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  1. Wrap everything you think into a greenbox. Then shift your awareness outside of the box. Imagine if another person is telling those all to you. See attachment
  2. Not fully read this post but the confusion arises from the lack of understanding, or mixing up things, of "awareness" and "consciousness". I'd say within my terminology that the consciousness is very much a brain activity. I use the term "awareness" for this purpose. Staying in your scope, I'd say consciousness is a brain activity. What isn't a brain activity is your awareness. Being aware of your body/mind. Yeah this never helps any. So that's why I don't like to stick or bitch about terminology. It's like dog chasing it's own tail. So that's the way how I explain things: Imagine a tank. Like this thicc iron tanks you use on wars. This tank has a driver. Driver controls the tank. There're many tanks. There're many drivers. But this all tanks and drivers exist in one place. There's no fuzzy or something fancy going on. Literally, It's the universe where It all exists. Your body/mind is the tank. The "consciousness" is set of skills that tank driver has. If tank driver lacks some skills, he may unable to understand or do things on operations etc. The whole thing happening in awareness, the universe. Edit: Bonus, go to a gym, you know, there're lot of mirrors on gyms. stand up and look into mirror in between reps. Try to acknowledge where's that screen, the vision of yours comes from, as you look your body on mirror. I'm sure this experience will give you some insights about this. Focus on where the hell might your vision be in this universe.
  3. Sorry but I don't get it, I read it twice and still unable to see, understand what's the negative ego? can you just show me your negative ego?
  4. Resonated with this dream.
  5. Why do you want wisdom? Feel like you want something else but you've been thinking that's the only way around you can solve that.
  6. Experience gets intensified focused -------------------------------------------------------
  7. Go develop that game. It don't have to be perfect. Release the shittiest version you can have for first version. Slaggiest code blocks. Make it single player. Then you'd consider in 10 years moving into multiplayer maybe.
  8. I put this very simple. Right now, choose an object near you. It might be a box, a door, a tree whatever. I'm sure there'll be always an object near you. Look to this object. Without any intention or whatsoever. Now answer these question(s) Does this object exist in future? Don't just simply say no. Try to get the intuitive feeling. Can it be exist in future? Like try to get the feeling of how solid that object is. And think of this solidness only would be exist in right now. Throughout your thinking process, you can easily get the feeling of 5 seconds have just passed. And the object is still in it's solid form. The ultimate thing is, nothing can exist out of boundaries of "now". or the thing. the universe. Even your thoughts can only exist in now. But it's like, try to think your thoughts as you paint the sentence on a brick wall with white color "I will be a doctor". This is the same thing. Now the painted text can only exist in the boundaries of now. This is just a thought and a sentence implies that the person has intention to become a doctor in some state-of-cosmos-universe-now. This is the same as our thoughts in mind. You just have to become aware of thoughts can exist only in now, and have no effect unless you take an action right now. Dangerous thing is thoughts without action taken can be dangerous. Because your mind is very manipulative about this. You can tie a lot to thoughts and believe them. I.e lets continue on "I'll be a doctor" example. If you don't just take an action towards that It will linger in your mind and It has potential to become something such: this is so stressful, all the years that I have to study and bla bla... You see?