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  1. I don't think it's inherently the nomads who are at fault. The problem is that the neoliberal system does not invest the extra tax revenue from rich nomads into the local community. In the end only a small circle of landlords and business owners (often foreing owned) make huge profits, from them, while all the locals get are low wage hospotality jobs and higher rents and food prices.
  2. They actually made a state sponored dating app to help young poeple get to know their potential spouses. https://daoinsights.com/news/china-launches-state-sponsored-dating-app-to-boost-marriage-rate/ I wonder if this is a good Idea. Problem with tinder is that it's not actually in the companies interest to make good couples, it's better for it if we keep coming back. Hence the app ignores personality traits and focuses on looks. I honestly have no Idea what my generation will do. It's obvius that we won't have affordable housing. Landlords don't want pets in their units, letalone a child. And then there's preassure at the workplace to not have childern since the employer wants you to commit full time to your work.
  3. Inflation will hit us hard, but other than that us lucky 1st worlders have little to fear in terms of being killed. I've meet a couple of Ukranians in 2023 since Slovenia is pretty close to Ukraine and the women and some lucky men are allowed to leave the country. We are so fucking lucky that we don't have to deal with the brutal reality of war.
  4. I used to be of a similar opinion as you. Drinking, after all is very unhealthy so there is some logic behind your thinking. However, going through life, I learned that drinking in the proper amounts at the proper time has social value. It helps you relax, it makes you talk faster and more, and the fact that you're drinking and allowing yourself to be vulnerable shows that you trust the person you drink with. That's important for bonding with others. You can say things that would normally not be acceptable, and if you make a mistake, alcohol will soften that mistake. It's understandable that people say silly things when drunk, after all. That being said, you can have just as much fun sober, and even more if you're developed enough. Especially pshychodelic users will learn this as they experience alternative states without the numbness that alcholol brings. But you probably won't be able to be this kind of person if you judge the people you're trying to have fun with. Pull the stick out of your ass and have fun
  5. Imagine going from a billionare life with the most luxorius lifestlyle and as much pussy as money can buy to living in a romanian prision that has not even been repainted since the communist era.
  6. I'm not an economist, but consider the implications of thousands and thousands of young Americans starting their lives with debt. It makes it much harder to start their own families or open up their own businesses.
  7. This is actually a bit of popular misconception. While the fins fought really well they did in the end give up all the teritiories that the USSR wanted them too.
  8. I got 36 points. I'm a bit proud of myself, if I took this test 6 years ago I would have gotten "marked anxiety" no doubt. Pretty good growth, but there's still some way to go.
  9. Individuals can. You're an individual so that's good news for you. But the masses can never do that. The system depends on an army of poor wageslaves working overtime for penauts. If everyone did this actualized thing with not spending money on stupid shit, eating healthy home cooked food, and doing their best to get ahead in life and the system would colapse. There would be a huge recession since the economy depends on you spending your money on stupid shit and wageslaving your life away. You can improve your situation with working hard, but that should not be a valid excuse for the system not growing and improving itself. In fact you should strive for being part of the solution once you manage to get ahead and get some power and influence.
  10. Mede me full of energy, I would dance for hours and with all the girls that were there. Later had the best sleep in a long time. Next day I felt the need to do more of it, that shit is addictive as fuck even after doing just two lines. That was the moment I decided never to touch that shit again.
  11. To some extent, Leo is right, but it's exactly this blind obedience to authority, which might really have been useful at some point, that brought them to the horrible situation that was the Second World War. Which only brought death and poverty for the people. Clearly, authority needs to have checks and balances to prevent abuse and corruption.
  12. I don't think they are inherently the same. The main problem is that their campaing is financed by the same people. That's why there is little difference in terms of foreing policy.
  13. You need stage orange or at least well developed blue society for capitalism to work. In stage red society it won't work. It's kinda like how USA attempted to enforce democracy on stage red/blue countries like Afganistan. It can't work, people don't want it and they are not ready. Same with socialism, it can't work on a stage red or even blue society. People need a higher stage of development in orded for the system to work, socialism is inherently based on solidarity, if everyone is just attempting to give into the system as little as possible and take as much as possible it becomes impossible for the system to work. Even Karl Marx wrote that socialism would come as a step after capitalism. Historic irony had it that socialists only won in semi-feudal countries.
  14. @Something Funny In a way I agree. It's true that being a hot woman comes with tons of advantages. There's an obvoius advantage to having very high sexual value by mere virtue of your looks. However it comes with a serious downside. Your looks are to some extend luck based. Makeup, fashion, and fitness does a lot, but at the end of a day a 10, wearing a potato sack will be more attractive than a 5 doing her best to look good. Looks also degrade really fast. So I must imagine that loosing your greatest asset in the first third of your life feels kinda lame. As a man there's greater wiggle room to improve. Even an ugly man has insane value if he has status, charisma and personality. And all these you can increase up to 10 with hard work. You can also improve your looks, doesn't help us much, but it's an option. I imagine that it's fair to say that an avrage woman has a better deal in 2023 than an avrage male. However I would rather take my chances with being an avrage looking guy, knowing that I can imrpove my value with hard work.