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  1. @future thank for sharing it is always helpful for other people to share our experience as Leo does that. Thank you again.
  2. @David thank you for sharing your experience with other people thank again I will buy and surely will read it.
  3. @aurum thank you for sharing with us, I find it. very interesting as I am an introvert pers. too I will buy and read this book I am suffering from this personality and got a lot hurts because of my quietness. Thank u again
  4. Thank you I have read some of her books are really helpful , thanks for sharing it.
  5. Hi, I am very interested in Leo's book list the same problem I have too. Please if you a way let me know. Many thanks
  6. @Richard Alpert thanks Richard for your help and comment, yes of course I am watching and reading those availables in his web, and those MP3 free download as well. Will wait till the green signal, Thanks again
  7. @Richard Alpert hi Richard could you please let me know if you find out how to resolve the problem of sigh up, thanks for advise.
  8. Here is Hengame, Germany, Frankfurt.
  9. @Nic wow fantastic response. Perfect, I agree with you completely and totally .
  10. @Leo Gura I believe you Leo that it took you lot of efforts even huge works, your websit and community are the best ever exists. Both are user very user friendly, easy to work and secured. Fantastic and perfect job.
  11. @Nic hi Nic unfortunately still I have problem with sign up, his programm does not accept my password eve though I tried 5 times, after putting password and confirms password I click on next at this step, password is not accepted even I follow the way it should be but I am so sorry that I am not able to sign up, surely it could be very helpful for me. I know you can not help me in this just to tel you.
  12. @Gary hi Gary sorry still I am not able to sign up in viewing your mastery course, my creating password is not accepted even I tried more than 5 times. This makes me sad as I am not able to listen or watch the videos or even to use the first four free parts to descide to purchase the course. Is there any way to help me? Many thanks for helping.
  13. @Baz Hi Baz welcome, I am talking about my experience you should not try to focus, just watch your thoughts as a train is passing by but do not get on the train just look it is passing and keep staying on track, Leo's video on this topic is fantastic watch it or listen it several times as I did. Now I am enjoying meditatin the way Leo advised. Good luck.
  14. @Garyhi Gary thank you very much for your concern on my signing up in your web sit. The problem which I am facing is that the password and confirmation some how can not be matched even though I was really careful about to confirm the password correctly but even 3 times I tried every time the same result with a message your password and confirmation does not match. Wit a big hope that I finally could get and sign up, thanks
  15. @Nic I am so glad of your response to my question because it is wonderful that still there are some people even you do not know me but you care about other people personal improvement , I am so thankful, I will try again the problem was by signing / register at 1st level. But I will try till get it. I am trying to get self Actualization start wit Leo videos but as I see other people had super experience from other sources I am thinking why I should not try and use this source too. At the end I thank you so much. Gary contact me to help, can u believe it? I am really happy.