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  1. This sounds like a great help to re-wire the ego towards love/light. But you might end up like that meme of a dog in a burning house with a smile and a cup of coffee saying 'this is fine'. Here he is:
  2. In the dream you take on a role, and limit yourself. Where is the fun in being the adult in kindergarten? If you are not really this character, but God dreaming he is this character as well as all other characters, then everything and everyone is essentially you. Other people's actions are not created by 'me', since I and other people are dream-figures, existing as manifestations within the dream(but neither them or you is really there). But in a way their actions are created by you, but at the same time your actions are created by them(relativity that keeps all as one).
  3. Form is formless if you see past the notion of there being something of some size and shape and with some boundaries to some other stuff that is other kinds of form. Contemplate the forms you see, where do they begin and where do they end, what is it, is it really anything at all when you put aside your subjective guesses as to what it is. The distinction between form and formless breaks down at some point, but until then they divide the world into that which has some physical appearance, that are there so to say, and that which is invisible, spirit, without any kind of manifest that we can use to apply some kind of categorization to it other than relative to that which has form. The universe as a whole must be formless, as it has nothing to stand relative to, that can give it form. Within the universe the formless manifests in infinite ways as the formless is boundless. Form thus arises out of the formless, but is formlessness in and of itself. Form is not really a thing, and yet it is as the formless manifests in every possible way, or else it would be bound and thus not formless. Only that which has form can be limited, be bound. This is all very confusing, and i don't really understand it, I only have an idea of how such an idea would take form, my advice is to forget about it.
  4. when I'm happy and everything goes easy I want it to stay the same, but it always changes. And when it changes I get sad because I think something is wrong. So I try to not hold on to the good times and not get caught up in the bad, as they are both the same. The sad times are good times, because they guide me to change, and the good times are sad times as they must end. Both are beautiful but not when I try to capture them. When I let go all is good
  5. I have trouble making the distinction between ego and 'my mind', i dont know where to draw the line.
  6. Know those moments when you lose your self in it? When you get completely immersed in what is happening and your mind goes quiet. In a sense you experience a momentarily thought-less, transcendent state in a way, where you and the environment for a time is one. Doing what you love doing, and loving what you are doing, is a way of losing the ego, as the trouble-shooter will slowly seize when there are no more troubles for it to trouble-shoot.
  7. Contemplate on what is 'my life'. You might see that it is a collection of stories, thought-loops. Now you don't need to abandon all of them, but those that are no longer beneficial, those that have a foundation of fear rather than love, should be allowed to disappear. Thinking and judging about it brings you out of the thoughtless state that makes everything flow with ease. Contemplate why you think and judge at those moments when you think and judge, although it pulls you back into the darkness/depression. Whenever you feel tired/down/sad, it is a good time to sit down and reflect/meditate in solitude. When everything seems to flow, and you are full of energy, you don't think, but if your foundation for thoughtless action is still full of contradictions, you'll end up running your head into the same wall again and again. Remember to find stillness in the flowing state, and not forget the side of you that needs some peace and quiet - this becomes increasingly important the further you get as the ego goes from a yell to a whisper. The closer you get the more sophisticated the traps of ego becomes, as it adapts to your newfound insights. This is all food for the wheel of ego, so don't cling to these useless words. You know in your heart what is right in the present moment, and you are already well on your way to lose your mind, so just let it happen as it will when you let yourself be.
  8. Too little and too much are two sides of the same coin that is your idea that you should do something other than what comes natural. I drowned myself in different forms of pleasure, and then i caged myself in abstinence. Both were equally destructive.
  9. Can you not experience beauty if you are burdened by ego? Does beauty not lie in the eye of the beholder, and is therefore bound by the limits of that 'i'? Can there be beauty if it is not perceived?
  10. What state? When you are enlightened you don't cling to the understanding that it is all you. With the insight that it is all you, you can relax and let yourself be as you are here and now. It's like stepping outside of the cave and seeing the light. You can stay outside of the cave or go back in without being attached to the shadows, as you carry the light with you. You can be in the cave without being in the cave. Let your inner child play without getting burned, as you have become the flame.
  11. Can there be wholeness without fragmentation? And if all is one, right here and now, it doesn't really matter if it is fragmented or whole. It is as it is, and applying any kind of idea to what is brings one further from the truth, as the truth is here and now. How can I be grounded in what is, when I create non-existent problems with non-existent solutions and spiral into interpretations of mind. I am everything, so there is no need to chase after myself, as I always flee when I am chased, or capture myself in a box of ideas, as I want to be free to be as I am. The here and now is fine, so best to let it be.
  12. They will come when you stop looking for them. How can they enter you when you are already full of ideas about normal and mystical? The word mystic and paranormal implies that it lies outside of the normal/reality of that observer/experiencer, so it can never be found inside the boundaries of your reality. When you let the energy flow through you it will empty your cup and make room for that which was hidden to the 'I' that you were before. Do you find stillness in your meditation? Meditation can take many forms, and it does not require physical stillness as much as it is a stillness in whatever motion is here and now.
  13. How do you know that what you perceive to be low functioning is not in fact high functioning?
  14. It may be that flowing with love and bliss is being deeply aware. Your cup is already filled to the brim with awareness so you cannot be more aware without taking something away.
  15. Isnt it again again the hand trying to grasp itself? Or like painting a picture of reality. You would have to paint yourself painting a picture of reality, as you are in reality or essentially you are reality. You'd have to paint a picture of you painting a picture of you painting a picture... it can never be done.