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  1. Wtf guys don't be that blind to feedback She literally told you. Why would a guy she just met ask for pictures of her house and family? Through Instagram???That's some psycho stalker sh1t you can see in movies and on the news. No wonder she blocked you No offense. Learn from this mistake. Anyways, there are a million things that can get in your way after the interaction ends. She can endlessly rationalize what can go wrong. Once I approached a super cute shy girl during the day. The was carrying shopping bags. She loved me. But she didn't want to come on an instant date because she was set on leaving her bag at her apparent first . We walked to where her apartment was ( she told me she would come in an hour ) and in a later she texted me that her sister convinced her it's s bad idea basically. Just find more and don't be creepy. Specifically understand what triggers creepiness and erase it out of your behavior and mouth.
  2. Adding piercings, tattoos and other body modifications to this list
  3. Yup we guys like a piece of ass and titties. for some men that's the end of the story and that's fair enough. I've always been intrigued WHY do I find specific things sexually attractive and other things sexually repulsive . Why am I attracted to ass, titties, a beautiful face and smile, well put together, youth, slim , makeup and color? Today I'm excited to share some simple but personally satisfying answers. It felt like zooming outside of my human being to become conscious of myself being this chimp, and that this chimp has specific preferences and dislikes, like love for sweet and hate of bitter, or being a bee and realizing the evolutionary reason why I'm drawn to flowers This may apply to males at large but I've noticed that different guys have slightly different preferences, which only makes sense because of different successful genetic backgrounds ( if your ancestors mated with females with "X" traits, and you're alive here today, it means traits "X" work for survival and therefore are attractive to you) Quick note. All of this is from an non judgemental POV with the sole purpose of noticing and understanding . In no way I'm trying to make women feel worse about themselves. Second quick note. Since in the scope of our evolution the risks of sex are minimal for men compared to women (besides getting your head smashed in by another male/gang of males for having sex with the wrong woman ) we are more okay with just sticking it in literally any chance that we get and possibly skipping on any of these preferences. Women on the other hand get f*cking disabled for a year and they can LITERALLY DIE if impregnated. ACTUALLY LITERALLY DIE. Therefore they are a little more picky. Anyways, from my BIOLOGIES POV, for me to be attracted to a woman she has to display physical traits that mean she can bear children GOOD, and a minimum degree of mental capacities ( otherwise it would be a turnoff because it signals bad genetic material) For me personally, I know if I'm physically attracted to a women immediately. At a primal biological level. In a single glance. Now since I'm not an absolute chimp, her personality can be a further turn off if it's just not for a pump and dump. This one I found to be the most interesting. And it's the exception to the rule: Beautiful face , smile, teeth. A symetrical Golden Ratio face doesn't provide much raw survival value or information about fertility. The value of a symmetrical face is a strange loop. It's valuable because we value it. Beauty is slippery. We love the golden ratio. Beauty is valuable because we value beauty. But a pretty face by itself is not enough of an attraction cue as you may have noticed. You've got all teeth? Clear sign of youth and health. Showing your teeth in monkey societies signals submission . Perfectly aligned teeth are more of a aesthetic and universally recognized love of Beauty in the abstract, like Greek sculptures. Why men/I'm not attracted to chubby / fat women This one I've been racking my mind over the longest, and the Insight came to me watching an Instagram reel of a couple dancing bachata. It was a before / during pregnancy dance video. In the initial video the girl was slim and I felt she looked very attractive. Few seconds later, the video was cut to them dancing months later where you could tell she is just a tiny little pregnant, she had an inflated belly and my attraction was immediately killed!! So the Insight is that I'm genetically not attracted to chubby or fat women because it resemblances pregnancy. That their fertile real estate is currently taken and therefore not worth pursuing. Also you can't tell THAT easily if they're pregnant already . Imagine you had sex with a female thousands of years ago and she was pregnant already and you raised a child that's not yours. It's shooting yourself in the foot genetically. Although you may argue being overweight was pretty uncommon throughout history. I know personally men who are into chubby girls. On the other hand, easily storing fat would be extremely useful and therefore attractive for species who have to survive in places of extreme cold like Alaska. Otherwise It kind of signals scarcity of food and the need to hoard. Historically Surviving is easier if you're capable of consistently obtaining food from outside of your own fat sources. It's more efficient to be thin. Make up , Youth , Color An appearance well taken care of is the physical visual equivalent of seeing muscles on a guy . It's a what's called a "honest signal" , which means it's a conveyance of value that can not be faked. You are strong, end of story. Or in her case , you have put time and effort into your appearance, which signals good caretaking , which is essential for raising children. Contrast it with looking like this A dishonest signal of value would be mentioning you get laid a lot, even if it's true . Because that CAN be a lie and not true. Make up covers skin signs of ageing. And genetically we're attracted to young women because they're in their prime for bearing children. I'm genetically attracted to female eye contact, a primal indicator of sexual interest. Once two attractive women were in front of me. Only one had done her eyes and eyelashes done. It emphasizes her eyes A LOT more. Colorful make up for eyelids, lipstick etc, simply draw attention for humans overall, not just for men. I have been using my smartphone in black and white mode for the last few weeks and it's astonishing how much less distracting app icons are. Color provides vital information about ripeness of food, time of day, poisoning factor of food or animals or insects, purity of water, etc. Conclusion : color draws attention because it conveys information. Why the hourglass shape? Thin body with broad hips is the genetic preference. I didn't know this but broad hips are a big factor on how well the mother can give birth. The mother can literally die if her hips arent wide enough, because of the size of human babies. Nowadays C-sections exist which would minimize the attraction to wide hips, but it's still there instinctually. Why the attraction to booty? It comes from our monkey times. Bonobos and macaques specifically find swollen buttocks more attractive because it signals more estrogen and fertility Titties? I was watching a absolutely non sexual video. Some people were talking . The woman was wearing a loose shirt. For a speck of a second, she accidentally pulled on a part of her shirt and it slightly shaped to the form of her bra. I instantly noticed I felt a primal feeling of attraction. It was so quick I barely noticed it happening, and had to rewind the video to investigate what the fuck had just happened If she has breasts , biologically it means she is past puberty and ready to bear children. Non sagging breasts are a signal of youth as well. All of this is just from a primal perspective. Of course modern humans have the capacity to appreciate personality, and for quality couples it's an absolute must. Hope I shared an insightful perspective about why men judge women that heavily on physical appearance. Let me know if you want to share some interesting take. Do not turn this into a gender war post
  4. Don't mess around with a man that has lost everything. He has also lost his fear.
  5. It took damn long for someone to figure out that less developed and more dangerous countries need more strict policing
  6. @Happy Lizard he said it took him 3 years to get to where he is with his value list at that moment. Put that into perspective Also it's something dynamic. With time and life experience it morphs
  7. no, that explanation falls short. Also don't conflate displays of sexual value with our love for aesthetics in our species. I'm talking about the human domain, At the metaphysical level everything is Absolutely Beautiful. end of story There are things that trigger sexual attraction because it signals reproductive value . In women : youth, broad hips, being emotional, having a big butt, having breasts, eye contact, etc. Read this slowly : We find sexual value beautiful, but not all beauty displays sexual value. I explain my understainding of this in detail in the other post I pointed out about Male attraction. There are specific things that do not signal reproductive value AT ALL besides the fact that it's just beautiful and aesthetic, and we value beauty and aesthetics as a species, creaing a strange loop effect in society that ends up giving actual "survival advantage" to aesthetic " beautiful " people, by the technical definition of the " survival ". Examples of beauty that don't signal sexual value : Proportional body, aesthetic face, harmony of colors in: clothing ,style choices, jewlery, skin tone, hairstyle. For more details check out that post. These things can be summarized in the Golden ratio ( fibonacci ) , Harmony of colors ( Golden Ratio applied to colors ) and our preference for harmony and order over chaos, besides personal prefferences. It's the reason we love music and hate noise, and it's not all just beautiful as non duality folks would say. watch this playlist of Photoshopping people into the golden ratio. notice that actual displays of sexual value are untouched. It's pure aesthetics and fitting into the golden ratio. The equivalent of Photoshopping into the golden ratio in music is auto-tune. Chords and scales exist. They are aesthetics and beauty in sound. the metaphysical explanation of our preference for these proportions must be that reallity is dragging the physical appereance of our species towards the golden ratio over a very long stretch of time. It's everywhere else in nature . The number that the golden ratio points at is very special. Its decimal part is infinite and it never repeats itself in an predictable manner. That's a hint from the Universe It must be uniquely efficient as reallity does not want like being uneficient. I want to also point out the importance of psychology : selective focus and Reticular activation system when it comes to attraction. It's possible for you to be physically ugly but if someone's selective focus is focused on only your good parts, you're atractive and perhaps even beautiful. There is a more detailed explanation for this that I can share if this sounds interesting .
  8. This is a little insight I had today. Personally the closest I've ever been to being in an actual cult was an entrepreneurship door to door salesman pyramid scheme cult, and even though I was well informed by all of Leo's content, it still took me 3 months to figure out that I was fooled But in a cult , other people are fooling you. If you're lucky you can think for yourself and escape. Its possible that you get so brainwashed that you never escape. But once your own mind fools you, and you brainwash yourself deeply enough, you're done. The minds capacity for self-deception is infinite.
  9. @Happy Lizard I've struggled a lot with this as well, but as a toxic perfectionist ive learned to let go of looking for that absolute clarity which ultimately leads to procrastination for me. Go with what feels right and you will learn to prioritize and add more concrete definitions over time . matter of fact most of my clarity about tis comes spontaneously when im about my day. Also brainstorm with chatgpt about this. its super good for seeing things from multiple perspectives and giving examples so that you can see if you resonate with anything. you can feed it entire exercises and pick and choose what you feel is relevant. How much chatgpt can help you depents on the quality of questions you ask it. thats how that tool works,
  10. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura can you explain what is beauty ? not at the metaphysical level, but for humans. I have been thinking about this for the last week and I shared my ideas in the other "understanding male attraction thread The nature of beauty is slippery, and in the absolute sense everything is Absolutely Beautiful. Our love for beauty , beautiful faces is a strange loop Beauty is valuable because we value beauty. Dont conflate " beauty " with specific displays reproductive value. Thats " attractive " . if we dont make this distinction this conversation will be unnecesary fuzzy. Yes beauty is attractive, but attractive ques of sexual value are is not only tied to beauty. Beautiful faces are valuable. Why are they valuable? Because we value them individually. Ofc it has social and economical benefits , but why? It has those benefits because we value beauty as a society as well. Beauty serves no information about fertility or survival value. It has to do with our love for the Golden Ratio, harmony of proportions and harmony of colors. all of these are technical concepts, but it's the most accurrate i've been able to pinpoint beauty. ofc personal preferencs matter lemme know whats your take
  11. speak in front of the camara like leo
  12. The process of master Mastery runs from your beginning till the day you die
  13. This so obvious in retrospect. It brings a whole new perspective to learning for me. I have unconsciously held teachers as an authority and as people that "have mastery" and "have it figured out". Someone I look up to as the master - period. The specific example for me is learning guitar. I've been learning for the past 6 months and there are certain YT teachers I've modeling. They are incredibly skilled, don't get me wrong I was holding them in my mind as " they KNOW how to play guitar. They are the teacher" But as I learned my first songs , I realized I can teach guitar now, to a certain level, to certain people. And THAT is what they are doing to ME. The teachers are actually still learning! It brings somewhat of a relief when thinking about the concept of Mastery . You never arrive! The skill of guitar never ends. It NEVER ends!!! It never ends!!! Therefore the teacher doesn't have it ALL figured out, he is just ahead of me. Not a single person has "mastered" the skill of guitar in the absolute sense. Because music, as many other domains, is infinite, and you can infinitely come up with new combinations and train muscle memory and so on. Yes, 10k hours gives you a decent amount of mastery. But the process of mastery and learning never ends. It seems so obvious from retrospect, but I'm sure it has been a frame many of you hold as well. This insight was influenced by me recently revisiting the " learning from partially wrong perspectives" blog video. You are learning from people relatively ahead of you. Looking at you L e o n a r d
  14. Proper socialization builds energy, it doesn't drain you. It's an evolutionary biological fact . Let me know if you want me to explain further Sounds like an issue of lack of social experience and being too stuck up your own aS$ Owen Cook does a good job of explain why socializing may fatigue you: Persona fatigue: burning mental energy on maintaining a facade, appearances , trying to impress and look cool Decision making fatigue: being uptight and micromanaging interactions rather than than going wherever spontaneity takes you Judgement fatigue: obsessively mentally judging yourself , your words, your actions. Having unhealthy disempowering beliefs about yourself, thinking you're boring, overestimating how much other people think about you, overestimating the importance of other peoples opinion of you and their approval, etc. Lemme know if any of that sounds familiar to you Sometimes I spend entire weeks without talking with anyone as I enjoy alone time for thinking, writing and music, but I have deliberatery learned how to properly socialize I have spent 17 years of my life playing World of Warcraft and other games for 16 hours at a time and being extremely cripplingly shy, but with a little theory and a lot of practice you can learn this skill. What you're explaining is not what introversion means. It's a factor but nowhere that black and white. But introversion can have these accidental unwanted consequences in our modern world. You "recharge batteries in solitude" because you're taking not experiencing these fatigues
  15. I did my first stand up ever yesterday Coming back next week Cool to have this as my first real vid
  16. Yup it's happening. Quick posting this to get the ball rolling. You could say I have my LP at arms lenght. So close yet so far YT coming soon? remember this phrase : absolutely irrational blind faith
  17. What I ment is that the reasons you gave that make you confused about moving, like listening to a song or you having an accent from there, are kinda shallow reasons for deciding where to move, and if you're asking for advice about how to make up your mind , you should ask yourself what your specific concrete actual priorities are, specifically for the domain of your Life Purpose ( your life's calling) and reverse engineer the logistics of your life based on your long term LP You're basically asking " where" first ,instead of asking " why" first Ofc moving to a big city brings you new opportunities of meeting people
  18. To all the 1k+ daily unregistered creepers. Do it. Register and start posting / contributing / asking thoughtful questions Stop lurking in the shadows. Got a question about personal development or some other sections of this forum? Ask it. Get s fruitfull conversation going. Got something interesting that may help some people? Share it. See you inside
  19. @shree I'm sorry for being the bearer of bad news but your situation is very serious and the symptoms are absolutely related with the removal of Amalgams . They should only be removed by SMART dentists ( dentists specialized in the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) to minimize exposure to mercury and mercury vapors during the procedure. Urgently sign up to the Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol Facebook group and explain exactly your situation to the mods . It's as serious and no BS as a Facebook group can be. They will point out where to start. They give advice to 90K people out of charity and belief in the cause of spreading safe Chelation information. You can not follow the protocol Leo laid out and will have to wait 3-6 months before beginning to trial chelation, with doses way lower, of around 12 mg to begin with The Facebook group has a very clear "start here" section explaining step by step all the information you need to understand, and most importantly the do's and don'ts. In Leo's defense he did say in his HM detox video to do your own research and that your process may vary if you have amalgams. Feel free to ask me questions or check out my heavy metal detox journal where you can see how the process of building understanding from ground zero went about heavy metal detox. But the proper resource is the ACC fanatics FB group.
  20. โคด๏ธ Pretty good simple take. I'm currently on 6 months of vanlife and I have say it ties nicely with many concepts we talk about here. Sharing this to start a discussion. It's as cheap as it gets. The only cheaper way to live is to house hack ( live in a flat with multiple rooms, rent them out and have their added individual rent cover your rent for the entire apartment. It is a possibility but I dont think I'd trade in my freedom and capacity for solitude for that. People can be a blessing and / or a curse. It has the potential to get you off the rat race by giving you more time and freedom, by lowering living expenses , to build yourself up. The breathing room you need to escape Wage Slavery. The time you need to build the infrastructure of your life. The fire under your ass to motivate you. Maybe it's what you need to love life again. What is financial freedom? Earning more than you spend. To archive it you can either earn more or spend less. If you are neck deep in expenses being passionate about how you make your income my seem like a pipedream. Start somewhere attainable. It may be exactly what you need at this moment if you don't have family to take care of and are young and energetic. Or even if you are old, poor, crusty and disabled . It may help you to pay off debt. It may help you to narrow down what is important for you, both materialally and mentally. it may help you escape a toxic environment, move out of your parents place or a dysfunctional relationship. It is a good way to massively expose yourself to new experiences. It is a good way to practice lifestyle minimalism. It is a good way to meet more people as you wear your house on your back like a turtle. It may get you laid. The hippy community loves camper vans. It may be just the kick in the ass you need to start living life already. The new phase or chapter of your life. This lifestyle will bitchslap maturity into your character. You will become more decisive. You will develop people skills, mechanical skills, electrical skills, wood work skills, money management. You will sharpen your intuition. It will increase your empathy for poor and homeless people. You may want to give a try just for a week , a month or so more. No need to marry the lifestyle. Now I want to say this isn't scalable for the entirety of society at large , but it is a realistic way FOR YOU to get more out of life with minimal time and effort - With love, from the back of my windowless white van ๐Ÿ˜‰ Note: Ofc there are countless drawbacks as well. Feel free to bring up any of these. Let us know your thoughts.
  21. You can try it for a week. No need to make a big deal of it
  22. The goal here is to manually evolve your brain at a physical level to more "human" and less CHIMP by strategically avoiding some things while actively pursuing others. You all have heard about Dopamine Detox challenges by now. The thing is that a lousy 1 month will not make that much permanent change in your brain. Your brain has to literally change at a physical level. I know Leo doesn't believe in abstaining from Cornography or even fappin' , but everyone is different genetically. If you're more like me, hear this out and have a look at the website below. I chronically struggle with ambition, motivation and focus. I've blamed it on genetics and heavy metal toxicity. But its obviously not the entire story. Given my life circumstances, I have spent decades bombarding my brain by hyperstimulating it with Videogames, fast paced videos, hyper-palatable food, cornography and social media. Even using a laptop or a smartphone are big dopamine providers, and so is searching the internet or using chatgpt. Infinite novelty at your fingertips . All of this this deeply rewires the brain and specificaly your neural pathways. Your dopamine pathways and your reward system literally rewire. You become desensitised to dopamine and need unnaturally large ammounts of it to feel its effects. You become unable to engage with tasks that you know are good for you but are not stimulating enough. One prime example of decreased dopamine sensitivity is Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction ("PIED"). This website is a gold mine on practical neuroscience and surprisingly insightful. The good news is that neuroplasticity is a thing. You can rewire your brain again and unhook it from dopamine hyperstimulation, but it takes time . We are talking anywhere from 2 to 24+ or more months for decent results. Only you can decide if this this change is something you need. This list may sound clichรฉ but it is what it is . THE GOAL IS TO REWIRE YOUR NEURAL PATHWAYS OVER TIME, not to rob your life of joy. Once you have succeded, you will get joy from a new set of activities and behaviors. More natural and healthy activities. I find neuroscience super interesting. You can plow CHATGPT for hours about it . Eliminate or minimize : multitasking, videogames, gambling, fast paced videos , watching content, scrolling for deals, porn, softporn, fantasizing about sex, sugar and hyper-palatable food, checking social media ( yes this forum counts ). Smartphone use . Fapping and edging also bathes your brain in chemicals for hours. You decide how far to take this. If you struggle with low libido, lack of intimate relationships and so on, I suggest that you give it a try. An abstainance into binging cycle actually rewires your brain worse because the dopamine hits you harder. It is one of the main components of an addiction. Same with videogames, gambling or social media where the reward is random and not constant, or even worse, when the reward is skill depending but has an element of luck, and also provides social validation and a sense of pride. Things you can do : Take high quality Omega 3, Meditating for training focus, physical exercise, being in nature, socializing, hugging, having actual sex ( maybe hold off if you have PIED until your brain rewires), laughter with other people, taking cold showers, holding uncomfortable stretches and resisting discomfort, learning new languages and skills, pursuing self defined meaningful goals, cleaning your room, taking care of an animal or other people, getting inmersed in a single task at once. Cold approach and anything that builds your willpower is exactly what you want. In simple terms, you can think of it as building yourself focus and willpower muscles while you weaken and atrophy your impulsivity brain muscles. Again, sounds extremely clichรฉ but I find it absolutely fundational. How do you do any of this work if you cant focus, dont have motivation nor energy?? Imo it's even more insidious than permanently living on junk food. Purposefully limiting or abstaining from something as awesome as hilarious meme compilations, super entretaining video games , mind blowing cornography, your smartphone or social media DELIBERATELY is a very noble decision in my opinion. It's a very personal choice in the end. No one is forcing you to anything.