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  1. My plan is to collect some money meanwhile meditating a job of 9-5 and living bare minimum with my family. I am already doing this by the way. My plan is to collect around 200-300k which will take me like 2 years. Then move on somewhere to continue living on off minimum. I've posted on this question several forums online and what I've concluded from others after a while of their comments is I cannot fully go alone in wild. There things needs to be taken care i.e health is the obstacle that I cannot go away with. I adjusted my plan to find the so to say "BEST DEAL" out of the options.@Moreira
  2. The truth is I think I don't need government's sewer system at all. One person's waste is enough to be handled by one person. Actually I suppose If I will have a family in future even this can be handled by a system built by one person
  3. Not resisting and doing nothing about spiritual work and following her words is also the spiritual work. Even the essence of spirituality itself is here. Presented you in a golden case.
  4. I have my core model of reality. When I read your thoughts you posted about them. I find them clever. Because when I look back to my model, I can see similarities. What I would be agreeing on your thoughts are: - The trap - The loop What I'd disagree of on your thoughts are: - Simplifying these/ narrowing down to each time/ >>to>>> ego. What would be more better: - If somehow we would say different words to describe the level's of ego, as like this would be a more proper tool to think of instead of "levels of consciousness/enlightenment". My core model would be said into one sentence: The everything including the LIFE itself, is a trap within the EGO, >>ascend>> Every stage in life is a different test for each individual to keep them becoming literally God. >>examples>> You as kid, want bicycle, you'll be tested, when you get it you ride it. You as teenager, want attention, you'll be tested, when you get it you feel "important person" You as early adulthood, want relationship/sex/status, you'll be tested, when you get it you feel "complete person" You as adulthood, want meaning in life, you'll be tested, when you get it "you feel enlightened" You as enlightened, want more priority in life, you'll be tested, when you get it you feel "god-a-like" You as god-a-like, want more power, you'll be tested, when you granted with powers "you feel superhuman" You as superhuman, want more of this life, but you have tested, time over for you to proceed your next life, when you get it you start giving birth to yourself over again. I won't land you the answer, study and discover the answer for yourself.
  5. You should find what's genuine for you. You can't just go and say "blackholes are assholes because they suck all galaxies in" they're just blackholes and thus they're genuine to themselves. The same thing applies here. Economics are the one of the most complex and misunderstood things. It's not easy to understand and manipulate massive amounts of popularity and make profit of it. This is actually a living thing. But the misunderstood thing is that people have no idea about "money", never truly made research why we did come up with paper money and in fact even they did it, they just "intellectually" understood it. In this world, you cannot define absolute VALUE, people and their opinions create the value around some object. And it is the art of seeing this. If this thing is truly genuine for you, then proceed with becoming a trader. Trading in essense, is a complex and very skillful thing. But nowadays we confuse it with gambling and luck. Although luck and fate is necessary but not fully depending on it. People have this idea of "becoming rich millionaire" thus this path gives so much credit to their ego to pursue on this path although very few people truly knows what is money in its essence.
  6. A lot people in this forum are mind masturbating a lot. Wasting time with masturbating the brain. The blind-loop is that they get approved. Because of people are here themselves masturbates the brain. And then this turns into a group activity of masturbation not different than group sex. To skip time and fulfill their corrupt-inner-worthiness. If somehow- you're reading these lines, do not be like these people. You can use this forum to benefit from its strength, or lose your time here. Break the habit and go do things matter to you.
  7. Money and governments You won't be getting any status if you don't be destructive. You wont' be getting any thus money if you don't be any serious about it Nobody will care your pitiful self and colorful world unless you abandon it World has become cruel, the only way for you to make a living is to BRING MORE FIRE TO IT, yes. Bring more fire to the fire that's already been going on. Don't listen to those who says you can't end this by bringing more fire, to the fire that's already been there. No in fact, the only thing that matters is to be more destructive. If you become passive, then you deserve that, nobody will care about you. Government has already occupied the world from you. Now claims your life-time in order for an exchange of services. Will you? Or be destructive? Kill, rape and conquer. That's the essence of life itself. By the way there's easy way. Be a slave. Sell your health/soul/mind and obey. The higher quote- people are already killing, raping and claiming whatever they want. They just do it in a LEGAL way. Legal under what? Your welcome.
  8. I can see your experience there and on my case I'd same the same things Leo had pointed out
  9. I am not the site admin or moderator you can always ask for them and I'd be glad to receive your copy of work anytime. Thanks
  10. Whatever you believe, you make it real. It is up to you to give any thing, thought its strength
  11. Sequential mantras for enlightenment: - Who am I? - Who is question - Awareness - Meet me I am the creator
  12. Your Mother Being One Whore
  13. I'd approach to your problem very simple. If you were to draw a line dividing your whole plan into two, where would you place this line? Think about it and draw that line. Now you have another 2 plans divided. If you think this is not enough small to be handled by you, Apply the step 1 to each two new sections else you're done. The thing is, you don't have to divide each section, you can have some sections not separated, meanwhile having some sections divided so tiny. It usually happens for dates closer to now, as would anyone expect, the closer the future is, the more predictable and manageable it is. Just to give you an idea: My undivided plan look like this: ####################### End of 2019: Goals = { A , B .... } End of 2020 Goals = { C , D .... } End of 2021 Goals = ... End of 2022 Now I will apply the step 1: End of 2019 ----------------------- Start of 2020 End of 2020 End of 2021 End of 2022 ######################## Now I have two sections. I will now apply step 1 to each section. Present moment Goals = { A } End of June ------------------------ ( divided year 2019 from july to two manageable sections) Start of July Goals = { B .. } End of 2019 ........................ (dots represent splitted sections in steps before) Start of 2020 Goals { C, D } End of 2020 ------------------------ (by merging, actually I draw another line to split this section) Start of 2021 End of 2022 (I merged this two years towards 2 year plan because I have concluded that section is far too in future to manage) ######################## Now I have four sections. I will now apply step 1 to each section, actually I consider to leave sections 3rd and 4th not divided because I think they're in far away future and looks more manageable that way Present moment Goals = { Keep a journal everyday, meditate for 25 mins everyday until march then increase to 40 mins } End of March ------------------------ ( I now applied another division for meditation increment on april) Start of April Goals = { A } End of June ........................ Start of July Goals = { keep yourself happy and rested throughout the summer } End of August ------------------------ ( I divided the other half of year on september) Start of September Goals = { Prepare for next fiscal year } End of 2019 ........................ Start of 2020 Goals { C, D } End of 2020 ........................ Start of 2021 Goals { 2 year plan } End of 2022
  14. Sometimes I wish I was a pretty girl. I believe and hope you'll get over with your anxiety issues.
  15. When the silence sinks in, Now I know who I am, Then I shall proceed with the truth Seeing, I see you Hearing, I hear you Sensing, I sense you Doing, I do, choose. -------------------------------- Not related: Practice: Replace the next time whenever you see word "demon" with "I" or "ego"
  16. I had to write it before It's too late, Started to remember all childhood memories Especially, what remembering made for me was "there was no-self in these memories" Kind of strange feeling for me to describe it and put it to words really but all I could say is, there was so much flow of life when I was child, playing games. This remembrance kept me thinking of this a lot for recent days. Somehow this revealed the fact that I have chosen these memories? or life? or experience? or those was chosen I am for sure about this, these somehow was chosen the fact because of there was so much flow in them. Earliest memory is the blank color state, earliest memory is the sound. Sound was also the taunt for me, made me appear in here I suppose
  17. Last trap of ego is the sex because It's yet another powerful deeply rooted thing inside any living being, to reproduce. It's like rebelling against the consciousness/god. How would god exist without sex? I find this as a trap of enlightened person's, to abandon all sexuality and market it as spirituality/desire controlling. Control = ego
  18. I always find that It is very useful to see your inner belief that causes/raises these thoughts Personally I'd go over forcing the situation to lead to the worst case scenario, ask questions such as "What this means to me", "What happens if this turns out to be true", "What would happen as worse" In your situation, you'd ask such: "What would it mean that if there's no meaning in this life" I'd answer (personally, I'd for real answer) as: This means there's no joy and joyful activity for me to do in this life. So when you uncover the thing was hanging there and raising such thoughts, because the thoughts themselves are tricky and masks the underlying issue, you can then start to fix the issue. If you want to master how to handle this situation and master tis approach of solving your thought patterns, I'd suggest reading the book "Feeling good by David burns" you can download it for free on PDF version.
  19. I agree on that one In fact when they got enlightened, they don't rush to teach this to other people as we see their final version of them. For example Sri.Mooji after he is enlightened, he lived on street for almost 10 years on England, selling scents . Meanwhile the people already started following him naturally. After that he opened a tea shop and his followers grown. Then to a point where he kind of pushed towards by life to get where he is at now
  20. Same message expressed yet another in this video:
  21. Read the sticky Leo's guide over this section and do the questions
  22. I found that when I was starting first, 20 minutes were almost impossible, I bear that for a while then It came for me to naturally increase the amount. 30, 45 then 1 hour. But back in those times were I was new, 1 hour sitting was impossible for me due to immense amount of numbness and pain on my knees and legs, so that I found by testing various times (55, 50, 45, 40) I found that 45 minutes is the perfect spot for me before I start to experience knee or bone pains. It went like this for 1 year. Meanwhile I did couple of meditations on sitting near quite shore for extended periods of hours (2 to 3 once for 5)
  23. Lol the truth actually closer to the opposite, No self = yes soul Yes self = no soul