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  1. Is going hard into street cold approach , like for example , approaching 10 girls a day in the street , going throw the fire of rejection , is it really worth the time and energy ? cause this shit takes a LOT of energy , so is it really necessary to do in my journey of development as man , or putting this energy and time into something else is better ? I want to listen to your opinions on this ? I'm 19 years old btw !
  2. hahahahahahahaha
  4. this thread is a masterpiece !
  5. Very true ! every time I learn something profound about existence , I'm off for a mount , lol !
  6. Life is ultimately meaningless , that's an objective fact , life is like a dream without a purpose , but only being aware of that doesn't lead to a good life , it simply leads to laziness and depression , what should be also realized to live a GOOD life is that humans can CONSTRUCT meaning even tho life is meaningless , and it depends , every human has his own set of values and things that he finds more meaningful than others , when a human prioritize his values and extract responsibilities out of them , and he lives everyday according to those values and responsibilities in a way that doesn't create anxiety but creates flow , and he is not attached to those values and responsibilities that he constructed simply because he is aware that ultimately there is nothing objectively valuable , he feels a sense of joy and meaning in a life that has no meaning at all !
  7. If leo someday somehow became a bald head only without a body or a voice , I would put this head into my room , and kiss it everyday as a morning ritual , that's how much I love leo !
  8. If it works for you , then use it .. but for me when I watch a lot of motivational videos , I get demotivated and overwhelmed
  9. Ironically people give you more respect and appreciation when they see you dominate your life without thinking about them and with a swag of carefreeness haha + it's less neurotic to live that way , so If you really think about what people think of you , you should care about them seeing you less neurotic ! lol !
  10. I have recently became aware of something that was hidden into my shadow for a long time , I try as MUCH as I can subconsciously to hide valuable knowledge that affected me in a really positive way from people that are close to me. I don't know why I do that , I think I have a deep desire to be the BEST and a deep fear that if these people knew my secret knowledge , they will be more successful and happier than me , a recent example to illustrate this .. I know this example will be silly , funny and kinda evil but I will be honest with you here to illustrate how deep this problem is ... I have watched the Joe Rogan and Elon Musk podcast live recently , I'm sure that most of you have seen it as well , when the show has ended I have gained a valuable lessons , knowledge and insights , then the days went by and I have looked into the YouTube recently and realized that there are MILLIONS of people that have watched the podcast as well not ONLY me , and that frustrated me , cause I wanted this to be EXCLUSIVE to me and small minority of people , cause if the valuable insights in that podcast everybody knew , I won't be special anymore , I won't have an ADVANTAGE over people anymore with my "secret" knowledge , I know that sounds evil and selfish but I want to know how to liberate my self from this , cause this "knowledge selfishness" that I have is impeded deeply into me since I was kid . I think my parents and schooling have caused me to become like this , cause I would always get verbally and physically abused for silly competitive stuff , like being the second on the class not the first , or getting A not A+ and my cousin got the fucking A+ and why not me ! .. and that kind of competitive dogma ! I don't know what should I do about that , do I force my self to give value to the world ? do I meditate the triggering ? is shadow work will help me ? I don't know !
  11. haha , truth has been said !
  12. If the truth can't improve your body , mind , money situation and relationships. then , you are far away from the truth , true spirituality should improve all aspects of your life , from reading your post , it seems to me like your spirituality is a distraction from improving your life , which is totally ironic and silly , you could become a nihilist zen devil if you continued on this road , if you don't know what zen devil is , I recommend you watch leo's video about zen devil , everything you do can be spiritual , going to the gym can be spiritual , reading a book can be spiritual , running a business can be spiritual , you don't master your spirituality by sitting on your ass all day meditating and not improving or interacting with the world , that's bs spirituality !
  13. humans have the capacity to think objectively not considering thier own survival and reproduction agenda into the thinking process and it's pretty simple thing to do , It's called system thinking , so you don't have to transcend your subjective perspective and be an enlightened Buddha to think in an objective system thinking way and realise that morality is a mental construct that is constructed to only benefits one's agenda.
  14. No ! Objectively and universally human food are not more valuable than a non human food, for example why would meat be more valuable than a chair to a mountain or to a vegan animal for example , they both equally meaningless or equally meaningful , so to the absolute perspective everything is equally valuable , but biology filters that valuable equality to benefit its survival agenda , which I have nothing against actually !
  15. I get what you are saying but can you tell me who EXACTLY construct morality ? Is it god or is it the government or everyone construct his own morality ? Is morality subjective or universal ? Does morality has a biological and social agenda or not ?
  16. Remember that your biology play a role on constructing values into the world , for example you construct a higher value to food objects than to no food objects , why ? Cause food will make your body survive even tho objectively they are equally valuable ,same with a hot woman and an unhealthy woman , a healthy woman will make your genes reproduce in a healthy way so you construct a higher value into her than the fat woman who has less potential doing that , don't try to work against the human instincts and evolution , instead work with them !
  17. Stop being attached to the ideal self that you are visualizing. I know it easier said than done , but trust me I have been in your place years ago and I have set my self free by doing "shadow work" that allows me to accept all the things that I suppressed in my subconscious cause it goes against my ideal self
  18. My definition of creativity is the ability to construct a new connection between two elements , that new connection can create a theard element which is more powerful than the two old elements or it can empower the two elements themselves or empowers only one of the two . I would love to hear your difinition about creativity and If you have a tangible practice one can do to improve his own . Also I would love if leo made a video about creativity and the different methods to develop one's ability to be creative . Thank you ! ❤️
  19. OoOoOoOoOoH , that was a good one , I will go contemplate why I have found that comment a good one ?
  20. Get into Islam untile you inbody the blue values then do whatever you want after !
  21. No ! When leo says that he is a god , that's letteraly speaking , but he doesn't mean that he is the only god , no no no that would be a misunderstanding of the word god , You are a god as much as Leo as much as me ! There is only one god and nothing else which is everything .
  22. There is a different between spiritual ideology and spirituality , and you are talking about spiritual ideology here which some of followers may attached to but don't generalize and don't project this into leo ,because leo himself warns people not to be spiritual ideologists all the time in many different ways . The anti-rational and narcissist that you are talking about is a guy who is spiritual closed minded ideologist not a true enlightened spiritual , huge different !