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  1. @BlurryBoi Just fucking do it in silence or forget enlightenment. Normal life is fine.
  2. @VeganAwake Yes and then realize it's ALL hopeless. There's nothing you can do! You will never get there if you keep thinking those spiritual thoughts! You're the problem!
  3. @math159w "Others exist" or "Others don't exist" are just thoughts. I just see you have started to turn this "others don't exist" into a belief system. It's not any closer to the truth.
  4. Yes, more consciousness=more suffering. It will most likely stay that way until you realize there's no SELF to suffer. For me the world is perfect, because the thought "the world is wrong" doesn't appear. Also realize that your suffering doesn't help anyone.
  5. r/Murderedbywords Good thing about living in a cabin in the woods, with alot of bears and wolfs around is that whenever i think i've transcended self-survival, i'll go out at dark and imagine getting mauled by a bear and then quickly run back inside
  6. @Sven Good response. Of course i'm not more enlightened, the character that's writing this. Me. Can't be enlightened. It's hard to seriously talk about enlightenment, because it's all false. I'd like to talk about it, but when i try, it feels "wrong", anything that can be said about it is a lie. Just more consepts to fill someones head.
  7. It's like... Consciousness is the only thing u can be sure is true. Anything else is just belief. Everything you experience seems real to you, but is not true in an absolute sense. Like dreams, people in your dream exist, but they are all you. The scenery and everything is you. So it's an Illusion of separation. And it turns out even you don't exist,'s all consciousness. Or Being or whatever.
  8. Hmm... Do you wipe while sitting down or standing? Do you think death grips is good or nah? Favorite movie? What do you think about the stock market right now? Will it drop on monday? Pineapple on pizza. Yeah or nah? How would you rate this meme?
  9. Thought this was pretty interesting. I haven't read anything about this, i guess it has some name in eastern mysticism, but anyways. The normal way of falling asleep for me before was to get lost in thought and at some point to fall asleep. It's different for me now, i don't get lost in thought during the day and have very little thoughts in general, so when i lay in bed waiting to fall asleep there's almost complete silence. Weird stuff happens when the body falls asleep, i'm aware the whole time. First time this happened i thought i didn't fall asleep at all, but when i looked at the clock 8 hours had passed and i felt well rested. Last night was weird, i fell asleep, tried to enter a dream on purpose and realized it was alot like daydreaming. I was in a dream and then came back and opened my eyes, couldn't move my body, so i was still asleep. Did this many times during the night: Reality, dream, reality, dream. If any of you have experienced sleep paralysis before, it's kinda like that, but no demons standing next to your bed Any of you have similar experiences?