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  1. If you have figured out that nothing matters, why do you hold on to the position that sees that nothing matters? Perhaps there was a reason you became a dreamer in the first place.
  2. If all is illusion, and someone living out the illusion of 'reality' sees a devil, is he not there? How can you progress to higher stages of awareness if you did not go through the lower ones first, and reach heaven without first going through hell?
  3. Exactly. Even he who points his finger cannot see past his fingertip. Leave the moon alone, there's nothing there to grasp. Only no one sees the moon for what it is.
  4. Point your finger at the moon and everyone will see a different finger, but no one will see the moon.
  5. The opposite might as well be true. The more information readily available the easier it is for the ego to stay alive. All these ideas about what one must do to become enlightened is perhaps the biggest obstacle to enlightenment. And imagine if you've had some sort of awakening experience. Now you don't quite understand what it was, and you go on the internet to find some kind of explanation, some kind of certainty. In doing so you might lead yourself away from where you were well on your way towards. Now you believe that what you experienced and what you must do, is something other than what you experienced and what you were intuitively inclined to do. Our knowledge may act as a parachute, to make the fall towards absolute zero less painful, but all along the way down the ego blows air into the parachute to keep you going in circles at whatever altitude you might find yourself at.
  6. Enlightenment does not solve your problems, only the idea of there being any problems. So you will still face the 'problems' of everyday life, but without perceiving them as problems. This makes it much easier to deal with what needs to be dealt with, as you won't suffer by having to deal with it, but it does not remove the things that needs to be dealt with.
  7. Or something like that. Now don't hold on to the idea that you must let go, that could take you into all kinds of trouble. Let go of even the idea that you must let go. Just be. Be what? Just be. Doesn't matter who you are, just that you are you. Then the whole self-actualization happens by itself.
  8. Letting go is the same as surrendering. You don't let go of emotions, problems, attachments etc. as you would let go of something solid in your hand, but let go in the sense that you allow whatever arises to arise. It is sticky, and part of your being. Letting go is a process of allowing what you previously repressed, letting your guard down and surrendering to what you previously fought.
  9. If you expect to awaken every day, no wonder you remain asleep. Yet the ego is sneaky, defending its position by whispering tales of more. Shhh, can you hear? The ego-ghost spewing lies of fear! Uoooouuuhh, you are not complete wuooohuuhuh you must find enlightenment, you are not already it auooowuuueue there lies something outside of this! Yet, without the ego our nights would be dull and quiet. Welcome it when it knocks at your door and rattles its chains, listen to its story dont shut it out, it only tries to show you what you went by too fast to notice. When all its whispers are acknowledged it seizes to be until it has more stories to tell or you stop tricking yourself into chasing after yourself.
  10. Passions are loops of a sort, where you find something that keeps your attention hooked for repetition. It is natural to look for 'loops' while in the process of becoming self-less, as the ego struggles with letting go. Contemplate whether you are attempting to find a passion within/(as part of) the 'maze' that you are trying to escape. The surge of energy you feel whenever your attention shifts toward personal development is perhaps a clue to where your passion/calling lies.
  11. The first step is to reform yourself along the lines of truth. Without first seeing clearly, you'll surely miss your target.
  12. Everything gravitates towards a state of rest, and whatever speed you move by, will, unless you contradict yourself, move you towards a place of rest. So if you are a rabbit, be a rabbit and soon you'll end up in rabbit-heaven
  13. @Caterpillar Perhaps your crush is with that other guy because he is right here and now instead of always being on his way to and from somewhere. Ever tried being with someone doing something, but that person is somewhere else? Distracted, not relaxed in the moment, wanting to be elsewhere or get something out of this moment that is not already there? In my experience, this is a person i have trouble connecting with and will rarely attempt to for long. If you truly get satisfaction out of rushing around, then that is your authentic, blissful self, but this is a person that never connects with anything as he is moving faster relative to everyone else. When you slow down, things seem to gravitate towards you, as you take your time to connect with your surroundings. There is nothing wrong with chasing after 'stuff', but know that 'stuff' has a habit of evading he who chases. The backside of this phenomenon is that 'stuff' chases after he who does not chase. We need both chasers and chased for either to exist, and neither is better than the other. Rabbits are perfect as rabbits and turtles as turtles. The problem arises when turtles think they have to be rabbits and rabbits that they have to be turtles.
  14. If you are living life rushing around, how will you experience any of it? You rush to finish your meal, and you dont taste it. You rush to get from a to b quickly, but your whole life is a series of goings from a's to b's, so you never taste anything.
  15. Any answer given would prove there to be other perspectives, would it not? Perhaps ask the opposite question: could there ever exist only one perspective?