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  1. One is more intuitive creative the other is more analyst detailed. People who think left right-hand thinking does not exist are analyst detailed. People who are more intuitive creative see it as an allegory for thinking in different ways.
  2. Dont use this as an excuse but teenagers are naturally lazy this is probably to do with evolutionary biology where teenagers are burring a lot of energy growing and probably did all the work which required speed and strength. People that grow up to be tall can be cack handed as when they are going up there parents tell them that they are cack handed and they carry on with this belief. The reason they were cack handed is because they are growing taller and they are having to adjust there body awareness to there changing size more.
  3. I don’t think this is just a Leo thing. I came to hear because I found out about a lot of this stuff from another group. Anyway, who wants to do what everybody else is doing anyway?
  4. I used to belong to this mentor group in London https://www.legends.report/ One of the things we did was a Eckhart Tolle drop in session. We did 10 mints meditation then talked about something for 10 mints then stopped for 5 mints it was very enlightening. That could do something similar build connections and build the business. The other one to do is just to go out and start leafleting people in the street you should get 20 for every 80 people if all goes to plan.
  5. I think It is impossible to force anyone to earn anything is a bit like trying to force a computer to learn by forcing in a computer disk it dose more damage than good. The ones to watch is professions that claim to do art and sciance and have to be qualified in as this seams to breaches there own integrity contract as there in no such thing as externally regulated art and sciance. Regulated art comes up in art history under dictators and fascists regulated sciance has only been done by the Spanish Inquisition Copernicus world goes round the sun fame. (Trying to figure out what to do about this)? I think education can be divided in two inventive creative (art and sciance) and repeatable predictable (Technical skills). “The Emyth” say that business run by visionary’s come up with the ideas, managers put thing in order and doers who do the work. They all tend to fight It is a lining these people that gets thing done. I exspect this matches Spiral Dynamics model.
  6. When Richard Branson was criticised for not being professional enough he claimed it was because he is a artist. This is true as all enturpuers are artists self expressing them selfs they are also scientists that experiments and measures what sells. I try and change your internal view to what a artist dose to change your financial position.
  7. What I would do is upload a super inspiring idea to get the ants to build. In the process of building this, the ants will develop supper large brains. Then I would run away very fast!
  8. I think I had the realization that whatever I am doing that it is always giving back to society in some way or another in a positive way. So I might be doing self-development work with the attitude that it will eventually help other people. It is all about creating circler systems like nature and crop rotation everything has to go round or eventually it fails. The other thing to know about it is not always the end goal that is important but the method you are using to get there. Like driving from one destination to another what becomes important is the roadcraft you use to get there. Learning is in the process.
  9. I think it is type of unethical because it is not really giving back to society It is a bit of a distraction. I might be wrong in that there might be a way to make it more positive learning tool?