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  1. Great post @ivankiss We can mould reality the way we choose, we're just stuck in concepts and illusion and of what we "can't"
  2. I'm sat on the bus going to work. I'm frustrated, angry, tired, feeling heaviness, suffering ego backlash, drowning in fear and bugged out. I haven't slept for days am I'm trying to meditate. My meditation practice seems fruitless. Then suddenly there's space, presence. I'm not only aware of being aware of all this intensity but I'm feeling joy. I feel joy because it's no longer me. It's no longer my story. How, dear readers, do I retain this feeling???
  3. Thanks @Highest for me it's more about allowing what is rather than letting go, that seems to be more effective in meditation and off the cushion. More of a Rupert Spira method I guess.
  4. Thank you all for posting your insights. Yes @Nahm and @Robi Steel there's something about the levels of letting go when when you're off the cushion. As I have a very cognitive draining job (therapist) I've been surprised at how difficult this is for me when I'm not in meditation. I guess the clue is in the title.
  5. @Highest This is one if the best posts I've read on here. Over analysis can often drag us down and leave us stuck. Once we've seen the light, ultimately we can shape our experience, our being.
  6. Need your thoughts on an issue I'm experiencing on my spiritual journey and also tackling mastery. Issue is of consistency. I struggle to stick to a regual meditation practice and also to stick to training in other areas of my life. I've been involved with meditation for 10 plus years or so and really it's taken off in the last 2, but why is it still difficult. Novelty and dabbling seem to be easier but not consistency. I realise this is common, this may be ego backlash or it may be something else?
  7. Following a short amount of time not meditating - after several months of having done so daily - I have experienced physical pain, fatigue, blockages in chest/throat area. This may be a blocked chakra or something else, but is this because my baseline level of consciousness has changed? Any thoughts would be welcome.
  8. So I'm back from a retreat. Daily Yoga, meditation, reiki healing for 10 days, I feel so strong spiritually and feel like my awareness has intensified. How do we recreate this in modern life with distraction, jobs, smartphones, partners, pets and parents?
  9. I am not the body or mind I am presence, I am being, I am awareness I am the now Just is, just so I am nothing, I am everything I am the stillness in silence I let go of I am and there, I have found.
  10. I've had a similar experience and on reflection I was about to break through a plateau. The apathy and lack of motivation is a good sign, just keep going deeper and deeper. I'm battling with being able to stick at it so if you keep up with the daily practice you'll find you'll move through it. Good luck!
  11. So I'm struggling to keep on the path, the hero's journey, fighting the good fight. I realise that I am what I seek but why is it so tricky to keep to this path? Is this my ego continuing to backlash? The more I give up the more of a struggle it is. I know that daily habits are the path to enlightenment, meditation, yoga, following my life purpose but why is it so hard to stick to?