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  1. oh no ..... not this again. this is a huge pile of horseshit that has been fed to you brother.
  2. About time you got some truth dumped on ya.
  3. jesus christ. yeah you seriously do need to change yourself, having a single ounce of compassion might do you some good.
  4. to follow up on leo's comment, a relevant ted talk I just watched yesterday:
  5. lol leo trying to converse with trumptards
  6. nootropic hahahah wtf
  7. As Leo pointed out, you do not actually identify with your body, you identify with your consciousness. If we had the technology to move your consciousness into a younger body when you grow too old, or maybe something scifi like uploading your consciousness into something less fragile, you would very soon not care about your old body at all, because what you fundamentally care about is not your physical existence, but about your non-physical conscious experience. Ruminate on this more.
  8. India is the world's largest exporter of beef and dairy products, and a lot of them are treated similarly. Don't fool yourself.
  9. damn I thought outer was better than this
  10. wow trumptards are even on our actualized forums, eh?
  11. hahahahahah god help you
  12. overpopulation has never been a problem. we already produce enough food to feed the world ten times over. every human on earth can have an acre to themselves inside of texas. it's nothing more than politics.
  13. hahahahah you're writing this off as sarcasm? how much do you worship this guy lmao