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  1. I've tasted some degree of being today. It's beyond words. It's different than what you considered it to be. It's just like you are 100% certain about something just to be surprised after. My whole perspective on things has changed. It's like the collapse of SENSE OF SELF. Trust me, it's what you really want guys. I've been valuing money and material possessions for so long, indulged myself into sex for so long just to realize this thing called enlightenment is what I truly want
  2. I've heard a rumor saying eating shimp and consuming vitamin C together can be lethal. Can anyone give opinions on this?
  3. @Mohamad Tahmas everything can become meditation so of course video games and movies can. You become the witness of your body and mind watching the movie. However, it's possible that after watching that fantastic movie your mind is filled with all the images and diaglogue. You'll probably create a lot of cyclones of thoughts in your mind after that. I'd prefer pure meditation. And by the way, don't use meditation as an excuse to be lazy
  4. @Leo Gura Is psychedelics legal in Las Vegas? (where you live) or you ;are just taking it illegally? Psychedelics is a great tool for pursuing enlightenment. THere's no question about that but if you encourage people to do it regardless of the legality of it, it is dangerous
  5. @Leo Gura is it a monstrously sized episode, bald man lol
  6. @Leo Gura I agree most enlightened people are not afraid of death but most of them still feel pain when getting hurt. You yourself told us an enlightened friend of yours used psychedelics in the wrong way and he said he'd never do psychedelics again. Isn't it because of the pain he suffered?
  7. Hi all, I wanna share with you guys my enlightenment experience right now. It's just a very small glimse I can feel it but it's definitely it. I can't believe it happened this way. I don't even know when it started to happen. Just like it happened in a split second. I just felt quite sad for being tricked into buying fake shrooms and disgusted with people. But after that i realize one's personality does not succumb to any mathematical logic or equation. It's quite a strange insight for me. I applied Osho's teaching (listening to your body) and it feels amazing. I just took order from my body. When I felt I wanted to go to the toilet, I went to the toilet. When I ate, I ate with no distraction. I usually ate and did other stuff the same time. WHat I realized was we listened and obeyed our monkey mind than our body. ANd we always find a logical reason for it. We always can. For ex: If i don't eat anything the whole day, my mind tells me my stomach needs something or it can be hurt while in reality I didn't eat anything because i was not feeling well to eat. What I should do is to listen to my body. If it wants to eat, i eat. My entire life I lived the way that was programed by my parents and teachers and advice from textbook. I realize all of that is nonsense now. I just feel in the moment now. Even the movement of my hand is done consciously
  8. by reading all of this report I'm growing more jealous of you guys. you're very lucky to live where you can find reliable sources to buy this stuff
  9. @Leo Gura hi wise man, are you gonna release your video soon? I know i should not ask this question. Your video is for free. I just suddenly want to hear your voice and wisdom. It's like a compensation from life after i got tricked into buying fake shroom.
  10. Hi all, after my trip with mushrooms i experience something quite weird. I want to know if anyone have. If you have read my last post about why golden teacher mushroom has only a small effect on me you'd be surprised that now I am telling you my psyche has changed a lot. I feel more blissful, I can no longer get angry easily. I'm much more emotionally grounded than before. I don't know why. But I can clearly feel when someone does something unpleasant to me it makes me angry because it interacts with a nervous system in some region in the brain. However, my EGO kicks back. I want to eat junk food ( only sweet foods) and have sex again. ANd If anyone here is a biologist I wish to have your advice. You guys'd be surprised to know that even though i have a lactase deficiency problem ( even 1 glass of milk or a small cake can give me a diarrhea but i have a high tolerance for mushroom ( still quite soon to judge because I just had one trip). It's very difficult to find a good doctor in my country. Please, if you guys have any advice for health, I'd be grateful. What makes me sad is even though I'm absolutely convinced consciousness is all I want I'm still quite addicted to sweet food and sex. My meditation has increased a lot after this trip.
  11. @Leo Gura I will. I've realized it's easy to have a teacher and become too dependent on him. It happened to me and I regreted after that.
  12. @Leo Gura Can I use psychedelics everyday? I can feel the mushroom definitely rewired my brain even though the effect was not as strong as expected
  13. @Serotoninluv by mindspace do you mean I should relax before taking a mushroom? This was my first time. I felt quite nervous and tense about it. And honestly, the preparation was not so good. Can I try another mushroom today ( I just took it yesterday)
  14. Hi @Leo Gura and everyone, I need your help. Can anyone explain this? I took 3g of golden teacher mushroom but the effect was way too small. I took it 6 hours ago. I waited for 1 hour but nothing happened. I asked the guy who sold me that mushroom and he said I should go with my mind and live my life normally. The effect will take place on its own. It was somewhat strange because I thought one would need to sit still during trip. I decided to talk with my friends and 1.5 hours after that ( 2.5 hours already passed in total) I took a walk. I could feel the effect. I was in an enlightened mind for a moment ( not a deep one) but I can definitely feel it. When I returned home I was surprised that I had been walking for 4 hours. My sense of time became incorrect. I thought I had just walked for 2 hours. My logic had changed under the effect but honestly the effect was much less than I expected. I didn't see objects change shape. Objects looked normal to me during the effect ( they didn't change shape). What was the most noticeable was I felt less agitated ( I get angry quite easily in my daily life). I didn't feel tired at all because of mushroom. It's strange, too strange. Should I try LSD right after today? Or Should I try golden teacher mushroom again but double dosage?
  15. Leo's last week video is deep yet not answering any deep existential truths. Everything is distinct and unique. Can I take it as: A very conscious enlightened master might not be as intelligent as someone like Albert Einstein. I find it difficult to fathom because a very conscious person must be capable of critical thinking and learning things that follow certain logics like advanced maths and science. I've watched Sadhguru talk about time. He appears to only have basic knowledge which is what almost everyone knows, not any advanced insights. I'm not offending anyone but is it because Leo's videos are easy to understand that you guys love to watch? If he tells you to get into the mathematics of quantum physics to fully understand it, how many would do? I really feel like spirituality is for people who are mentally lazy and want to boil down some advanced stuff ( like quantum physics, relativity, chaos theory) into simple words and terms. I'm afraid we cannot do that. If that's true Einstein wouldn't have had to spend his whole life learning all the mathematics to understand these things. Can anyone tell me the difference between spirituality and mental laziness? I've contemplated it for months and honestly I cannot find any difference. Osho spent his whole life just meditating, not studying anything academic. He read 150k books but as far as I know ( it could just be my projection) he did not know anything remarkable about advanced physics or maths, just basic stuff) and then he made big assumptions out of it. I've followed Tolle and others guru. They appear to be the same. Maybe there are things I'm not aware of. That's why I'm asking you guys.