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  1. hahahahahahahaha
  3. this thread is a masterpiece !
  4. Very true ! every time I learn something profound about existence , I'm off for a mount , lol !
  5. Is going hard into street cold approach , like for example , approaching 10 girls a day in the street , going throw the fire of rejection , is it really worth the time and energy ? cause this shit takes a LOT of energy , so is it really necessary to do in my journey of development as man , or putting this energy and time into something else is better ? I want to listen to your opinions on this ? I'm 19 years old btw !
  6. Life is ultimately meaningless , that's an objective fact , life is like a dream without a purpose , but only being aware of that doesn't lead to a good life , it simply leads to laziness and depression , what should be also realized to live a GOOD life is that humans can CONSTRUCT meaning even tho life is meaningless , and it depends , every human has his own set of values and things that he finds more meaningful than others , when a human prioritize his values and extract responsibilities out of them , and he lives everyday according to those values and responsibilities in a way that doesn't create anxiety but creates flow , and he is not attached to those values and responsibilities that he constructed simply because he is aware that ultimately there is nothing objectively valuable , he feels a sense of joy and meaning in a life that has no meaning at all !
  7. If leo someday somehow became a bald head only without a body or a voice , I would put this head into my room , and kiss it everyday as a morning ritual , that's how much I love leo !
  8. If it works for you , then use it .. but for me when I watch a lot of motivational videos , I get demotivated and overwhelmed
  9. Ironically people give you more respect and appreciation when they see you dominate your life without thinking about them and with a swag of carefreeness haha + it's less neurotic to live that way , so If you really think about what people think of you , you should care about them seeing you less neurotic ! lol !
  10. haha , truth has been said !
  11. I have recently became aware of something that was hidden into my shadow for a long time , I try as MUCH as I can subconsciously to hide valuable knowledge that affected me in a really positive way from people that are close to me. I don't know why I do that , I think I have a deep desire to be the BEST and a deep fear that if these people knew my secret knowledge , they will be more successful and happier than me , a recent example to illustrate this .. I know this example will be silly , funny and kinda evil but I will be honest with you here to illustrate how deep this problem is ... I have watched the Joe Rogan and Elon Musk podcast live recently , I'm sure that most of you have seen it as well , when the show has ended I have gained a valuable lessons , knowledge and insights , then the days went by and I have looked into the YouTube recently and realized that there are MILLIONS of people that have watched the podcast as well not ONLY me , and that frustrated me , cause I wanted this to be EXCLUSIVE to me and small minority of people , cause if the valuable insights in that podcast everybody knew , I won't be special anymore , I won't have an ADVANTAGE over people anymore with my "secret" knowledge , I know that sounds evil and selfish but I want to know how to liberate my self from this , cause this "knowledge selfishness" that I have is impeded deeply into me since I was kid . I think my parents and schooling have caused me to become like this , cause I would always get verbally and physically abused for silly competitive stuff , like being the second on the class not the first , or getting A not A+ and my cousin got the fucking A+ and why not me ! .. and that kind of competitive dogma ! I don't know what should I do about that , do I force my self to give value to the world ? do I meditate the triggering ? is shadow work will help me ? I don't know !
  12. If the truth can't improve your body , mind , money situation and relationships. then , you are far away from the truth , true spirituality should improve all aspects of your life , from reading your post , it seems to me like your spirituality is a distraction from improving your life , which is totally ironic and silly , you could become a nihilist zen devil if you continued on this road , if you don't know what zen devil is , I recommend you watch leo's video about zen devil , everything you do can be spiritual , going to the gym can be spiritual , reading a book can be spiritual , running a business can be spiritual , you don't master your spirituality by sitting on your ass all day meditating and not improving or interacting with the world , that's bs spirituality !