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  1. The way we breathe is foundational in life, so very happy for you to read you've discovered this absolute key in life! I found the best way to breathe for me personally, is inhaling into your perineum/sacral/navel area, up through your heart and chest area and then past your throat into your mind/ajna area. This will circulate your inherently masculine, sacral and sexual life force into grounded, loving and wise intentions, thoughts, responses and actions. Doing this continuously on a loop, which is a constant state of meditation and awareness and thus obviously not easy to maintain, makes you live from a place of authentic, sexual and grounded energy instead of breathing into and making decisions from your conditioned mind. Breathe a little deeper and life will shift massively.
  2. My experience and deep experimenting with this topic tells us that when you ejaculate, you release all the chi, prana and energetic life force that has been accumulated since your last ejaculation, with the intention of creating the very best sperm cell possible for your offspring. This requires a huge amount of energy from all the organs and systems of your body and after this ejaculation, the body and your subconscious mind feel like: 'our job is done here', and as you surely have felt as a male, ejaculation drains you deeply, robbing you from awareness, attention and overall energy. Energy that could be spent on other things, such as for example self-actualizing, mastery and reinventing yourself (which obviously demands a lot of energy). When you're fapping frequently you're basically wasting your energy away. But on the other hand, ejaculating can also be a great tool for destressing, when the pressure of life is too high so to speak. Find your balance is key, and I'd say one ejaculation once every 10 days is ideal when self-actualizing.
  3. Follow your satisfaction! You are your own best friend and if you find deep meaning, joy and fulfilment from exploring 'topics that won't open discussions', so be it. They make you more enlightened and aligned with your true self and that's number one. Your passion and sharing around these topics might even inspire others so follow your path, so actively looking for opportunities to share your meaningful insights on these subjects is something I'd highly recommend. Obviously, there also has to be a balance between meaningful time alone and finding unity and joy with certain communities. You strike me as a generally very likeable and easy-going person so empathising with people from where they're at shouldn't be a problem for you. Remember that every person has something to teach you. Learn first to understand, then to be understood. Also, from what you wrote you have a lot of interest and skills that scream for communities. Playing bass in a band, bartend in a pub/restaurant where you might have the chance to meet like-minded people, find a harmonious gym with badass group lessons. A balance between both is key from my experience. We so often assume that we are alone in our authenticity and that society is this concrete, holistic and inauthentic machine when it's actually made up of 7 billion extraordinary people just like you. Look deeply into it and you might find the souls you're looking for. Don't expect people to match with your worldview entirely. You might resonate deeply on a few domains of life with one person, and there might be a mismatch on other domains. This is the beautify of life, this is how we learn and how we integrate ourselves, the other and ultimately humanity to a higher level of consciousness, love and understanding. By sharing your value, you enlighten us all Keep shining your light brother!
  4. @Recursoinominado Priceless advice.
  5. @Chimera I've recently posted an exercise that might help you. Powerful magic when done seriously You can find it here
  6. I've recently rediscovered an old golden key that massively increases our inherent radiant confidence and childlike self-worth, and it is the following: Instead of asking yourself: 'what would increase my confidence and self-worth?'; ask yourself: 'what limiting beliefs are blocking my confidence and self-worth?' A small shift in perspective, but a true game-changer; as life is often about de-conditioning and removing layers of inauthenticity instead of adding more layers on top of our core. We often attach our sense of self-worth to the expectations, desires and outcomes that go along with a certain role we've adopted play in life, which is dangerous, as it makes us think we have to prove our worth. If you'll remember yourself as a child you will discover there is absolutely no need to prove worth. So to reclaim your self-esteem, simply ask yourself the questions in a contemplative way; with or without pen & paper, and intuitively feel what comes up while just observing. Really curious to read what came up for you.
  7. I believe revenge stems from some form of rage, anger and resentment you are choosing to hold on to. Rather than expressing this to create more turmoil, distress and chaos in your life, it would be more harmonious to let it pass away through the unconditional healing energy of the Heart. This is an act, nog an idea. Forgiveness, releasing and moving on with walking your highest purpose, deepest fulfilment and most blissfull balance sounds more appealing to me than wasting energy hurting others. I believe the Grand Karma will ultimately teach the other.
  8. @Bojan Hey Bojan, thanks for your input. I feel that this question is not so much about whether the advice is actually right, it's more about the compassionate and deep contemplation towards your past and the wounds of your inner child. As @tsuki put it beautifully: 'The inner child needs no advice, but rather loving attention that is acknowledging its needs.' From that you have written in your reply I conclude you have a rather negative and fatalistic outlook on life, somehow having lost faith in your Self, and thus Life. I truly believe there is a golden, satisfying and deeply fulfilling authentic path for everyone, once you are open to this possibility. You mentioned struggling with security in both of your replies. Maybe you you, aka your inner child, is not feeling secure because the self-talk you project towards it is so negative, faithless and fatalistic. What would happen if you'd sent it hope, tenderness, kindness, hope and compassion? Would that give you some form of groundedness; some form of security? Would that security maybe enable you to actually start actualizing that beautiful list of dreams you have? I believe so!
  9. @tsuki Love this, thanks for sharing
  10. Also don't forget that women are also deeply conditioned, imperfect and insecure. We often put women on some sort of pedestal, telling ourselves we have to be someone in order to be with someone. The one for you doesn't require you to be someone else, because she will accept you for who you are, including your conditioning and your shadow. There is a book called: 'The Manual: What Women Want & How to Give it To Them' that goes into great depth about this topic and will deeply unwind your conditioning. I still had it on my laptop, you can download it here.
  11. Loved your advice, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of my first breakthroughs in experiencing in true expansive and authentic confidence and your words made me experience those times again. Thank you :-)
  12. @RoerAmit Hey Amit. Thanks for taking the reply my man. I can really sense that you are serious about making a serious shift in your life and that you are ready to actualize those beautiful dreams of yours. First of all I want to start of that we are in a time period in life where Covid-19 is happening and there are a lot of global shifts happening. This is also felt on the personal level. Times in 2020 are hard, so be aware that you are not the only one going through these strong emotional feelings, shifts and healing periods. That being said, I would love to give you some specific advice. It sounds like your basic needs are met, you have shelter and food, an internet connection and resources, such as YouTube and this blog. This is already something you can be grateful for, as a lot people don't have this. 790 million people don't have a constant supply of drinking water. Gratitude opens our heart, the gateway to our Higher Self where all our higher inner guidance and love comes from. Yes, we can try to self-actualize and become a better version of ourselves, but it has to come from a grounded place of gratitude, abundance and security. Taking the time to appreciate what is already present and abundant in your life, will help to find joy while setting your mind at ease, giving you a grounded base level op calmness, peace of mind and clarity to work from. You also said that body awareness helps you, so those together daily will assure you that you have the calmness you need to build from. You mention your parents a lot. And I can definitely relate to this. It's true our parents are imperfect, but try to see them as that. Imperfect but still beautiful. Parents have their shadow aspect, as everyone does, but so do we. Try to appreciate the positive, beautiful and loving aspects of your parents, and do your best in this. How you see your parents, and what you expect from them, is what you will get out from them. There is also a high chance that the things that actually annoy you about your parents, are things that are triggering certain aspects in you that still need attention and focus, things that are imbalanced within yourself. Life is a mirror that mirrors everything back to us. I had to learn this the hard way, that the shadow aspects that annoyed me about my dad, are and were actually shadow aspects that were inherent and present in me, even though I wasn't conscious off this. This take radical open-mindedness and honesty. Make a list of things that annoy you about your parents, and be honest if these are things that you also display. Forgiving your parents through the magical, healing and unconditional loving power of your heart (chakra) is the key, because hey, we're all suffering, we all have our problems and we all have our personal journey of imperfectness. The moment you stop blaming your parents for your moods, your unhappiness and your anxiety is the exact same moment you can start taking full responsibility for your dreams. You mentioned a lot of things you want to achieve, and that is beautiful. The moment we stop dreaming as human beings is the moment we start to die. But it's one thing to dream, and it's another to take consistent, and responsible baby steps towards those dreams. Doing those breathing exercises, doing those workouts, practicing those guitars scales and riffs, offer and create value in your business. There are no quick fixes in life. Life is holistic in nature, meaning you have to focus on all the aspects, clear the holes in your balance and focus on the long term. Find a balance between self-actualizing and growth vs enjoying and playing. Know your priorities (use Maslow pyramids of needs as a good starting point) and take responsibility on a daily, weekly and yearly basis to achieve those goals of yours. Both for the playing (collect movies, music, art, books that you love and inspire you, that lift you up for example) as the improving (songs you can practice, exercises you can do, meals you can cook, friends you can learn from, etc.) . It doesn't matter if you miss days, but some form of consistency and believing in yourself, in the long run, is key. Focus on the things you have, the things you can do and start there. It sounds like you have a lot of beautiful dreams and HUGE potential, maybe make a vision board of things that really motivate, push you and inspire you, so that when you wake up, it doesn't matter what you parents expect, desire or want from you, you will be kicking is ass regardless because you know who you are, what you can and what you want. Be kind to yourself : ) In the end it is your inner child that is having trouble with all of these things and compassion, mildness and self-recognition for all the things you already have and are will do wonders! I believe in you my man
  13. @flowboy @Preety_India Do your best to see her/him as the hurt, imperfect and conditioned inner child that she/he is, feel the resentment, frustration and other negatively charged emotions you feel towards him and transmute those into love, forgiveness and compassion by breathing the energy from your root and sacral area into your heart. Emotions are energy in motion in our energetic being, and the emotion literally has to be healed and transmuted through the supernatural and extremely powerful healing energy of the heart (chakra). I learned the hard way that healing and forgiveness is a verb; an act, not an idea. You hold all those judgments, negative emotions and frustrations, and your job is simply to rid your energetic being from these emotions so you can be free, authentic and freely flowing again! The emotions you feel stem from the other person, but you are the one who holds on to them. Hope this makes sense and helps!
  14. It sounds like you're in a pretty hectic home situation my man. You should be proud of yourself that you are doing a full time job and still paying attention to your girlfriend, little brother and your creative work. Sounds like you're doing a lot of great work and spreading a lot of love, so be kind to yourself, try to be as open as you can in your creative needs towards your girlfriend and she will probably understand and give you some space. Allowing you to balance and invest your energies in a more harmonious way! Keep shining your light my man, curious to hear what you're creating as well.