Windows logo key + . (period). Then the emoji keyboard will appear if you use Windows. Works for onenote.
  13. Remembers me of how i used to dream about forgetting everything i know about world of warcraft so that i could rediscover it with its full magic again lol
  14. Ok stainless steel instant pot or stove pressure cooker is the anwser
  15. Lately we've been discussing a lot of potential health dangers in common food. I'd like to start a thread where we get to compile all health hazards of our modern lifestyle in one place. In October 2020 Leo personally pinky promised me ( true story) that in the future he will shoot a video about how to detoxify your entire lifestyle. We may as well get started here. As not to turn this into a thread filled with bad news, fell free to simply mention better alternatives. Videos, articles and simple hearsay are all welcome for discusision. Some ideas to get the ball rolling : Tetra Bricks are lined with an aluminium coat on the inside that can leech into your drinks, specially if it's something acidic like orange juice. Alternative : buy in glass when possible, or squeeze yourself. Comercial Fruit juices from concentrates may contain heavy metals as they rely on fruit powders. Chocolate filled with Heavy metals : Deodorands commonly contain Aluminium. --- Better alternative anyone? -- If i find myself in a pickle I just spray the deodorant on the inside of my shirt rather than on my armpits. Do not drink tap water. Probably contains Halogens and Heavy metals. Lets say that Tap water < Spring/well water < Plastic Bottled water < multiple stage reverse osmosis water ( will share link soon ) < Glass bottle water . Some medicine can contain heavy metals, like eye drops. Cookware may contain toxic elements, specially teflon pans if you scratch them, or cheap stainless steel may be laced with Nickel. Go for high quality stainless steel or coockware. Toothpaste has Fluoride ( I don't know exactly about the health impact ). You can make your own toothpaste with peppermint and clove essential oils . I'm sure we can come up with plenty more oral health techniques. You see the point.
  16. High level leaching of heavy metals from colorful ceramic foodwares: a potential risk to human
  17. do you think teflon is only dangerous if scratched? I'm looking for a rice cooker but 99% of them are coated. And i dont trust creamic.