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  1. lmao "I barely have an ego and looks like yours is triggered leo" where do these ppl come from
  2. lmao this guy seriously can't get enough of himself it's amazing
  3. maybe you should look into some self-help stuff man. it'll help quell this troubling narcissism before it gets out of hand.
  4. yeah maynor here has already transitioned into turquoise, nobody here appreciates the amount of work that has gone into that. can you not see how he is the peak embodiment of humility and altruism? he is far beyond us all, the wisest choice any of us plebians could make right now is turn the massive amount of wisdom in his journals into our bible and pray we one day reach his levels of enlightenment.
  5. lmao this is why I love this forum. brings out all the crazies. "decades" of work and I'm not sure I've ever experienced these levels of narcissism.
  6. hahahah oh god this is great please keep it coming
  7. ... did a mod really just post a clip from info wars?
  8. and I said you were full of yourself before this post hahahahah oh man this is rich
  9. lol didn't know maynor was so full of himself
  10. @Leo Gura the videos on the actualized blog are all whack and out of order for me. Anyone else seeing the same? EDIT: looks fixed now
  11. To follow up on BuddhaTree's comment:
  12. high consciousness and trump in the same sentence how deluded can one get
  13. hahahah yeah a vague deal of no substance whatsoever. who let the trumptard in here
  14. Reality is infinite. There are an infinite number of deeper realisations to be had.