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  1. I'm a computer science student, so maybe I should start developing "actualized" dating apps with you : P To be honest, I kinda like OkCupid, because it allows you to know quite a lot about the users. But there's like no Finnish users there, so no luck for me there, unless I'd be up for a LDR. But back to the original topic, I'd like to hear if you know any places where to meet people who are interested in "actualized" lifestyle.
  2. I guess these are good tips but I was hoping to find even more definitive answers. I probably should start doing the right kind of yoga, that sounds "practical". I was hoping to hear something like; for root chakra, do this, and for sacral chakra, do that. But I guess it ain't so simple. I should read the book. But anyways, it would be nice to hear how all of you are going about this.
  3. I didn't mean that I'm self-actualized yet but I'd rather like to meet someone who would like to grow together. I guess I need to start looking for seminars, discussions, etc. that were mentioned but it's kinda difficult to get started because I'm not sure what kind of events I'm exactly looking for. It would make sense that there must be more people who are still finding their way to become self-actualized than people who already are. I just don't know where they're hiding. And also, I live in Finland so the seminars, dating apps and pretty much everything is harder to find, because we have smaller population and therefore the scene is smaller.
  4. Hi everyone! <3 I'm sure that this has been discussed before but because I didn't find anything relevant by using the search, I thought it would be fun to start a conversation about this. So I wonder how to find more "actualizing" partners. I am not saying that I am actualized myself but I'm working on it. It would be nice to find like-minded people who are interested in growing as a person and doing things the right way. I just don't know where to find them and how. I just feel like I'm not being understood by people who are living mediocre lives, I feel like there must be people somewhere who would value similar things as I do. I surely do get crushes to the "mediocre minded people" and might have relationships with them, but it never lasts long because of the vast differences in the way of seeing things. I'd like to know someone who values things like meditation, self-help, philosophy, fitness, intimacy/tantra, unconditional love and making right choices. Let's make a fun discussion : ) Love you all <3 ~~Amy
  5. Hi everyone <3 I've studied the very basics of Chakras, like what they are and what each of them are responsible for. The concept resonates with me and now I'm interested to find out what are the practical methods that I need to start doing to actually open all of the Chakras and to balance them. I suppose I need to do different things for different Chakras and do mental and physical practices. Can you tell me how to get started? I tried to use the search and I also tried to look it up from other free internet resources, but I didn't find much more than the basics that I already know. I need a more practical approach. xoxo ~Amy
  6. @Speedscarlet I can't see what's wrong with my profile photo, I thought it was a relatively good picture of me, so I'd like to know how you came to that conclusion. Can you point me which things exactly are disturbing you in the picture, so that I can learn from your opinion if it is actually constructructive and legitimate? I also wonder how this issue seems to be important enough for you to write about it while you're having the standard "blank screen" profile picture yourself. I don't intend to derail the topic, but I just really felt like I needed to answer this message that was directed to me. Please, continue from the original topic. Your's sincerely, -Amy
  7. I can totally relate to this feeling. I feel like adulthood came too fast, before I expected. Now there's a lot of expectations of who I should be and how I should act. There's so much duties, I feel like I don't have the time and energy to play and chill around like I used to as a child. I want so much to be free from the duties and expectations. I want to stop worrying and just play and be excited like a little child. Now there's school, work, self-improvement, money and all that jazz instead of just enjoying life stress-free. A friend of mine said once "everything in life should be based around playing" and I really understand what he meant. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have a bad childhood, not at all. I had a long and safe childhood and that's probably one of the biggest reasons why I wish I could go back. I guess I really should be so thankful for my childhood, not everyone has the same treatment unfortunately... I wish every child could play and have fun as a kid and I think we should make it one of our priorities to make that happen. Whenever I see a toy laying around somewhere outdoors or when I walk past a kindergarten, I can't help it, I will feel a strong and sad kind of longing feeling inside, making a tear fall down on my cheek. I am not quite sure why I feel this nostalgia so strongly.. but I guess I'm such a feeling type of person then. I know there's no going back. As much as I want to just play around with toys and stuff, I've outgrown this phase of life. I have lost the ability to just play with toys, I've become an adult and the toys have lost the magic they once had and this kinda hurts to admit. Today i looked in the mirror and I suddenly realized that my body has matured a lot, I'm not a child anymore, not even a teen, now I have a body of a grown up man... Time has taken its toll on me. I have no option but to keep on grinding the adult life and try to stay a bit playful along the way. I need to discover the bright side of adulthood. Time flies, that's how life is. Good bye childhood years.. I.. think
  8. @Michael569 Thanks for the analysis, it sounds legitimate. I live here in Finland so the "detox clinic" scene might be different here and I'm not sure if it even exists here, haha . But I'm gonna try to increase the fruits in my diet little by little and see what happens. It is a good thing anyways, because my road to becoming a vegan is still in process.
  9. @St Clair Sweet, what a beautiful sight! I haven't been very adventurous yet but you're right about that life should be an adventure instead of a continuous grind. Gotta keep exploring and staying curious to live life to its fullest
  10. Thanks a lot for the video, I found it helpful. Next time I'll be more aware of the breathing so that the monkey chatter has to take the backseat place ☺️. Also, the video confirmed that the strict concentration type of meditation is not necessary. This is why I kept failing at first, I tried so hard to concentrate that I didn't feel peace in the moment and thus I got frustrated.
  11. I'm allergic to wheat, milk, eggs, nuts, apple, pear, paprika, tomato, avocado, and probably a bunch of other fruits and veggies as well. I also have atopic eczema and asthma 😅. Do you think this would be helpful to me? I've tried to eat more vegan foods lately but I'm slightly discouraged because I've felt some mild allergic reactions from veggies that I don't even have on my allergy list above. Maybe my allergy goes off if I keep on eating the fruits?
  12. Thanks for the input 😄 @PsiloPutty Yes, I need to stay consistent with the new habit so it'll become an inseparable part of my life ☺️. About the breathing, I wouldn't say that I've been controlling it but I try to breath from the belly. Is it recommended to control the breath, or do you mean that by "watching"? @ChimpBrain Nice to hear that you like outdoor meditation as well ☺️. If you believe in chakras, this "earthing", or I would say rooting, heals the root chakra, which is the foundation to your internal well-being.
  13. Hello everyone , I have taken up meditation this summer and at first I had massive problems in calming my mind and focusing into the moment. I didn't feel very good about the meditation, it almost made me feel frustrated. This was when I tried to do "strict labeling" meditation with my eyes closed. Then I watched Leo's video of "do nothing" meditation and I found out that this could be helpful for beginners like me to at least feel good about the meditation and get some results without requiring as much effort. It includes sitting and having eyes open and not trying to control thoughts. After being a little more successful I tried to change it up a bit and I decided to go meditating outdoors, into the yard of my house. I felt a lot calmer instantly as I was focusing on the landscape, sounds and weather of my surroundings. This helped my mind to calm down without me having to control it much. I also actually feel good about the meditation when I do it this way and it doesn't feel like a chore anymore. Yesterday I tried to go further than my own yard, into a corner of a park which is covered by trees. It felt great to meditate there. I feel like the nature has the power to calm your mind down if you are still and open your senses to its beauty. It feels so fresh to breath in the clean air from the nature. What do you think of meditation in nature? Do you have own experiences about this? Please, try it out if you feel like this could be helpful to you. This is my first post in the forums! I've been watching videos for few months now and I've taken my first steps to become my best version. It is so nice to be here now, I hope I learn a lot from you all . -Amy