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  1. holon is the city that i live in all of my life so far, pretty trippy to see leo says holon 3 hours staight . holon means sand (hol) and small (lon) just a city that built on a small area,also pronounced with the hebrew heth so all the english speaking out there cant say it . hopfully it was funny to someone here, i tried to stop myself from this silly post but here i am
  2. yap, he have not wrote it in the right way and also wrote like a name of a city that he new lol, he should have known about holon
  3. statisticly speaking, getting psychosis on psycadelics is less than getting psychosis without it
  4. so after years of trying to find the workout that i like i finally got it! ldp skateboarding (long distance pushing/pumping) ! the only down side it the wheel size even though it got pretty big ones. it is the perfect workout , not too hard ( it can be hard if you really want to) , always there are new things and options to learn or to do , different styles and setups , get full body workout! include your hands (also if you need to stop at a pedestrian crossing or you need to pickup the board because of sand you can do exercises with the board).
  5. ldp is different lol it is symmetric , try and see
  6. it acutally pretty symmetric sport
  7. i found that marxism and spiral dynamics are very similar. they both have dialectics and they are changed by the material conditons, second they have pretty much the same predictions. they both think that there is a "state where individual, organizationor societal "MEMEs are in a healthy dynamic tension with surrounding Life Conditions"-marx didnt new about memes but he new how idiology is used for justify the material conditons and that people eventually will try to make a revolution that will take them to a better way to organise soicety to reduce tention. i made a picture to help you see my point . i will make another post about marxism leninsm and spiral dynamics. please ask questions because i have some more points that it is really hard for me to communicate
  8. marx was not about psycology and sociology and those stuff like this theory does capitalism works in red countries? nope, only in blue- orange and above why flawed? where is red capitalism? they success oriented that use some red why you think that i need to drop it? i will make another one about marxism leninism and why it failed and what will happened . i think that marxism leninism is good for non western countries , thats the only way to be a normal country, look at asia, do you see non communist counries that making money? inida is fucked up with the liberal democracy shit. why not ?
  9. you can make the book and also just make this kind of videos ,sounds like the best balance
  10. is this way much better than the dictatorship of the bourgeois? ( aka "liberal democracy") . the dictatorship of the proletariat is a democratic way of the proletariat to controll the state. this way the state is will not be controlled by the bourgeois class and make the economy better because the poletariat seeing the contradictions in the economy opposed to the bourgeois that might know about the contradictions but will profit from them short-term so they will not do anything to change it the right way. for example the colldge debt in the usa is pretty stupid way to run a country but the bourgeois are profiting from this becuase free (or cheaper) education will costs them lots of taxes and also some bourgeois will lose their way of making money. of course that in the long term free education is better for the bourgeois class but this class looks for short term gains . the poletariat can see that education will help them and also help the economy so if they had the power they will push for free education
  11. they just in different sub category , it is known all different sub categories . their instrest is still getting their full payment for thier work, not fearing getting fired and getting to the street .like petite bourgeois, big bourgeois, today factory and digital bourgeois, they still have the same incentive just act differently at some degree. this is exactly like feodalism just with some more complex at the french revolution the knights was for the common people even though they where different lol, they knew they dont get the full paiment for their work
  12. doesnt really looks much different , they both work for someone else and not getting the fruits of thier labor . it is more like some are having some advantages because the market giving them more of a fair share but this is it .i will agree that now working people have differnet interests because some payed pretty well and some dont but still the system needs to expand and it will expand on the richer workers too , you cant expend Infinitly and it is not like tech will keep developing forever (at least the for profits one). also as we get more advance the capitalist crisis is comming faster
  13. not seeing that materialism is part of consciousness . at least not saying it .materialistic philosophy is right but not the whole story
  14. defenetly das capital, really nice written for his time
  15. so i just though about the last topic that i made (sorry for the spam). by leo, more consciousness is more consciousness reflecting itself so it becomes conscious. so the brain should have some way of two neurons to be conscious of each other and make other neurons somehow know that and act acordingly . every neuron is consciousness and consciousness is infinate and everything, so every neuron can see and feels everything by using the other neurons and multipule neurons see more stuff together. am i right or super far?
  16. is the brain using consciousness for his own's sake? is consciousness using the brain? how i can be more conscious? is it info? if the brain and consciousness are separeted, how psycadelics can make me more conscious?
  17. this is nice but not deep enough, how much the ego takes place? if there is a finite amout so the leo should be like i dont need psycadelics , i know everything. getting rid of the ego is more than taking energy, you just can hack the brain and then do the other stuff.
  18. did it, can you send me some? i saw so much that i dont remember every video
  19. it is not like i am lazy or having bad habits. it is just that i want more from life. i am having more habits but i am trying to write here more about habits that are unique seeing every day self development video. probably gonna see leos videos but hoplfully i will get to know more!
  20. he talked about purity , not about identify it. but i do agree that with a noob you should taking about identify it, it just didnt got to my mind
  21. home made dmt costs around 154 dollars for 15 gram of pure dmt which is alot. there is a place for making money here but not much unlike cocaine.
  22. usually psycadelics are pure beacuse they are cheap to make
  23. have you seen yin yang without white background? why is that? i think that the white beackground show you that complete god that are inheretly good . but in the bubble there is bad inside of infinate goodness. the bubble showing us is how to be a human with ego,having good and also bad but it is just a bubble , not the whole universe .