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  1. Is 5meo-dmt oxalate smokable or do I have to change it first? If so how?
  2. After almost doing 50 trips of 5-meo and DPT. Like 40-10 ratio, I have come to follow with a lot more heart the tantric yoga and tantric Tibetan Buddhism. All these psychedelics trips have shown me from ***Personal experience*** that enlightenment is the goal but I will not achieve through psychedelics as they are not permanent. I would suggest my good friends here to research *Kalachakra* from Tibetan Buddhism. This book " Chakras energy centers of transformation by Harish Johari " is a great book on showing you visualization on each chakra. I am going to take it easier on very powerful psychedelics but forever thankful for the opportunity on having such mystical experiences that made me more hungry for actual enlightenment like Tilopa and Naropa and Padmasambhava and Jesus and Buddha and many others. Many Tibetan masters have gotten enlighten through the practice of Kalachakra which comes directly from the Buddha when he was giving lectures on *Vulture Peak*. I have also come to learn part of the *Dream Yoga* which is 1 of the 6 Yogas from Naropa. Everyday learning more and more. This is not the end of the trail my friends. I have yet to know of anyone that got fully enlighten like the Awaken above mention. He who seeks should find.
  3. This thing of needing to add water is extremely unnecessary! I have done 5meo close to 50 times, There is simply no need to add water. What happens is that the person enters the state of Sushupti where the conceptual mind doesn't naturally exist when the prana concentrates on the heart chakra. We all enter this state when we go to sleep, we call that state, the state of sleep without dreams, REM state where we have dreams is called Svapna where the prana concentrates on the trout chakra. Is clear that no one has told Octavio this.
  4. I have oxalate form too, I have only plug it and every trip has been positive and beneficial. I would not snort oxalate! I could maybe in the future smoke freebase to see the difference but no need for snorting.
  5. @khalifa I have done more than 45 trips and never had a bad trip on 5-meo or DPT. Every single one of them great and beautiful experience. Keep doing other spiritual practices and come back later to psychedelics I guess. You have to learn to let go.
  6. Shavasana posture is so good for 5meo-dmt at least for me is so much better than sitting. The body is for me A LOT more relax and I can go much much deeper than sitting. You have to listen to your body, it knows so much. Just try Shavasana and sitting guys whatever is better for you. We are all different. So motivated again!
  7. Yes. I personally have done more than 40 trips and have never vomited per se. On at least 2 I vomited "something" which I could not see. Others heavy dosage I had basil leaves on my stomach and didn't even have the urge to vomit. All my psychedelic trips I waited at least 4 hours from the last meal (and I have very good digestion as I exercise on a road bike and I am Vegan/Plant-based).
  8. I would say start low and slow. 1st trip just 5mg and observe and take how many days you want in between. I have done 40 trips in the span of 2 months of 5-meo and DPT. Every single one has been positive and higher and higher understanding. The last one, for example, my consciousness got crystallized to the point that I got to celestial realms and much more on that trip which was 75mg of DPT( I am pretty sure I am less sensitive than Leo but not a lot). I started to understand things at higher dimensions. We are all different. Leo at the beginning took months in between and I took days in between from my medium to large trips. The majority of times I have taken at least 1 day in between because of various reasons like ego backlash or other reasons.
  9. Start with the recommended dosages. From 5mg to 30mg ( 5meo) . I always use plugging. Works great for me.
  10. Last night I heard the sound of the opening of the chakra Anahata (it has happened before a few times). And every time I get scared and because of it, it closes down.
  11. I would have to suggest 5 Meo 1st because it opens you up to the light and then DPT so that there will be little chance to get bad trips on it. This is the way I did it and I have never had a bad trip. (close to 40 on medium to high dosages.)
  12. My short trip report of 50mg DPT: amor more amor amor amor more amor... till infinity.
  13. For you @Leo Gura is DPT just superior and no need for 5-meo anymore?
  14. Just out of 10mg of DPT. Before this, I never ask existential questions. Basically never. That was 2 hours and 50min of existential questions in the 2 languages that I know. DPT is really something special. Love it. Always aiming to go deeper.