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  1. oh damn, looks like I completely misread the thread
  2. I'm interested in hearing more of your reasoning behind this. why don't you think he excites his base? he's the most popular politician in the country right now. bernie plans to have one million grassroot activists in every single state soon. he raised over six million dollars in the first 24 hours of his announcement with the average donation being just $13. no other candidate is going to come anywhere close to that level of grassroot support. as far as i'm aware the vast majority of polling data puts him at the top as well, not that that's saying a whole lot tho.
  3. lmao how rotted is this guy's brain
  4. lol does this not imply that men are the inferior ones and have no self control?
  5. Unbelievable. You still don't understand this thread has nothing to do with you or I. You're leaving 15 year old children with the hard work you should feel responsible for as an adult. You should feel fucking ashamed. Simply unbelievable. Hundreds of millions of children will be 18 within the next few years. They are going to vote in global politics like their lives depend on it. Because they do. In absolute no thanks to people like you. Hopefully you don't even have the motivation to vote and you just live the rest of your life as one more ignorant fool who'll die off, that's really the least we can ask of you at this point.
  6. lol claims to have attained literal nirvana while posting such snide, ego-fueled remarks on internet forums. actualized.org/forum is such a goldmine. go spend your time and energy doing something actually impactful is that's where you're at.
  7. Jesus christ. Can you step outside of your own ego for just two seconds? Is that possible? Of course this is not about you as a single individual being responsible for climate change, we are talking about the human species as an entire collective. If we were really going to try and narrow down more of the direct blame, we could compile a list of maybe five to ten megacorporations that account for the vast majority of global emissions. Ok? Do you understand that? Do you understand that this thread is not about you? This thread is about recognizing that we, as a species, are causing catastrophic damage to this planet and the first step towards any sort of solution is recognizing this fact so we can band together and maybe do something about it before millions more have to die.
  8. lol yeah my anger problems. sorry but my emotional state has absolutely nothing to do with our planet's problems. your apathy has everything to do with it. do you even realize you're not even talking about climate change anymore? you're shifting the conversation onto me. because you've already shown and even specifically expressed that you don't care at all. of course the individual actions i'm taking in of themselves will never have that much of an effect, because i'm only an individual. we can only change course collectively, which happens through information sharing and dissemination. this is why the internet is so far the single greatest human invention to date and the main cause for our massive recent collective growth. as I said the vast majority of children today and next generation understand perfectly well what's happening. the most repressed people of today's world have their information limited as much as possible (north korea, china, etc.) but it cannot be stopped completely. and also consequently the main reason for the majority of our planet's current problems come from those currently in power and the subsequent spread of misinformation. unfortunately you are part of the population who have fallen victim to this. I don't have any faith in people like you any longer, but again, thankfully humans have relatively limited lifespans and tomorrow's generation will hopefully be able to take enough collective responsibility to change course enough to avoid complete disaster.
  9. even when you admit the possibility of human interference you can't actually bring yourself to give a shit. no one is asking you to feel any sort of way, just to acknowledge the facts. thankfully the children of today and next generation have shown they are actually able to recognize what's going on and take responsibility, and people like you will be dead soon enough.
  10. Of course it is human caused. It is painfully obvious to anybody who understands even a fraction of the available science. But of course it's a waste of your time. You don't give a shit about any of this and will never take any responsibility for anything. You're in an extremely similar situation to people who believe the earth is flat. There is literally nothing you can say to them. I am not saying that as an expression or exaggeration, there is literally nothing you can say to them. And you know what their response will be when they finally board a spaceship and see earth? Nothing. "Oh. Ok. Guess it's round". They simply don't care. Just like you don't care. Because this won't affect your life. And therefore you don't give a shit. Just gonna live your own selfish life in blissful ignorance.
  11. LMAO doesn't know and doesn't care. wait, didn't you just ask leo who was "funding these news outlets"? you don't give a shit about any sort of proof from any side.
  12. just took it randomly lmao there is nothing "minor" about what is happening. but, again, you'll probably be dead by the time things really matter, so why do you care?
  13. every 30 years lmao, yeah the ice age happened in 30 years, jesus christ you are beyond help
  14. christ this has nothing to do with news outlets, politicians, or whatever you're talking about. this is simple plain science everyone has access to. the "cyclical cold phases" you spoke of take HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of years to phase into naturally, and it's happening in a matter of DECADES. of course you won't fact check any of this because you prefer living in your little fantasy land and playing identity politics rather than actually take any sort of action or responsibility for your way of living.