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  1. Day 1 20 min. of meditation 4 min. of yoga Concentrating on my breath doesn't seem to be any better than the do nothing technique in terms of me going unconscious. Only thing I was vaguely aware of when I was trying to meditate was my body rocking back and forth.
  2. Fail Fell asleep unintentionally again. I thought I was finally being consistent but nope.
  3. Day 3 (yesterday) 20 min. of meditation 4 min. of yoga My sleepiness wasn't bad until I sat down to meditate. Apparently trying to concentrate on my breath isn't enough to keep me awake since I kept going unconscious.
  4. Day 2 (yesterday) 20 min. of meditation 4 min. of yoga I fell ten times harder into my addictions than the day before but at least I got some meditation done. Starting today I'm gonna TRY to watch a lot less mindless entertainment.
  5. I'll try
  6. Day 1 (yesterday) 20 minutes of meditation 4 minutes of yoga Yesterday I fell back into my addictions so I'm surprised I had the motivation to meditate at all.
  7. If I'm being completely honest: 1. Pleasure 2. Comfort 3. Peace 4. Security 5. Self development 6. Knowledge
  8. Fail Couldn't concentrate on following my breath after 5 minues and ended up giving up the whole idea of meditating for the night.
  9. Day 1 (yesterday) 20 min. of meditation 4 min. of yoga First 5 minutes of meditation went well but then the rest of the session went to shit like it usually does.
  10. Fail 5 minutes into meditation and I already fell asleep. I'm gonna quit the do nothing technique since it's not a good technique for my sleep deprived brain and try another more engaging technique.
  11. Day 1 (yesterday) 20 min. of meditation 4 minutes of yoga I was mostly unconscious while meditating and was only mildly aware of the pain in my legs and hips. I was mostly awake for yoga since I actually had to do something. I might switch from the do nothing form of meditation I've been doing to something else since I keep going unconscious during that time.
  12. Half fail I did around 15 minutes of meditation but then sleepiness forced me to go to sleep. I don't have any memory of getting in bed or going to sleep so I just blacked out apparently.
  13. Day 2 (yesterday) 8 minutes of yoga 20 minutes of meditation I've just started pranayama and I'm trying to get used to it
  14. I need to stop forgetting to write here. Day 1 (yesterday) 4 minutes of yoga 20 minutes of meditation
  15. Slept at 8 yesterday so ofc I didn't do meditation and yoga