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  1. Through This Ramaji guy via Skype or is this guy just pulling my chain? He legit or what? This isn’t a you’re guru is Better then my question post either, it’s a simple yes or no? If he’s legit. Asking for a friend ?‍♂️
  2. Self inquiry, do nothing, Mantra meditation, breath meditation, sds, Kriya Yoga, or is it all the above, IMO many cases seem to be self inquiry or Sds (of some kind) also are there other techniques or ways? these are some of the bigger names that I’ve looked at. many people seem to have done combos, don’t quote me on all of these..... adyashanti -mantra/breath & self inquiry Rupert Spira- self inquiry echart- self inquiry (but he didn’t even know that he was doing it lol) sadguru- breath or mantra (not sure) shinzen young- sds & self inquiry “nailed his home” mooji-not exactly sure lol Robert Paulson- I think self inquiry but not positive, he did it all day long from I’ve looked into Buddha-sds as far as I’m concerned he say under a Bodi tree all night long. Also if you are enlightened & you are reading this, what technique did you use to become enlightened.
  3. @Joseph Maynor trust me I did as well until the shit literally takes the body over, I thought Indian dudes jerking & pulsating was b.s. as well till it happend to me. Kundalini is a prerequisite towards enlightenment in many cases, the minors before the majors if you will, the clearing or purging of chakras prior to enlightenment. Some People who get enlightened deal within before & after enlightenment as well.
  4. @Joseph Maynor when I start shaking back & forth during meditation, eyes twitch, 3rd eye pulsates all day long, energy blew out of the top of my head, spinning while I meditate, ain’t no story to me. Very real. Can’t cling to what is real. But you are all right still, still not enlightened from it, but it is changing me.
  5. @Serotoninluv a blue belt in BJJ that did a couple amature boxing fights would take Floyd’s arm home.
  6. @robdl I’m a purple belt in BJJ, a 30 year boxer would get mauled by a MMA pro with 2-0 record, unless he is mike Tyson, just cause of raw power. But let’s not argue, that would be my ego.
  7. @Serotoninluv it’s a 3 & a 1/2 hour q & a setting with him, I’ll be asking many questions lol
  8. @Shin @Shin how do you be conscious of a thought, by being aware of it?
  9. @FoxFoxFox hey where has Leo been anyway? as far as Leo is concerned I would & many others would be fucked without his videos. he explains enlightenment better then people who are deeply enlightened imo.
  10. @Skanzi I felt like if I just got up it would have stopped, but the way I look at it by letting it happen, I’m that much closer toward a permanent awakening. So I just let it do whatever it wants.
  11. During breath work mediation. I had a kundalini awakening about 8 months ago, crown chakra blew open during an sds sit. i believe the jerking motion is called a Kriya, I just let it happen, felt crazy, anyone ever have kundalini experiences like this before, I always thought that some Indian guy doing this was b.s. boy way I wrong.
  12. @Charlotte I’ve felt spinning sensations about a dozen times, & pulsating & eye twitching, never this jerking back & forth, luckily I’ve seen videos of this so I wasn’t freaked out.
  13. @Serotoninluv well I’m not enlightened, but this kundalini is re-wiring something, much more at peace, much less anxiety then ever, apparently this jerking is purging stuff on some level. Again just wondering if anyone has more info on the matter & how many years things like could occur.
  14. @Serotoninluv understood, kundalini is not enlightenment, I fully understand, but it is an experience that probably 95% of humanity has never encountered.
  15. @Serotoninluv who’s proclaiming? I’m asking if anyone else here has had these uncontrolled evenets as well? Also I don’t have a guru to always talk to, just wondering...
  16. @Dumb Enlightened Leo explains it well as well.
  17. @Dumb Enlightened nice video, is this the winter knight guy?
  18. @Monkey-man I’ve heard there different levels to enlightenment, from what I’ve heard it’s a deep rabbit hole, not a one shot deal. People have different backgrounds & cultures also that could play into this.
  19. I wonder how much joe Rogan even knows about enlightenment, I’m sure he knows something...