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  1. What's up! Before I start with psychedelics I definitely want to have a solid understanding of epistemology. Which concepts do you hold as most important to develop such a solid understanding of epistemology? Until now I understand the concept of default position, paradigms and the quines-model quite good, but I think that's definitely not enough. Best regards from Germany
  2. Tho Sam Parnia still seems to be stuck in the materialists paradigm, his studies on consciousness are extremely interesting:
  3. Hi I'm Simon I live in Hamburg and Göttingen and I'm obsessed with non-duality, self-actualization and entrepreneurship. I would love to meet people face-to-face, who follow the same interests as I do. But somehow this doesn't seem to be so easy, because almost all people surrounding me do not care about non-duality, and if they do, then they tend to completely lose the correspondence to reality. So I am really interested in meeting people who live close to me. Hit me up when you are from Hamburg, Göttingen or... Germany
  4. I'm from Hamburg and Göttingen in Germany. I'm curious to meet new people who are also obsessed with non-duality and self-actualization
  5. Hi Zeldor, I recently discovered a quite good model, which describes what a purpose should be composed of. I hope it helps you: