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  1. @Preety_India Are there ideas which, if shared, might assist with, not necessarily awakening but spiritual growth, if the reader is ready to realise them?
  2. @JaySwole can you recall another time where you had a dream and it was rendered redundant by something? I am wondering whether the idea of your hopes getting shattered has happened before.
  3. I like the way that Actualized.org explores a wide variety of topics from some very open-minded perspectives. I also like the helpful community members and the fact that Leo is a very active participant on the forum. I would like to see more sensitivity, for example the latest video starts by explaining that a person's family have informed us that a member has taken their life and then moments later says "I'm assuming it's true. Let's just treat it as though it's true... alright so let's say it happened". To me this came across as insensitive.
  4. We could say that calling someone lazy is lazy and we might be right in some sense but there are more important things than being right. Why is that person lazy? What do they need? Can we help them?
  5. What I like about Sadhguru is how rarely I can predict what he's going to say next.
  6. I find loneliness, and other things, can to some extent be independent of whether there are people around. I actually live "with" people i.e. there are people in my house but we're not that close in some ways.
  7. Hi Preety, I just read your message and found it uplifting. Glad to hear it.
  8. Best of luck and I hope you find a good therapist, who you like and respect.
  9. One option might be to take your desire to its limit. Find out the extent to which you can make it happen. Explore. Research. Be resourceful, open-minded. Nifty. Use your skills, your values, your relationships. Your feelings. Are you on the right track? Is this still something that you want? If not, what else would you do? We learn about ourselves and the world when we approach the boundaries of what might or might not be possible.
  10. That's the part I always forget Thank you again
  11. That things may not be what they seem... ... except @Nahm. Nahm is just as awesome as Nahm seems ?
  12. The proposed delay represents a tiny crack in the political structure. I worry that sinister forces will exploit such vulnerability.
  13. Below is how I would have thought of it. I also agree with the above analogy. Blue = we know other languages exist but we should all speak this language because we believe it's the best Orange = They have words that we want. We should trade. Let's learn enough of their language to do that Green = we should try to understand their language so that we can better connect with them as people Yellow = we know there are no "should"s that always apply but we also understand that many people think that there are ... or something
  14. "Hey cool, a lighthearted thread that hasn't been locked yet. I might check this out" "Let's see here..." "I'm perfectly happy to have insects in my house and make no effort to get rid of them. They do seem to be crawling on my screen though. I know, I'll ask the webpage owners to change their webpage..." "Damn that person's lazy. And kind of gross to allow insects in their home" "Wait a minute, I have insects in my home too. Aren't I being really judgemental? After all, what if they have an illness that makes it hard to clean their place, or live in another country, or they're at a higher level of development than me and they don't go around murdering every insect they find. Also, maybe other people have this problem too and they're being a considerate member of their community by sharing a useful suggestion". "I wonder how guilty I should feel for judging this person" "Go easy on yourself, Dan. Remember, the survival drive is insanely strong and pretty much everything we do comes from that" "I bet someone on the forum says something about me needing to realise that I *am* the other person, or that I'm God or whatever. Typical" "I wanted to ask whether the universe could suddenly turn into a piece of cheese but wasn't sure if it was a good enough question" "I'm hungry"
  15. @AlwaysJoggin thinking of you.
  16. @Eren Eeager I'm really glad that you asked this question. I'm really glad that this discussion is taking place and I think it is a great credit to Leo and his community that we can come here and have this discussion try to understand what is going on.
  17. Can we identify any other factors that might have given rise to the riots, albeit in less obvious ways? For example: - Heightened national fear, leading to anger and unrest in general, due to the pandemic and how it's been reported and dealt with - The emergence of stage red aspects of society at this time - Many of the president's comments and actions being characterised as racist - A rise in cortisol levels among people as the weather gets warmer at this time of year Please take the above suggestions lightly, I'm sorry if they're not accurate and by all means suggest better ones. I'm no expert on American social or political issues.
  18. @from chaos into self are you aware of the website 7cups.com? Listeners aren't qualified so it is not a substitute for therapy however it can benefit those who just want someone to talk to. I am also a hermit and often have takeaway food so COVID hasn't affected my lifestyle yet. I keep trying to work out how the virus and governments' reactions to it will impact society. I'm also trying to work out how best I can help my community. If I can drag myself over to the chair by the window and do some contemplation, who knows maybe I'll think of something.
  19. We all used to be this kid. He's scared.
  20. Thanks @mmKay You guys are teaching the rest of the world valuable lessons through your experiences.
  21. @mmKay can people leave home to buy food?
  22. @Serotoninluv I like your stance here.
  23. The forum has a purpose and requires moderation to keep discussions in line with that purpose. Without the forum, it's harder for the website to survive. No website. No cloud. No server. No warehouse somewhere. The land becomes pasture again. Pasture occupied by cattle.
  24. What a wonderful message
  25. "Well Mr. God, what brings you to therapy? Impotence? Fear of abandonment? Do the other kids make fun of you?" In all seriousness, it sounds as though the therapist could have done better by asking more about your own experience rather than speaking from, we presume, hers although this is only my second-hand impression. She may have picked up on your use of the word "should".