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  1. During the span between my last post here and this post, I've fallen back into my addictions and vices. Recently, I've unexpectedly been laid off of my seasonal job and if there's one thing that's been bad for my self actualization work, it's having tons of free time. I usually pig out and fall right back into my addictions when I have days off. I've hardly done much self actualization work during this time. Hardly any meditation, yoga, reading, exercising, or disciplining myself. I'm planning on focusing solely on these things for the next 30 days and avoiding the garbage I've been into like twitter and YouTube. If I don't update this at least weekly, I've probably went back to binging on my addictions.
  2. Welp, I've been consistent with my daily yoga routine so far besides one day of not doing it. Haven't been doing meditation or anything as consistently tho.
  3. Tuesday-wednesday- I didn't do yoga or meditation on either of these days because of having low energy and motivation. Thursday- did yoga but no meditation. Almost didn't do yoga because of resistance I was feeling
  4. Yesterday: 30 min. meditation 20 something min. of yoga My meditation session was full of monkey mind, whether my eyes were closed or open.
  5. Saturday: 20 something minutes of yoga Sunday: same thing and 4 minutes of shamanic breathing and 12 minutes of meditation I got my body feeling weird with the shamanic breathing because blood was heating parts of my body up. Eventually I stopped at 4 minutes because I kept hearing a thumping noise behind me. Whenever I stopped the breathing, the thumping would stop so me being paranoid, I quit.
  6. Forgot to write in this again. I've been consistently doing 20 something minutes of kriya yoga on a daily basis since Tuesday but haven't been meditating. I've also been mindful in some of my daily activities, doing visualizations, and a technique from Del pe for my lack of sleep but I've only seen immediate results from the del pe technique so far. Also, I'm probably going to do the visualizations from leo's bad habits video.
  7. The day before yesterday: 20 something minutes of yoga. Yesterday: same thing Haven't been consistent with my meditation routine so i should work on that.
  8. 20 min. of yoga yesterday 20 to 30 min. of meditation yesterday
  9. Orange taken to ridiculous levels
  10. Due to my addictions, I screwed up the meditation and yoga habit I was trying to build. I'm gonna try to overcome my addiction once and for all by following Leo's advice and just sit with the emptiness I feel when I do nothing for too long. Also some death contemplation and addiction contemplation might do me some good.
  11. Yesterday: Fail, got sucked into my addictions again. I guess I'll use the Sedona method to make myself meditate and do yoga and the creative visualization technique for my addiction.
  12. For about a week I've been struggling to keep my addictions at bay. I would binge on social media, YouTube, and porn and then struggle to stop myself in neurotic ways. This made me extremely lazy to the point of ignoring my meditation routine and not posting daily here like usual. I have been mostly consistent with my yoga routine except for one day and learning about nonduality and psychology so that's something. Yesterday: 24 minutes of yoga
  13. For the past 10 days I've either been too lazy or sleepy to do meditation or yoga. Yesterday, I've been trying to get back on track with my practice and added more techniques to my yoga routine. Also, I've been trying to contemplate my death recently after watching Leo's video on contemplating death and hearing about jed McKenna's memento mori practice. Hopefully it puts things in perspective and motivates me more since motivation is one big thing I'm lacking.
  14. Day 1 (yesterday) 33 min. of meditation 16 min. of yoga