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  1. @Leo Gura Do you always use 1/4 of tsp Even with oxalate? How do you make sure nothing stays on the spoon if you use oxalate which doesn't dilute completely?
  2. I have done a few eyes closed and a few eyes open on 30mg. For me, they are just different. Some on Shavasana, some sited. One I did completely eyes closed in the middle of the night and on top of that I put the mindfold mask, at the end of this trip I felt like the rotation of planets or something around my face and a few other sensations. Once I plan to do on Shavasana ON EYES OPEN but I gave in to the sensation of needing to poop and went to the bathroom and I went infinite in the toilet and after the peak I went to the shower and was "vomiting"( nothing physical) for some time and after that I was 100% on the bliss body that Sadhguru speaks on this video. That state of bliss body is absolutely incredible. I have attained it 2 or 3 times. I will keep doing them with eyes open because I feel them a lot more profound.
  3. If you watch this video and have use 5-meo-dmt in the past then you know what he is talking about in this video. At least 2 times I have drenched in the "bliss body" It's so much better than an orgasm. 100 times better.
  4. Insight on 5-meo-dmt. I have a lot of respect for Leo/Martin/Octavio etc for introducing me to 5-meo-dmt. Guys, we have to remember that this is a technology ( basically pure prana.) Is *NOT* (pure powder consciousness). We have to use it to open the chakras up to the third eye. The reason this is a temporary enlightening experience is the fact that we haven't developed the chakras enough to withstand this energy. Enlightenment only happens once. We have to use it to open the chakras. Listen to Sadhguru. 5-meo-dmt is like Dhynalinga in his temple of Shiva is a technology. Don't rely on 5-meo-dmt for enlightenment because it will never give permanent enlightenment. That is something different. The reason we vomit and stuff with this is again because the body can't hold so much energy/prana. Everything is energy. As I am writing this I see the full circle, is a paradox. I see more now the need to eat positive pranic food and really stop eating the negative pranic food and all the other advice that Sadhguru gives. The reason we get hungry after the trips is for the fact that we have spent so much energy(calories) is because I just introduce a lot of energy to the body and a lot of calories got burnt trying to hold that energy. There is a whole science on how to get enlighten for a reason(Yoga). 5Meo is a technology we have to understand the science! If you are not careful 5meo will fry your body! During all past trips I always Open up the body and relax and I did with this up to a point, when I started to feel the need to vomit I decided to use my will to say no and went and move from fully open to sitting meditation posture and withhold the need to vomit with my will ( controlling the prana surging in the spine). Is science! Try to be conscious through the whole experience. After the breakthrough experience work with medium or low dosages. Plugging is much better because the smoothness is great because we have to develop the body and be gentle with it. Be conscious of your spine all the time maintained it erect. Also, a tip on plugging if you need to plug it sideways for some reason *just* plug it sideways and then move all 4 doggy style. That way it drips where it needs to be and you don't get the very unpleasant sensation of needing to go to the bathroom right before going into Infitity (that is a great tip right there). I also notice the need to sit on full lotus but I couldn't do it (not flexible) enough. I will start doing this practice to be able to sit on the full lotus. I don't care if it takes a year or more. This position is really good to have the spine perfectly erect. I remember when I was a child I use to sit in full lotus posture on my grandmas house and meditate! More than a decade ago I didn't know anything about anything I was 7 or 8 years old OMG this just came to me now. I am crying.
  5. @Serotoninluv You had problems with sleep before using 5-meo-dmt?
  6. @Salvijus It's so clear you don't know what 5-meo-dmt offers. More clear than clear water.
  7. Yes! For me, the last one is always the most profound and beautiful. And for me, I have to have more than 6hours. Experimenting with fasting (24hr) and for me is so much better (no body load, and basically it becomes a minimum of 10 times better experience). Basically is easier to die on a fasted body for me.
  8. I have read about the difference between the methods of administration. And also about the lab made vs toad venom. But I haven't read about oxalate, hcl and freebase is what I haven't heard that much about the difference in the potency. That is what I am curious to know.
  9. Are they that different in potency that requires to explain them? Interesting, looking forward to it.
  10. @kerk Where can I find the book of Kriya Yoga techniques? I just watch the video, is on the booklist. Alright next week
  11. @Leo Gura So you don't close your eyes on all 5-meo trips? The whole trip and even on 30mg ones?
  12. @ElvisN I would recommend plugging. I have never vomited, Check Leo's blog on how to do it. I have as of today 3 trip's of low dosage 2 (5-10mg) 1 (10-15mg). All serene experiences. I have noticed that 12hrs+ of fasting helps on the monkey mind. At least on a low dosage.
  13. I am eternally grateful to Leo and this forum. After so many years I finally had an experience. Low dose (less than 10mg). The first time it was very noticeable I think because I fasted for about 14hrs+, it came gradually and it was wonderful. I didn't have any thoughts and my attention naturally went to my breath for about 45min to 1hr. This was my 1st time without any thoughts and I noticed that my eyes had no desire whatsoever. The second time it was the same (less than 10mg). I think because I only fasted for about 3.5hrs to 4hrs I noticed that I had fewer thoughts but they were very much present but at the same time I was naturally focused on my breathing. Both were fantastic.
  14. How the oxalic acid process would be? If I have oxalic acid on powder form how do I proceed?