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  1. @Hellspeed thank you so much - I will absolutely be careful of this. I don't want to bring crap energy into our lives so I'll make sure we're engaging with awakened women only. Cheers
  2. @ChimpBrain I can't relate to the resource. We aren't going to be fucking people without eachother around - more like inviting women to join us once in a while. I guess there isn't an easy answer and we'll just have to work together through it in terms of communication and respect. Thanks for sharing though!!! Cheers
  3. @ChimpBrain No, thank you! I will look into this.
  4. Hi there... this is my 1st post on Leo's forum! Been following on YouTube for many years and I have been working diligently on raising my conciousness for over 10 years. Without going into details, because I know a lot of you would love that too much, do you think that a concious individual can be in an intimate relationship with more than 1 parter simultaneously? Am I asking for trouble by thinking of including a woman for threesome-fun in my concious, loving, long-term relationship? Can it be as simple as I imagine it to be? I want to follow my authentic, feminine, sexual desires but am afraid of this unknown future; I am so happy and in love already. What if I fuck it up? Is this a trap? I wonder, if you have experience or knowledge in this area - please let me know if you think it's possible i.e. can it be done in the beautiful, peaceful manner that I imagine it to? Or could I be setting myself up for a trap down the road? Could this be part of the conciousness that I am working for? Or have I made myself believe that to be true? Thanks so much for respecting my first post! Cheers