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  1. My mom and younger brother are the same. They pay a lot of money for courses of "self development" to a local guru and this guru like brainwashes them with all kinds of conspiracy theories like the same I got the vaccine and I will be infertile in 10 years or that this is WW3 but with the end goal of controlling the population etc. My mom also buys a lot of essential oils and when I had covid she started giving me some to cure the disease. LOL She also reads fake news on facebook groups so typical facebook antivax mom LOL. Ever since the pandemic started it's been like this. I had countless arguments with my mom when I told her that I want to get the vaccine. I just avoid them because al they do is talk this sort of stuff at the table when they eat and basically everywhere. So I just avoid their company leave them in their ignorance because no matter how hard you try to educate them they are stuck in their little bubble.
  2. Ok I see . Thanks all for the info Leo really do appreciate it! It's just that all these debates online have me confused to how things work and continue to be. But I will still do research. Thanks!
  3. I see it as a socialist country canada because when I used to live there back in 2001 me and my family had free healthcare and other gov benefits. My grandparents used to live in cleveland and they had non of that they just worked and had to pay everything themselves. Maybe I am mistaken but correct me if I am wrong. I accept all criticism and want to find out more.
  4. Being from Romania I know because we were conquered by 3 empires throughout time: Roman, austro-hungatian and otoman(turkish) empires which no longer exist.
  5. Leo how do you like explain the fall of other developed civilizations throughout history? Ie. Roman empire, macedonian, persian empire ( now in the middle east it's back to the 3rd world after having babylon the most advanced society 3000 years ago, Egyptian civilization etc)
  6. Hey guys! I keep seeing all these debates online that the usa as a country and it's economy will collapse in the next 20 years due to its unsustainability, greed and capitalistic system (lack of healthcare, low wages, high costs etc). Do you guys agree with that or will the current administration and the progressive youth will have enough of an impact that things will change? Especially seeing that china as gdp is closing the gap behind the us. Many people say that the huge debt to other countries the reliability of international trade will hurt the us in the long run. Also the fact that the us is using mostly the military industrial complex to keep itself on top which is not a long term solution to stay afloat. What do you guys think? If I am wrong you can correct me I am happy to find out more. I really like the US as a country since I have visited the place before and had positive experiences there. Thanks. Ps. I come from 2 socialist countries (Romania, Canada)
  7. Hey guys! What do you think about this video? What consequences will we suffer because of this like a housing crisis?
  8. Hey guys! I have a dilemma regarding how in nowadays big tech firms like google, facebook, amazon etc collect our data which we use online (location, browsing habits, photos, accounts, banking info etc) just to target us with relevant adds. I have downloaded yesterday from my google account the info they have about me and I was shocked to see locations from 4 years ago when I was in spain drinking a beer in a local small bar before going into a stadium and seeing a football mach. I also saw all my search history, downloads, photos from 3-4 years ago which I haven't seen in years, location history ( work, grocery shopping, going to the country side etc). Even though I turn off the option to stop collecting location history, personalized adds etc somehow google still manages to track us. And this is just google. Can't imagine what other companies do (facebook, amazon, instagram, etc). Basically nowadays if you are connected to the internet privacy doesn't exist anymore. Is this like a consequence of evolving to a more connected world or how do you guys see this aspect of society from a higher spiral dynamic POV? And all this data that is gathered by these corporations do you think that it will be used against us if put in the wrong hands? Or am I just stressing to much about it and should accept that this is how things go? I have left here some videos regarding this topic. Thanks.
  9. So Leo why do even left leaning news outlets who even went on joe rogan support this lab leak conspiracy theory? (Check krystal ball and saagar) I don't support this theory but I am just confused that even people who I thought were not going to go down this rabbit hole went down after all. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=__Czlg1xLJA
  10. I like reading articles about politics, technology etc and normally read on my tablet/phone the NYT, vice, Medium and google news. I have noticed that these are sources which are more holistic and less biased when regarding world issues and social issues. I also listen to david pakman sometimes even thought I am not from the US.
  11. Hey guys! The title says it all. What unbiased news sources do you recommend? I normally follow vice but that's about it. Cnn and bbc I don't really trust. So which do you follow and which do you think are more authentic and unbiased? Thanks
  12. Hey guys What do you guys think of this video regarding the pandemic and usa vs china trade war? The cannel is mostly left leaning channel with topics like climate change, socialism etc. I am not sure I understand the whole video therefore I wanted another opinion on this situation. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys just found this online and thought it was worth sharing ❤️
  14. Hello guys! I am having sort of a dilemma regarding internet privacy and why are people so obsessed with it. For example I have an android phone which I use on a daily basis. This being owned by google they literally track everything you do online (location, browsing history, youtube search etc) to get to create personal ads for you depending on your preferences. This is absolutely understandable and I don't really mind if google functions like this since it enhances the services no matter what app I use. My question is the following. Why do people obsess over privacy when it comes to this sort of stuff. Why do they care so much that google/facebook/insta etc is tracking and gathering their data for better services. It's not like the employees are watching you specifically to see what you do every minute of every day. I used to work in a call center for a tech giant and we would literally see the personal info like numbers, emails, filters etc of people's accounts. But we the employees couldn't care less about what info people had on the accounts. We were just helping them out log back into lost accounts. Everything was recorded so we couldn't take their info like banking info etc ( we would get sued and go to jail lol). Yes, Facebook and Google scrape your private info but they don't turn around and print it in the public newspaper or or write it on the bathroom walls for all to view for free. They use it instead to try and sell to you information and consumer goods. How do you guys see this aspect of society that privacy no longer exists and that sooner or later there will be no privacy in the future and how do you see this aspect from a more conscious pov or from a stage green/yellow pov? I for one don't really mind that google or whatever social media is using my data for better services. As long as it's not compromised. Now if you are ignorant and search the net for wired websites and give your info to whomever that's your personal responsibility. Thanks guys and sorry for the long post.
  15. The thing is she says that if I get it I won't be having kids in 10 years due to the side effects. Anyway I work in hotels and I have a lot of contact with customers and I want to have a career in top luxury hotels where standards are very high and where I like working in (as I worked before in these type of places) The thing is if you want to travel and work in other countries the airlines and countries require a negative covid test or vaccine. I'll be going to work in spain in june so. I'm not doing it because I have to I am doing it because I want to. I had the opportunity to get it 1 month ago but due to a lot of arguing with my mom I delayed it but this time I'll do it no matter what.