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  1. beeing in a war zone if you can handle the paranoia haha
  2. pretty wierd to hear that from israeli point of view, all of the jews here have been left from their land and have been in far more brutal condition than the palestanian but we dont hold to the past, here there is a mentalety to have a normal life like in other developed countries
  3. it doesnt matters, you are thinking in white and black ways. the way the right wings justefing their action is through terror, if palestinians want peace they should resist in peacful ways, they just making israel more right, not more left. there was a gradual way of israel becoming more left but now it would be pretty much stopped and we need to wait another 10 years or so. dont think that palestinians doesnt have a say and israel is some kind of nazi mob forever
  4. hamas had some requirements and in the last moment israel decided to follow al of the requirements, because the spirits in israel and around the world was pretty much for palatenias so they just took a leap of faith and fired anyway to gain some popularity, now israel need to prevent hamas to be popular so they need to destroy gaza in some extant and hamas still acting in stupid ways and throwing rockets
  5. i think that attacking hamas is the right direction, palestinian need to understand that if they want to live here in peace they should stop ressisting with terror
  6. agree, also remember that spiral dynamics is a limited model, it is not a perfect one
  7. this is really propaganda video , it is a slim view of hamas
  8. i mean, as a bussness perspective i dont get why would you not want some lvl of being nice and inviting people, you can be jerk most of the time but i am guessing for the marketing part of the biz it would be better if you are nice , like iniviting people to the forum in a nice way , you dont need to be nice here , but the marketing parts might be better if you were nicer kind of a wierd argument, the prosses is both sides , without embodiment he wouldnt know this stuff
  9. i dont talking about sugar coating , just the way he is talking about stuff that he could do better, i am just pointing it out, not much of a big deal , if he cares about his channel he should seek out this kind of comments it is not even this , he sometimes nasty just because he used to it
  10. it is not fake positivity, it is saying stuff in a positive way
  11. he started to want to get bigger , he talked about it alot and i am feeling like some of his contents are more for new people or relativly new we still need to communicate with each other . i just pointing out thing that i see , if he wants more people he needs to do some changes
  12. but how he is expecting to get bigger that way? i dont really care about my prosses , i care about the future of actulized
  13. i have developed a technique that make people with adhd have results that are better than adhd medication. the technique is working for me but i dont know if it works on other people so i started to give it to people for free. the problem is that they have adhd lol , this technique has to be worked consistently all day long for one week than another week for the advanced technique and than it becomes automatic . i tell it to people and inspire them about how this changed my life but people dont really care, they are just lazy . maybe those problems will not happened if people would pay for this but the problem is that i dont know if my training are good enough for marketing ... how can i solve this problem? how i can make people more commited?
  14. the problem is that the technique is being developed now so it will take a time till i will charge people. probably bad choosing of word, thanx for pointing it out my techniqe is better than all the stuff i have tried for the last 4 years i am thinking about having a youtube channel there are some stuff i need to make to get there. people just really wanting my technique really badly than not doing it at all or doing it not as i said it is not developing adhd skills, it is 80-90% elimanation of adhd symptoms
  15. been alienated from it and "accepting" it
  16. i have invented love meditation, i am not sure if it is something new but anyway i will explain it here. like in nothing meditation where you suppose to do not nothing and if you feel some pain you should do nothing about that here you do something, you just love and accept it! love and accept it to death, love and accept the pain, the itch , the thoughs or anything that is a problem for you till the problem goes away. if a small amout of love doesnt help then you show more love till the problem is gone! you can love it in any way you want , doesnt matters, even in multiple ways. i fell to the nothingness super fast this way , after i just felt great ! gonna do at least 30 days of this kind of meditation
  17. so i used magic shrooms before 3 years , took 2.4 was super intanse for me but i felt that i could take more. i stopped after the first trip to intergrat all and also i was 19 so i wanted to be older for using it , i understood that i was too young for it and also i needed to learn more about the topic. now i am 22 , i now tons about the subject, i read lots of book, saw all leos videos , got rid from my social anxiety, found recently a method to pretty much stopp the adhd . i feel like i need another trip, the last one stopped my depression permantly , i feel like now i doing the trip to grow up , i have done really good right now and i am ready to grow . how much should i take now? 2? 2.5? 3? more?
  18. so should i take 3? or 3 is kinda the insanaty zone? i took the 2.4 and felt pretty insane but not too much pretty complicated, i am trying to develop it more for market use, if you want to know more you can dm me
  19. you say the leo is deluded ? lol 1 gram is super weak , i just need the psycadelic effect. i am just not sure about the dose, 2 gram or 3 is pretty safe but still if i take too much it might make some problems
  20. i really want it but it is so boring , it is not about discipline, i dont feel that connection to kriya yoga, the book say that i need to do what i feel good for me not what is boring. what should i do?
  21. i have a bussness idea that probably gonna work but i need to program it , the problem is that i dont have the skills and getting programming skills will take lots of time because i am in univesity, also paying for a programmer is too expensive for me but it is not so expensive overall, i saw estimates for building a site is 6k and not more than 10k which the site gonna probably gonna make much more than 10k per month without me doing anything. how do i find a reliable partner? how i get maybe some investor?
  22. actually i can see the site become successful pretty fast, this industry is super small and it is relatively easy to get noticed , my site is very unique and offer something that is not existing in the market . for now my only worry is coding because without it i pretty much can do nothing about the site. it should be pretty easy to build the site and fairly inexpensive , maybe i should start to make the stuff that i dont need a programmer right now but it would be not much successful. maybe i should talk with some consultant for knowing how much this site would cost
  23. the busseniss is a site so i need to program it , also it is have some complexity to it , not an average site. because of corona we are learning in our homes so i cannot go to any proffesor i have pretty much all of the plans for it, just need to build it and market it . i am very confident about this idea and i have lots of profs
  24. it seems like i get disconnected fromr reality from time to time , it is when my "concetration " ( i am concetrated just on other stuff lol) drifted away but i might not think at all or some times some thounghts but not being in phisical reality. might be a positive of adhd?