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  1. Hey guys (and girls), what can I (male) do in order to make sure I dont get any stds? Is a condom a safe way to go? I mean if it was a girlfriend, one could check it in the hospital, but thats obviously not possible in the case of a one night stand. So anything else to consider?
  2. I hope someone is still reading this thread. I have another question for oennote (2016): When I create subpages of subpages (for example the dates below the subpage "August"), I have the problem that I can collapse them, because there is no arrow to do so. Yes, I can collapse everything into "2019", and then everything below 2019 is hidden, but I dont know how to collapse it into "August", so that you only see "2019-->August" and that's it. I hope you get what I mean. Do you have a solution for that? It's useful for me because this is my reflection, and I do it everyday, but also on a monthly and yearly cycle.
  3. Hey guys, Usally when I practice for a Non-Ejaculatory orgasm, I can delay the ejaculation for a bit by contracting the PC muscle, but after a few seconds, there comes this pumping of your penis and the ejaculation starts coming. Is my PC muscle just to weak, or am I misunderstanding something? Because it doesn't feel like I lose my PC contraction, but the sperm seems to get through anyways. Maybe it's because the strength reduces after a few seconds of contracting, but maybe you can share your experience.
  4. Hey guys Always when I try to change habits or improve something consciously, I rob myself of my freedom, because in order to succeed at the habit change I need to cocnstantly consciously think about it so I dont forget. Because when I forget, I obviously fall back into the old bad habit. Example would be: I try to notice every thought throughout the day. When one does this, it's almost impossible to just let go into flow or into "the zone" as they call it (that focused absorption into an activity), because I have to keep my mind on obeserving thought. I hope you get the point. Same when I try to improve something consciously like motoric exercises (for example playing a sport etc.).
  5. Thank you
  6. Is it possible to create Back Ups in OneNote that you safe on your local PC and not in the cloud?
  7. Hey guys / girls, due to playing football a lot I quite often get injured. I've seen doctors, and even though I appreciate their knowledge, I feel like often they only see half of the picture. In my eyes medical science misses out on a lot of potential in terms of alternative medicine etc (and also for some reason nutrition and sleep, rarely a doctor recommended improving this to me). Now my question is: What other tools/things/practices/mindsets can I do and use in order to heal sports injuries like this faster, and also reduce the risk of getting injured even before they happen? I'm also happy about basic advice, commonsense, or just other things that worked for you very well. PS: Maybe someone has even experience with these bath salts. I've heard about them (I think its called epsom salt) but I really dont no which ones are good or if this is just bullshit.
  8. @GreenWoods Isn't a too powerful approach dangerous, like @SriBhagwanYogi mentioned? Not just because it can maybe kill you )dont know about that), but also because of the kundalini syndrom, which happens when you go at it too quickly?
  9. Hey guys What are other practices or things to do in order to awaken (or to free, however you wanna call it) the kundalini energy that's stuck around the root chakra? PS: I do Kriya Yoga (according to Stevens: Kriya Secreats Revealed) daily for almost a year now.
  10. @GreenWoods Surprisingly it took me one day from the point of touching the uvula to getting the tongue into the nasal cavaty. The problem I had was that I was afraid of choking to death somehow. Recommandations: Open your jaw (not the mouth nessecarily) very wide. Gargle salt water and use a tongue scraper. I immediately catched a cold, and I think it was because of bacteria on the tongue.
  11. I'm into it for almost a year now, but I just did the practices that are recommended in Stevens book. I am now at Lesson 18, practicing every single day (haven't missed a single one) (Talabya Kriya, Maha Mudra, Navi Kriya, KP1, chakra tuning, Mental Kriya). I dont want the practice to take years. I'm willed to spend maybe one hour on it (for now). Would you recommend getting the book you just mentioned (or even other books of Santata Gamana series), practicing his stuff and cutting some of Stevens practices? What's your experience @GreenWoods ?
  12. I am confused about the language the author uses. I dont understand what the difference between "focus" "concentrate" "bring consciousness to" etc. means. Sometimes he even suggest to "concentrate" on multiple things, does this mean we should split our concentration or what does it mean? And when he says "Focus on Bhrumadhya", does he mean pointing the eyes upward or actually bring your consciousness to that spot?
  13. Hey guys, I heard a talk from Sadhguru where he talked about how the body remembers the physical touch with other people (sexually) and you get into trouble when you "change your partner every weekend". I'm now in a little inner conflict, because on the one hand, I want to experience sex and stuff like deeper relationships with (in my case) women, on the other hand, it is not as important as consciousness work etc. for me. I feel like it's not a problem for me to have just one partner and be with her for the rest of my life, but obviously breakup might happen and I cant completely control that and it might happen that I need to have multiple partners until I find one that fits. Now do you think thats a problem? Like having sex and relationships with multiple partners (succesively, not at the same time) without huge problems later on as a consequence? PS: I'm 18
  14. Hey guys, I've got a question. I feel like the Oms are distracting me when I do KP2 and KP3. Would you recommend just doing KP1, or would you recommend practicing KP2 and KP3 until I get more comfortable? Already did KP2 for a month, I find it very difficult and not peaceful.
  15. Hey guys and girls, I had the idea to make something like a 30 Day challenge, where everyday, I have to do one thing I fear doing. This might be big or small. I have already created a list, some of this stuff is so horrific to me (I'm quite social anxious), that I want to make it a little slower by facing tinier fears to build up to bigger ones, if that makes sense. So my list, if you're interested in also doing something like this: Talking to strangers (especially attractice women) Following your dream, taking action and not hiding it in front of others because you fear being judged Sky Diving Styling well (I have this identity of being unstylish for some reason) Not hiding from birds (maybe you're afraid of other animals, so face them) Traveling alone Other ideas, where I dont have fear Workout Cold Shower Meditation Activities like swimming etc. Visiting crowded places Just one thing I want to mention: This challenge is about more minor activities, that might take up a day at max. I'm not talking about climbing the mount everest or become a monk for a year, that's not what the challenge is about. So for your recommendations, please write things down that dont take up huge amounts of effort and money and can be done in a short time (day or less). Thanks!