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  1. Well, go on do Self-Inquiry and answer those questions! Don't expect to wipe out shit with another pile of shit.
  2. The funny thing is that the "relative world" exists only within itself))) Are you here to make progress or to chit-chat? I also could say "thoughts and matter are the same thing" but such stuff must be realized by yourself from first-hand experience, otherwise it's all just mental masturbation which rarely leads anywhere.
  3. Leo talks about a lot of other things, not just spirituality. @Ampresus I recommend focusing on basic human psychology. If you're young, that doesn't mean you should focus on New Age. Stick to the basics while you're young, then move on to more advanced stuff. I regret advancing too far too soon, what's the point of me holding so much wisdom if haven't put my financial situation together?! Find where you are on spiral and move on accordingly to what's next, don't just skip your way to stage Yellow or Turquoise. Don't let others dictate your choices. LISTEN to others, but DECIDE for yourself.
  4. What internal state YOU THINK they're in. Regardless of how good you are at body language&psychology, all those signs are probabilities. Meditate and do Self-Inquiry to realize that you and your thoughts are the same thing, although this realization might be too soon for you. What you're experiencing is probably "consciousness" separation from your ego, am I right? I experienced something similar too, and there's nothing wrong with the "observer" getting stronger. Embrace it!
  5. @Shadowraix Did you read some basic stuff on human biology + how brain works?! First, sitting for more then 30 min without standing up is incredibly bad for your long term health. Second, I've read so many books on productivity, and all them point out that taking breaks once every 20-30 min will only improve your focus. Third, every goddamn ophthalmologist agrees that it's very bad for your eyes to stare at screens for long periods of time without looking out of the window for the eyes to refocus on distant objects. Your body is telling you something: STAND UP AND TAKE A BREAK
  6. @Preetom The goal of that video is NOT to explain reality to you, but to give small hints and guidelines on where to focus your awareness/mind. Remember, the true nature of reality can't be explained in symbols (words), because symbols are finite.
  7. @Nadosa If you raise your daily awareness high enough (thru meditation for example), most of your mental issues will evaporate. Do not ignore your core problems, face them directly with your awareness! I used to experience similar stuff. You know what helped? Being OK with failing in front of others. Trying to wear "the confident mask" doesn't work in the long term!
  8. @Shadown Do not ask others "why pursue it". If you can't answer for yourself "why", then you're doomed to fail. You are already dead)))
  9. @SoonHei I noticed increase in my awareness when everyone got surprised when thunder stroke, yet I noticed the light before the sound)))
  10. @lmfao Synchronizing humming with gong seems to be a killer combination, I'll try that. Thx for sharing!
  11. @Wisebaxter Energy/Chakras/Kundalini has mostly to do with your own mind. If you truly believe that sitting cross-legged will help, then it will. If you truly believe that it doesn't matter, then it won't. The power of self-hypnosis is enormous.
  12. @EternalForest That's a great life-lesson to highlight! Texting is so shallow. I barely text/phone call with my friend, YET when we meet once in a while we talk for 6-12 hours almost non-stop, mentally devouring each other. If you want to deepen your relationship with friend/partner/child, I highly recommend: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/11/fashion/no-37-big-wedding-or-small.html (you can use these with anyone, not just romantic partner) https://www.amazon.com/Book-Questions-Revised-Updated/dp/0761177310
  13. @EternalForest I am so paranoid about security that I back everything in 3 places, 2 physical and 1 online. All passwords and files are perfectly intertwined into a pyramid. Childhood abuse emerged into me being hyper paranoid) I had so many diaries + photos, yet burnt/deleted them all, because I don't care about the idiot I was a few years ago)))
  14. @kieranperez @Emerald Enneagrams neglect A LOT of other personality traits + make the mistake of putting radically different humans in the same bucket. 1. The Reformer: I am a very strong idealist/perfectionist + with great desire to radically transform/reform the world, yet I don't have the fear of being corrupt/evil, because the notion of evil is completely relative to culture (only a stage Blue/Green human who doesn't see beyond their nose will hold their notion of evil is part of reality). They gave examples of "Reformers", but damn, so much mixture of Green/Blue which conflicts with each other. Putting them into the same category is WAY too broad. 5. The Investigator: This is were I started calling Enneagrams complete BS. Putting Bill Gates (now he is very strong Green, Leo confirmed) + Zuckerberg in the same group as Einstein/S. Hawking (strong Orange with some Yellow) ???
  15. Make sure to back them up! Personally had times where computers/hard drives/MicroSD cards have suddenly failed/died.
  16. @non_nothing Because I've been cursed with knowledge.
  17. @non_nothing Wrong. To go beyond masks and roles you gotta "stop playing the ego's game", in other words kill it. I see SO MANY stage Green folk fall into the same trap: mental-masturbation. Going on and on inside mental loops. Well, I see the pleasure of it. I could talk with my friend for 12+ hours almost non-stop, and that's without any weed)))
  18. I am from Moldova, Chisinau ! I speak Romanian, English, Russian and some German.
  19. @non_nothing What's the point of over-analyzing/theorizing about your spiritual path? If you want to make progress, answer why really did you want to share this with us?
  20. @Shin @Joseph Maynor @Emerald @moon777light @Mondsee The reason men outnumber women in almost anything: Cultural side: Women are taught to be the "stay at home" and "concentrate on the exterior beauty" in stage Blue families, they are taught "prove 'em wrong" mentality in success oriented families, hence so many feminists and "male privilege activists" in USA (a lot of stage Orange). In stage Green families they regress back to exterior/superficial beauty, which can't hide the inner dirt in the long term. Biological side: Women are much more emotional then men, that's not a weakness, but a misused tool in the hands of an unskillful human (women aren't taught self-actualization in most families in order to properly use this tool). Periods and having to care for children does most of the damage on being "in the top". In a such dirty society, humans who are willing to swim/play in shit (men) will do better. In the future (cleaner society) this will change. PS To stage Yellow folks, stay AWAY from threads like this, talking to stage Green/Orange on such topics is futile.
  21. The idea of it is great, BUT the questionnaire has to be really tricky (questions with both a superficial and much a much deeper meaning to them) in order to be successful, otherwise people just select what they know is right but something they don't really actualize. Read some basic human psychology.
  22. Thank You! They do seem to be different. Exactly, but I don't want to dig thru mountains of bs, a source who could do that for me would be great. At least high quality (no click-baits and useless articles, smth which concentrates on the bigger picture) stage Orange-Green sources !!! What sources do you use Joseph?
  23. Yes, the amount of negativity and bs is simply mind-blowing, yet... If a jew was following the news pre-ww2, they would've immigrated before the evil came. One "random" article can change your whole life, that's why. Also what leaders are we, to not lead the sheep?
  24. @Leo Gura You said there are video"s" in queue for your "insights", yet no video this week! Don't judge your audience solely on your YouTube video comments (even this forum), not all are stage Orange-Green.