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  1. Hi . I started university few days ago. A strong feeling of guilt is pervading me in these days because of the costs that my parents have to pay. I study in an other city so I have to take a fast train ,it takes 1 and half hour to reach the uni. I feel guilty because I do not think I'm going to do something about my studies and my parents have to pay all that Mooney . I do it for personal culture and also to build good discipline habits. I'm very close to what sadhgurus teaches . He says that education is not about job or other things . It is more a spiritual sadhana . Trying to remain focus with what you are doing without thinking what you will get out of it . I do not think I'm going to explain this concept to my parents. They would not understand it. So I do not know if i shoiuld purchase the studies or not . My mother has to do some sacrifices to pay her ammount . My father said that the Mooney is not a problem. I know that but I feel that if I'm not going to do anything witht my degree it would not be respectful for my parents . What do you think ?
  2. Yes . The guilt is beacause i do noy think im going to do something with it . Maybe combining it with my practices like Tai Chi and Yoga . There i study Antropology Religion and eastern Civilizations
  3. I have some other activities where i live . I have a kind of professional band that I can not leave at the moment. But that would be a good idea
  4. Unfortunately the main problem is the train that costs 300 € evry month
  5. Hello everyone. How do you manage unconscious people in your life ? I play in a band and in this period I'm suffering a bit the other members unconscious behaviours and compulsive patterns. They are very centred in Fame, Mooney, heavily addictions to cigarettes and porn, lot of talks on sex with girls and instagram images with hot girls and a strong body identification I do not blame them or judge them I also have some addictions to work on. After I experienced some shifts in consciousness and took my spiritual path damn seriously it feels uncomfortable to be with them because I see those things in a meaningless way. My fear is also that unconsciously I can be influenced from their behaviours. We have some probabilities to become famous in a specific music area and I think if it happes everything could get only worse worse with them . Their egos would be pumped to the stars . They often talk " when we become millionaires I will buy this and this..." Sometimes for the sake of my spiritual health I think to leave them but i do not know if it is to extreme. I leave you an article about this tooic. It's spoken by Sadhguru. It has really influenced me. Maybe it can help also you. Thank you and sorry for my English.
  6. @Average Investor Yes absolutley about the words . But i think that is a normal fact everywhere. Sometimes i find myself saying things that they have said lot of times like stupid or funny words @RawJudah Yes that is a good idea. Often i'm attracted to their behaviours like smoking cigarettes or talking bad about people. And the more I do not do those things the more I become a stranger to their eyes. There is a division between me and them and that is that after my consciousness shifts I do not have all this thirst of fame success.
  7. @RawJudah Yes but this is not the point. Maybe i expressed my self bad. I let them be witout any resistence towards their behaviors. My doubt is how much can such people condition you unconsciously
  8. In my opinion situations like this are like passive smoke. We try to be healthy but unconsciously we are inhaling the smoke of others.
  9. @Andrew Rogers I'm not putting myself above them. I'm just wondering if such behaviours around you could be dangerous for your spiritual progress .
  10. @coca What do you mean exactly?
  11. Hi. I found that the more I stay in being presence and silence the more I start to look strange to close people like family, friends and girlfriend. I have gone through a huge transformation. I become really silent, do not speak that much ,do no want to tell anything about me. I can relate to people but only the necessary things. I do not force myself to be like this, it is very natural to me and I feel to be much more myself in this empty states. This creates some tension, embarrassment and strange feelings to others because of my silent presence. They often ask me if I have some problem. Have you experienced something like this ?
  12. I think I got my life purpose. I'm living for spirituality. I can not get any other purpose. There are some things but the spiritual one is always the most preponderant one . How can one move in life following this way ? Yoga ? Monk ? What are your ideas ?
  13. Thank you very much . Really helpful
  14. There are a lot of things to consider . 3 fondamental aspects ➡️ Physiological, Psychological, Energy. For the Phsysiological pay attention on how you keep your posture during the day. Obviously you should keep your spine erect. When you sit try to sit straight but without any muscle effort , you have to find your balance point. Feel the weight against gravity this should move your Chi in the body. Sleep posture!! If you sleep with a pillow , it should be as thin as possible. This allows the neuron system to flow better. If you switch posture lay on the left side not the right. Do some back stretching. There are a lot of videos . Very simple things. Psychological. For me works best being aware of thoughts and emotions. Meditation and so on as you probably already know. For energy you could find a powerful chant. AUM chant . 7 times A 7 times U 7 times M . Hope is helpful .
  15. I would like to share with you this article. @zeroISinfinity @DaneV
  16. Hi everyone . I realized that I can not get further in my actual state. This indecisive/fear limbo is killing my life. I'm actually feeling paralaized from some decision to take. I've got a band with some possibilities to grow on professional levels. So it is a serious project. After my spiritual journey my interest/motivation started falling away, and this has affected also the band. I have started developing new interest like serious Yoga and Tau chi. I would like to spend some time in China in a Taoist Temple and learn the Tai Chi properly. The problem is I do not know what to do and this is making me crazy. If I go to China I have lo leave the band. I do no want to hurt them and stop the project but it's true that if I remain here I do not have any security for the future . I like the band but it is limiting me . I didn't go to university for them. I'm 21 and I have no occupation. It is so hard to make this decisions . At the end there is no good and right wrong decision . Only surrender in decions making.
  17. I can not get out of this indecisivenss, it's a lot of months now . I can not take any action foward. I'm talking about what should I do I my life. I think the root problem is perfectionism and too many options wanting them all together without letting go. I'm a talented musician I love playing music drums and so on. At the same time I'm so deeply in touch with practices like Tai Chi and Yoga . Yesterday I found a course to become a Hiking Guide for nature, I would love also that , I'm quite always in the woods and mountains. But I'm eternally stuck in this point. To become a musician you have to focus everything on that , no distractions. This scares me because I fear that it would take me away from my spiritual path . Spirituality is my first priority i"m not going to change it , it is on the top. When a come to a conclusion my mind immediately looks back to the other options and the cycle goes again. This wanting of the perfect decisions is blocking everything. Also lack of courage. It is frustrating now. Have you ever gone through something similar ? Thank you very much .
  18. Hi evryone. I've put my self in a hard situation 😅. I'm in a long relationship 4 and half years now . In this period I've met a girl during a theatre project where some silent interest has grown between us . Last day me,she and other people spent the night together. The day after every body has left except me and she . She brought me to the train station. We where talking and in the meaning time I've lost the train so we decided to go to a park and talk . We have openly talked about our interest and attraction ,she is also in a relationship. After out talk she brought me to the station and during the way to the train she asked me if she could give me her hand . I was literally confused but I did it and it was beautiful . The days after we texted us a bit. Now I do not know how to move forward , I've my girlfriend on one side. I would be open to leave her to experience and learn about this things, I'm excited . But on the one side I do not wich actions should I take with the new girl, she is also confused like me . Should I continue to text her ? Or stay silent and wait to see her again to talk about our situation ? Sorry for the long message. Thank you
  19. I'm confused if it is just an ego game
  20. Thanks man
  21. Hi everyone. I've done a list of life areas in which I would like to work as a life purpose . I'm very felxible in many areas and have a very little sense of discrimination towards different things . So the problem is choosing . If I choose something I refuse to let go the other options . My list consists of : Tai Chi , Drums and percussions, and University . I'm wondering if it is really necessary to choose one thing . Maybe one can start doing those things together and in the future see what to prevail the most . What are your ideas? . Thank you very much
  22. Yes you are right, it's like the phisical death you can not avoid it.
  23. Hi everyone. I've noticed that i often find my self in a limbo of fear to hurt someone psychologically with my decisions. I do not have the courage to go foward , i stay stuck with fear to hurt. I've also thought that the fear to hurt someone is basically the fear that i will suffer making a particular decision. What can you tell me about this mechanism? And what do you think is the correlation between this and the EGO ? Thank you very much . Sorry for my English . Blessings.
  24. I'm doing it but nothing changes that much
  25. Thank you all . Many blessings . So warm answers form you. Thank you