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  1. I have been in physical therapy for a month now and am looking to find some things I could do on my own to help my body heal. I got an MRI done on my neck and was told that I have 3 bulging discs that are preventing the proper amount of spinal fluid to surround my spinal cord. I also have a protruding disc that is being pinched by my vertebrae. My chiropractor says that it will take 6 months of physical therapy to help it heal, but the bad news is that however much my body heals in 6 months, is the the amount it will heal period. He said this could lead to flare ups in the future and other complications further down the road... The physical therapy and spine adjustments I get help, but I only get them twice a week. Is there anything else I can do to help my neck heal? I do the stretches that help my neck, but I feel like it stretches everything out and feels good for a little while but it doesn't really last. But I can't stretch every hour because my therapist said I could hurt it more Do you guys know anything that could help? Vitamins, stretches, anything would be appreciated. I want to help my body heal up as close to completely as possible in these next 6 months. Thank you in advance!
  2. wow, thank you. I will look into that for sure!
  3. @Gligorije I don't think there is anything wrong with indulging in pleasures. I think it's when you make that your identity is when it becomes an issue. There is a whole world and lifetime of experiences, I don't think we are supposed to just not participate in everything. Just don't stress it man control what you can and take responsibility for that alone. The rest is just extra. Have fun and just enjoy the journey, what happened happened, so move on and be better, if you feel that is what you need to do
  4. wow that is an intense definition lmao
  5. BOOOOOO!!!! lol jk Luck guy. With that in mind, I would say why not lol it might help
  6. Hey, not an entrepreneur myself, but I do have a few thoughts on one of your questions I think that you can totally be a great entrepreneur without college. Many have done it. However, I also believe there are a lot of things you could benefit from if you were to go to college. For example, if you do not already have some sort of knowledge about running/starting a business, they would teach you all of that. But if you are dedicated enough, I'm sure you could learn this in books and online. Another thing college is good for is connections. But again, if you are dedicated enough, I'm sure there are ways to gain those connections. It just may not be as easy. One more thing I would say to keep in consideration is your current financial state. If you are in a position to afford it, then you could definitely consider it. But if going to school would do nothing more but add a huge debt that you can't get out from under, I wouldn't risk it. Hope that helps Good luck and keep us posted!!!
  7. I got that from your post I mainly just wanted to say it because some girls are special and need to be told upfront lol I had my adventurous stage myself so no judgement here whatsoever! Just make sure you are smart about it for your own protection
  8. @billiesimon All I can say is, I think it is totally cool to live like that ONLY if you stay open and honest about your intentions to the woman you are with. Yes, there are girls that are into the casual scene, but others may get attached if you do not let them know upfront what you are hoping to gain from the experience, if that makes sense. Other than that, have fun and make sure you PROTECT YOURSELF!!!
  9. @Misagh I guess for me it is the complete letting go as well. Humans, especially Americans, are basically raised with the idea that we need to be "in control" of everything. The idea of letting go of any kind of "reality" we have created around us is terrifying to most people. I think that is one of the main reasons people find it so hard to change in any aspect of their lives. This is a reality they have lived in for long enough, that they would prefer it to anything better because the old ways are at least familiar and "we know what we're getting". There is fear of the new because we immediately want to start thinking about the bad possible outcomes instead of just focusing on the good that could come out of your trying. I feel I am beginning to let go, but I know I could be doing more. I fear failing and try to think "well, if I don't try then that means I don't fail either". But I know that's not true.
  10. @hikmatshiraliyev I think the most important thing here is how you want to handle your commitments. You have already racked up debt for the schooling by coming this far with it. If you drop out, the debt doesn't just vanish. I think you should at least finish and get your degree so that your debt is actually worth it. There is nothing wrong with just using your skills and knowledge to fund your dream. You can become a dentist and earn enough money to live comfortably and afford more lessons for the guitar and just keep playing on youtube and such and funding the dream with your career. This degree doesn't mean a death sentence to your dreams. It just means you have a guaranteed, secure fall back. Just take some time to figure out what you want and what all of the consequences of your decisions may be. The obvious solution would be to just quit and go for a different career, but what will that effect if you do? If that makes sense. I wish you luck! this is a pretty tough and scary time for people your age. But all you need to do is just take the time to consider ALL of the angles to your circumstances and you will at least be able to wisely create a happy future for yourself
  11. I paint a little nothing too special lol I mostly just do name boards for baby rooms I think that picture would look absolutely amazing @Serotoninluv Yeah I love how many metaphors there are for it. Paintings, movies, plants lol all different but all beautiful in their own way whatever metaphor we chose to describe our lives doesn't matter. What matters is it will be beautiful in it's own way and will be totally worth it in the end
  12. Hey guys, I was going through some old stuff of mine and found a paper I wrote back in High School I just wanted to share a small part of it. Life is a Painting When we are going through life, it can be hard to see the good that can come out of the bad moments. But each life is like a beautiful painting. Each unique, with it's own colors and shades. It is impossible for us to see the painting as a whole, because it is not finished and we are a part of it. Every bright color (the good times), every shadow (bad times) and stroke (everything in between) is us and it is ALL necessary in order to make the painting more beautiful in the end. While we can not find the good in the bad, and we want to just quit sometimes, it is ALL for the beauty of your painted masterpiece that is your life. So keep pushing guys Love you all! Share your thoughts please
  13. @Nahm lol thanks
  14. @Nahm Thanks I can't for the life of me remember where I heard that, but it's made quite an impression on me Another version I heard was the actor speech in Bojack Horseman lmao. Such a silly show with such deep moments
  15. Thank you I will definitely look into that I feel like it's getting better, but I know I still have a ways to go. Any advice is helpful
  16. @Rilles lol love that movie :3
  17. lol wow I would love to just see anything personally. I don't get to travel ever, so it would be cool to see what's out there through your eyes Maybe do some "travel on a Budget" type things for broke people, like me lol, that want to see how they could travel for a small amount
  18. When it comes to family issues because of your other half, I would say just stay out of it. My family went through that kind of phase and I found myself getting angry at them when they would talk bad about him and then getting mad at him when he talked bad about them. There are going to be a million things that you will do and/or think in your life that they are going to disapprove of, so just let them disapprove and you just prove them wrong by being happy. My family loves my husband now, but I think it was mainly because I just stopped adding to the fire. I stopped defending and just ignored it because I knew they didn't understand, so I made them understand by just showing them I was happy with him and that he was not the way they thought he was. Sorry if this is irrelevant to your situation. Like the first post said, hard to give specific advise without knowing specifics.
  19. It's been a little while since I have been on here. Since I reached my personal milestone, I have been working on staying aware and present in every part of my life. This past weekend, I was hit with a couple of curve balls from some friends and had a thought. Two friends, with different situations but one after the other it was just completely out of the blue. The first was my friend having an uber bridezilla moment and we ended up kind of in a fight over it. It had me pretty messed up because I am the furthest from confrontational and that stuff usually sends me spiraling bad. While it did bother me all weekend, it didn't hurt me the way it used to. I felt I was able to look at "the big picture" and see that this really doesn't matter that much. The second friend is where the thought arose. Already feeling somewhat drained from the first friend, my second friend comes over and lays some pretty heavy shit on me and my husband. He has been in love with this girl that me and my husband have been trying to tell him isn't worth all the sacrifice he gives. From everything he tells us about this girl (who isn't even his girlfriend), she is clearly using him because he would do literally anything for her. Anyways, he came over utterly destroyed because it turns out this girl has been working for this guy "under the table" (paid in cash only) and her boss was found dead with two bullets in his chest O_O I wish that was the end of the story. So the cops are searching the dead mans place for obvious reasons and it turns out that this man has been involved in human/drug trafficking and my friends "girl" has been this guys secretary!!!!! My poor friend has NEVER been involved in ANYTHING even remotely illegal. This is a guy that works his ass off to be involved in his Church and community. He is working to become a fire fighter!!! And this girl fucked him up so bad because now he feels he is somehow involved. My husband and I tried to calm him, but of course that's easier said than done... So once he left, I couldn't help but look over at my husband and my daughter and just feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation and acknowledgement of our decisions that brought us here. But is it wrong to feel that way? We feel so bad for him, but we tried to warn him to stay away from her... So we can't help but feel he kind of did it to himself.. Is it bad to think that? I worry it makes me seem insensitive... but at the same time, it just feels like it should have been more obvious to him. We never even met the girl and we knew she was bad for him. I'm not sure what kind of responses I am looking for, but you guys always seem to know what to say to help guide me to the answer for myself. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!
  20. Sorry I have been gone exploring myself lol But I totally agree. My husband and I observe the families around us with kids about our daughter's age, and we can see everything about the parents in the kids. It can be funny when a little one is moving her head with attitude lol but the important thing we see is how they interact with each other. There is one family that we have seen to be the kind of people to drop friends over nothing. The kids, in return, do not value their relationships because "they can always find a new one". My daughter is pretty friendly and loving with everyone. I go to get her from Nursery and she is always playing with the other kids. One child in her nursery worries me because she is twice my daughter's size, but ALWAYS wants to pick her up. She CLEARLY was never taught any boundaries and when she gets angry, she goes straight to hitting. These are all kids under the age of 5, so I think it is very vital for us, as adults, to put ourselves aside and get along long enough to teach our children HEALTHY relationship interactions. Thank you for the link I will have to wait to watch the video but thanks
  21. @Feel Good Okay thank you
  22. Thank you. I know I have spent a lot of time caring and worrying for others. I guess that's why this whole thing has been strange to me. I always felt it was bad and wrong to be selfish in anyway, but the first time I was selfish in a long time, and I felt more peace than I ever did making myself a martyr for others. It's just a weird feeling I guess.