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  1. @Serotoninluv I’d like to meet someone awakened face to face, I was supposed to meet Rupert last month but something came up.
  2. @Good-boy why are you always trolling me? Sorry I ask about (kundalini) It’s not something that I Asked for, now I’m dealing with it.
  3. I am a seeker, I self inquire basically all day long, mediate 2x a day, but I am also highly motivated for many things at the same time, it has caused many issues for me in many ways, in one of Leo’s videos I believe he said that after enlightenment you will be in many cases more motivated then ever! I guess I can see that, without having the ego in the way I’m sure you can get many things accomplished. Here are some of my goals: I want to save $100k by the time I am 36 (I’m 32) I want to medal at a legit ibjjf tournament (brazlian Jiu Jitsu) I want to become enlightened (I know there’s no I to become enlightened?) I want to be in the best shape I can be. I want my businesses to become a franchise. I want to be the best dad & husband I can be.
  4. it really is crazy, one day I’m a walking anxiety attack & the next day blissed the fuck out. This shit is nuts, last month kryas started with me every time I just close my eyes to mediate, they kick on, Couldn’t believe the 1st time it happend, I’m ok with it now but wtf. Someone should warn somebody you’re body jerks & shakes like crazy.... p.s. there is very little info on kryas & what they are Exactly doing, Please share maybe you know something I don’t. I know that it may be the kundalini clearing the chakras & purging the fuck out of the psyche, but who knows, shinzen young had a good video in the matter.
  5. @Girzo I’ve been meaning to learn krya yoga, no time, I’m a busy dude, I have 4 businesses, my kundalini got awakend during an sds sit. The only things I do is self inquiry & breath mediation, not sure if I’m still suppose to be doing sds sits while kryas are making me shake, I’m supposed to let them happen, not stop them. I don’t mind kundalni, just wish I knew exalcly what it’s doing to me during all these phenomenons. They say clearing chakras/purging shit & rewiring the psyche. But again wtf do I know.
  6. @Toby I’ve read in multiple books reiki/pyscadellics are terrbile for awakend kundalni. My wife is a master of reiki they call it, I told her keep that shit away from me.
  7. @Arhattobe yeah I’ve noticed most people troll me on the subject..even though in Many cases kundalini is a prerequisite prior to enlightenment, but hey wtf do I know... My anxiety has cut in 1/2 since my kundalni got awakend, but there have been a few issues, insomnia & some crying once but other then that all good shit, it’s been about 10-11 months now.
  8. When we kill an animal they are extremely stressed out when they take their last breath, then we ingest the meat, I’m sure they are releasing some kind of hormone that pumps through Their systems the last minutes of their lives, can’t see how that could help with enlightenment. also do most enlightened gurus eat meat after their enlightenment? I believe mooji still does..not sure about all the others..
  9. @Shakazulu I heard baba ram das’s guru could read his mind & new his past & stuff & he never met him prior to that 1st encounter.
  10. @Rilles kryas are active, yes I know it’s the kundalni that’s causing the kryas/ the chakras have blockages, it’s purging all kinds of issues. Either way my kundalni is awake as fuck. 1-kundalini is awakend 2-chakras are blocked 3-the kryas happen cause the chakras are blocked & the kundalni is the driving force helping purge physical & mental issues.
  11. Or does he just take a little from each one & make it into a melting pot? Pretty sure he doesn’t, but just asking... sds is no joke, all I keep hearing about is krya yoga, wish he did a how to video on it, that thread looks intimidating ?
  12. @John Iverson May be awakend kundalini. It’s not a bad thing, in some cases people use it as phase prior to enlightenment & some people don’t get it at all.
  13. @John Iverson i have some kundalni issues at the moment, if I close my eyes to mediate my kryas activate & My body starts shaking/jerking.
  14. @noselfnofun I’ve noticed since being in this enlightenment search world I tap much faster & it’s helping my bjj cause I’m putting myself in shittier situations cause I don’t care about getting caught anymore...
  15. @Mu_ yeah, I’m very well rounded, but what good is it? Still not enlightened ?
  16. @Mu_ I’m a Bjj purple belt myself also boxed & wrestled for many years.
  17. @OmniYoga my whole point was “being present” didn’t get him enlightened, self inquiry did, that’s all I was saying.