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  1. just the first colour that came to mind
  2. Because God! Imagine a white paper, paint a blue dot on this paper. This blue dot is all of reality, everything. This dot is also alive, self-aware and conscious. That doesn't of course explain why there is God rather than no-God or where God came from, but God is eternal, God never came from anywhere or begin. The mind can't possibly grasp that.
  3. Yes, I see. It's all imagination for me really, like how it would be like after experiencing Truth/The Apsolute which my ego-mind doesn't seem to like probably because it would lose it's sense of reality, to some degree. So it creates the ways I could lose sense of reality and the people I love if I were to experience the Truth etc, but idk it's just my mind. There are other ways to look at it.
  4. How does one relate and interact with the world after one has awakened and now knows that everything is God, that the ego is an illusion etc? I know it's the ego-mind which says this but maybe it's a real problem. How can you look at your family the same way, how do you look at human beings the same way etc? How does one reconcile oneself with the world after awakening?
  5. Maybe we have to die and awaken before we die and awaken to know the answer, or at least get a good idea of the answer. I don't think a spiritual death is any different from a physical death.
  6. @Leo Gura Thank you for your answer and thanks to everyone else. Reality is truly amazing. Leo, I don't believe the mind is happening inside a brain, the brain is definitely happening inside mind/consciousness. But of course I want to verify this and realize consciousness/God with the help of psychedelics. It's just so difficult to get it here but I know I can get it if I really try.
  7. That's a very intriguing idea for me too.
  8. @ground Maybe, maybe not. It's an intriguing idea at least Leo, care to clarify what you meant by this?
  9. I remember Leo saying that everything or at least the universe is a giant mind. Is this meant literally? It seems like all of reality would be explained if it's all one infinite conscious mind basically making up all of reality in whatever way it wants. Which brings me to consciousness, is that occurring inside a mind or is consciousness this God-Mind, or the substance of this God-Mind? Assuming that reality is a giant mind which i'm probably not even close to correctly understand or imagine.
  10. I'm really bad at finding psychedelics where i'm living and my friend who is a previous psychedelic user refuses to get me some lol. But I'm planning to travel to amsterdam soon and eat 10g magic truffles and do that every 4 month for the rest of my life, the goal is to eventually eat 30-40g and get a breaktrough and ego-death experience. I'm really doing it for the sake of Truth and God or pure consciousness, which I'm burning to know, see, realize, become, whatever it is and however it happens.
  11. Could you explain as simple as you can what God and the ego is? And how is the realization of the Self, like how does it look like? Or is it something within, realized within? Thanks.
  12. It seems like it depends on how you define the ego. If the ego is the identification with the body and brain as you said Nahm then the ego seem to be real. We could also say that there is just identification with the body. In the end it's just the infinite doing it's thing and we have no control over it because we are it and it choose to exist in human form/body. We just can't remember it which is the whole point. Btw, is the ego some entity of it's own or something like that? I think about it like that sometimes but I really have no idea
  13. If God is everything doesn't that make the ego God too? Why is it then bad and most be killed etc? I agree seeking_brilliance, it doesn't seem the ego can be found, maybe it's just thought/thoughts.
  14. My mind makes a big assumption that everyone should see what another sees if it is real and appears to be there. One reason I came up with as to why Leo could see this and not you, is that he has transcended ordinary experience of reality and therefore only he can see or experience it. It’s not meant for others to see because that would contradict their ordinary experience, which must first be somehow trancended in order to see or experience something beyond it. So reality must trancend itself in order to experience different aspects of itself.
  15. Imagine if you were sitting with Leo while he is tripping on something. Leo began seeing things which we don’t normally see. The fact that Leo could see this and not you, does this mean that it is made up, a deception? Because if it was real, why can’t you see it too, like both of you can see an apple or a tree for example which makes it objective or something. How do we solve this problem, assuming that it is a problem?