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  1. Do you have recommendations for good tv shows without so much negativity but with deep insights? real or animated both fine. thanks.
  2. I feel like every day im trying to find solution to my problematic past in 100 different direction and for real im not really getting anywhere. do you think it will be useful to choose couple of techniques and just do them for couple of months without any additional research?
  3. I just finished leos video about understaning emotions: In this video leo is talking about feeling the emotion completely. But what if its not an emotion that arising in me but bad memories? Can in mix feeling the emotion with letting go of it? Thanks guys!
  4. Do you think i should watch leos video on how to deal with strong negative emotions and after that i can apply the letting go?
  5. Hey guys. First i want to tell you all thank you for all your help! i love you! Do any of you guys have some advices on how to improve my diary writing? how to go deeper?
  6. So basically the method is to feel what arises and then acknowledge it and then let it go (like a cloud that passing by)?
  7. ok thank you. i kind of know what my problems are. i just dont know how to face them. do you think it is beneficial to do breathing exercises? not as replacement but as an addition.
  8. Or we should do it like the sea waves without any stop between the inhale and the exhale?
  9. So what's your opinion on letting go?
  10. Whats the diffrence between letting go of something and suppressing an emotion? I saw leo's video but it seems to me that letting go can become a way to supress emotions, am I wrong?
  11. Yeah i think i get where you are going. But it making decision making so hard.
  12. its seems a little An applicable. do you have any other idea? .
  13. its a nice story man what does it have do to with my question?
  14. Hey, I have a question - I've been meditating for 2 years and lately I have noticed that the way I feel and think about situations is changing all the time. One day I can think about an event from the past and think it was a disaster and the second day I'm thinking about the same situation and think it was a funny one. Like I really feel like I don't know what is my point of view on my past and. That's causing me to be indecisive What's going on? could it be because of meditation?