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  1. Haha edited .. sorry English isn't my first language !
  2. Chakras and the spiral dynamics model are correlated by the way
  3. I haven't known that and I'm an ex Muslim .. Impressive !
  4. There is an idea in islam that there is 7 Skies and god is above them all ! Which is really really similar to the the spiral dynamics stages which are 7 (beige - purple - red - blue - orange - green - yellow ) and terqoise (which is God who is above all the stages) ! That's really a wired mind fuck coincidence for me ! .. Cause if you thought about it he just could have said that there is only one sky and god is above it .. I wonder if that 7 skies metaphor is really a representation for some kind of consiousness stages model - doesn't have to be the same as the spiral dynamics model - that Mohamed as a terqoise figure has developed !
  5. Maybe the guys who don't resonate with the video above or with the coral stage is because they below it in the SD .. like when a blue person doesn't resonate with an orange person !
  6. You know what ? That was a paradigm destroyer and shift for me !
  7. I want to mention somethig as a man who go out every week for 3 years now interacting with women and I consider my self an average looking guy .. looks matter but they are not necessary and women will choose a man who has a great game and personality over a man who is better looking but has no game .. but If they both have no game .. sure she will be attracted to the better looking guy and that's what is happening in our societies now .. women tend to be attracted to men who have better looks simply because most of men have no game .. but be sure that if you have great game and experience interacting with women .. women will choose you over the better looking guys .. Stop mentally musterbation red pills please !
  8. People who have zero experience in the field talking with women tend to mentally masturbate theories and red pills that they got from another men on the internet who also have zero game and never approached a single woman !
  9. Haha ! That's awesome ..
  10. I consider my self 50% orange 30% green 20% yellow person .. I want to know your thoughts about the best way to live and handle relationships with blue people "family and country as a whole" ! I live in Egypt by the way .
  11. It's useful to know where you are in the self transcending journey and where you are going to .. not only you but also the people around you !
  12. God ! I felt like that you are describing me while reading this .. lol !
  13. Blue - Talk Islam Orange - GaryVee Green - Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Yellow - for the past 2 - 3 years Terqoise - mooji You can measure the degree of each stage in your personality by measuring out how much you resonate with every channel of those ! Every channel of those is a representation of the ideal of every stage I would say !
  14. Good luck bro
  15. In one of the Leo's hauawi retreat videos he mentioned that the Buddah was dead when he was physically alive but his body continued teaching .