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  1. Am I correct that this is a stage yellow man who tries to explain more advanced turquoise topics? Download video
  2. I divide it into two groups: "something new" and "synthesizing" (improvement, automation, optimization, etc, combining existing things and ideas, next level). An approach is very different for each group. And it seems to me, that you can be good only at one of them. Right-left brain.
  3. Then you get bored and created this topic?) Isn't it a distraction from your destination?
  4. Two of my favorites are 30-ways-society-fucks-you-in-the-ass how-to-be-a-strategic-motherfucker and Spiral Dynamics series of 5 videos.
  5. Yeah, but I think Yellow people have even more ability to help others (scale). And I love my country. It seems like being Yellow here is even easier than Green.
  6. I live in an almost pure "Blue" country and spent, I think, a decade moving from Blue to Orange (successfully). And started moving to Yellow 3-4 years ago (thanks to Leo). I feel like Yellow is just a sweet spot for me. Green is so undeveloped in Blue countries. Maybe that's why I ignore it, as something that seems rudimentary for me, and go straight to my Yellow core.
  7. I feel like I'm constantly going between "orange" and "yellow". I have zero interest in "green" and their values. But statement as this bothers me: I can't recall a noticeable period of time when I was "green". (Which, as most people say, is a requirement to reach "yellow"). Does this resonate with other Yellow|INTJ fellows?
  8. Motivational video gives you motivation ... to watch another motivational video)
  9. I've watched and listened to it audio version more than 30 times actually. Just to constantly remind myself of these traps But since I remember, I always loved music. I wouldn't mind going and having fun without being drunk/high and holding a phone all the time.
  10. Doesn't look like suffering for me)