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  1. Discovering there is no meaning to be found can be excruciating. The truth doesnt set you free, it tears you apart, as you have held on to illusions of meaning without seeing them as illusions. Accepting there is no meaning to be found opens up for the side of this discovery you havnt noticed at first glance. If everything is meaningless, and any particular thing has no meaning at all, then you are essentially free to do whatever you want, as anything can be meaningful, as it has no higher meaningfulness to be discredited against. If everything is meaningless, then anything holds meaning if you chose to make it so.
  2. What happens to the self when you meditate?
  3. To desire or not desire. To do or not to do. These are all questions that cannot be answered without creating a paradox. The truth is found in the middle, but without the edges we constantly fall out of meditation. Can you truthfully say that you are completely enlightened, floating, flowing. Desiring nothing, not even not desiring? When we seize to look, we seize to be, but get curious and forget why we stopped looking. Desire is a funny thing. It stands in the way of truth and yet it is truth. When we play the game and follow desire, we quickly forget that what we chase is projections of our egoic mind. Thus they become illusions, as we think they are real. In this sense, desire leads us away from the truth, by leading us into illusions. But this is once again the ego judging from a particular point of view. When we become tired of the game, we look for a way out and get a glimpse that nothing is. We then might try to lead others to this realization, as we are still stuck believing in good/bad, truth/illusion. If every human being is the whole, how can we judge any point of view without judging ourselves, and how can we make anyone stop chasing illusions before they recognize them as false truths? You cannot make anyone realize anything that is not already blooming inside of them, and by attempting to speed up the process of their awakening you are slowing it down. Either their version of you and your words become an ideal, which shields the truth behind a thick layer, or they dismiss whatever interpretation of your idea they see. This is not to say that you should abstain from speaking your truth, but that you should abstain from judging someone else's truth as inferior. When you falsely believe yourself to be the teacher and everyone else to be students, you limit yourself. We are all teachers and students, and if you let go of judging, chasing, and desiring specific now's/outcomes/things, open yourself up to anything and reject nothing, you'll become enlightened by truth and love; you'll become a light of truth and love that others will instinctively follow. These are all just words that came to mind. Nothing more nothing less than what you see. I wrote them for my own amusement, but if anyone finds some truth or falsehood in them, and wish to express it in the comment section, don't hold it back by fear or doubt of not sounding smart. We are all 'just' leaves in the wind, so let yourself be that and flow.
  4. I like to watch myself, don't judge, life as a mirror can be lonely. I like to get lost in my imagination, as there's nothing else to do around here. I play all different kinds of roles, as my imagination has no limits. Although some of the roles can be dark, they are just as the bright ones. I get carried away and have trouble finding my way back to myself, but all roles constantly change and i always find my way back to nothingness, to just being a mirror. I like to watch myself, don't judge, life as a mirror can be boring. I like to go on adventures in my imagination, as there's nothing else to do around here. I imagine all kinds of experiences, as my boredom has no limits. Although some of them get a little weird, i feel no shame, as they are just an expression of nothing in particular. I get carried away and have trouble finding my way back to myself, but all experiences constantly fade and i always find my way back to nothingness, to just being a mirror. I am a mirror. I like to....
  5. By struggling against your past you are struggling against yourself. Perhaps they keep appearing in your dreams/subconscious because you are consciously repressing a part of your life that you still consider to be negative. Have a look again, try writing down whatever comes to your mind when opening up for that part of your past or find some other way to properly work your way through it. Our dreams are a form of regressing, going back over things we havnt been paying proper attention to. We need to go back over our past to rid ourselves of false interpretations and find our way back to the now.
  6. @Nahm First i thought it was playing with yourself. But that is nonsense, as it requires a duality between you and yourself. Then i realized it is just your being. So every desire is just another step in the dance to your own music?
  7. Desire is the desire to end desire by acquiring that which one desires. By acquiring that which one falsely believes to be lacking. In a way, it is the search for a missing piece of one's puzzle; a search for that which will make one whole, or fulfilled. You are already whole, lacking nothing, and so desire is a trickster which misleads you to believe you are less than all there is. Desire fuels the ego that fuels desire. This is the circle of suffering, and the opponent of truth. Desire and ego are, however, not our enemies. Rather they are guides to wisdom - the path to the wise child. Fighting desire and ego is desire and ego in disguise. Like fighting fire with fire, which only brings more fire. Acceptance and letting go is the key to lasting peace and love for all there is.
  8. @Joseph Maynor What if the false guru/anti-guru/cult-leader hides his/her intention so well, that you are led to believe that he/she wants to help you. Isn't this the reason why people have fallen into the trap, and continue to do so? How do you distinguish between the illusion of a guru and the true guru, if you are still half asleep? Isn't it after we wake up from the dream, that we notice something was strange?
  9. @Nahm Wouldn't that depend on your ability to see through their disguise? If someone encounters one at an early stage of their spiritual journey, and the 'anti-guru' is a master, how would they be able to tell whether he/she is a guide or the opposite? How would you test them?
  10. Do you believe there are people walking around society, that are actively trying to stop those on their way to self-actualization/enlightenment/whatever, whether they are part of some kind of organization or not? If yes, have you ever encountered anyone that you suspected of doing this(and what did they do that made you suspect it)?
  11. @zoey101 Any path that is not your path, is not the path for you. You can never know what is your path, so better walk the no path path. This is the path not tied to the idea of a path, which means it is just the path you walk, not the one you believe you should walk to get to some specific destination. Or as @Faceless mentioned, walk for the sake of walking. edit: (don't listen to a word i say, it is all nonsense)
  12. Indeed. Too bad many won't walk unless they know where they are walking, while they constantly talk for the sake of talking.
  13. Hehe But hmmm... Can there be any path without an anticipated destination; without at least an idea of it? Is exploring without anticipation of the destination spontaneous exploring, meaning a path that is no path - the no path path?
  14. It depends. Can you feel love towards all things if you have not let go of all attachments? Forcing yourself to love those you are not ready to love, might prolong the process of truly getting there. Directing your awareness to where love already flows naturally to you, you will find out where it does not, and then you can figure out why it does not. But i dont know, im just saying stuff, and i dont know anything about AL-LAD. Just beware of taking any powerful psychoactive substance with a egoal in mind.
  15. The state of western science is a fish on land, essentially already dead, but we keep it alive by pouring water on it. Quantum mechanics should have ended the search for objective truth, but for some reason, whether it be that those in power want to keep the illusion of an objective truth going to control the masses or we are all part of holding the illusion going as we have become dependent on it, is up for interpretation. Science is the search for cause-effect-relations, but as we get closer and closer to a definite understanding of the cause, the effect becomes more and more illusive (look up Heisenberg's uncertainty-principle). However, I do believe science, and the search for objective truth, has an important part to play as it unveils the truth, that there is no truth.