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  1. i am using cbt theory for this method, i actually talked with a cbt therapist and it seems right for him. i am really confidence in what i have right now, the problem is really the setting than the practice itself. i dont know if i have a choice because i am too creative to not doing something like that , i had today 3 bussness ideas... my dream is to do something inspired by psycadelic but it is really impossible to have any way to make money from it , it is almost impossible
  2. so for a long time i am working on ADHD treatment, i am passionate about this project, i want to give people this gift that i found , it is really changed my life and i am still new to all the possibilities that i have in this new life that i got. but i got a big problem with this treatment. it takes tons of practice to get it. i have been teaching lots of people about this method , they are belive that this will work and help them but they dont do it. even if the stick around for long time they bearly do half of what required from them. even if they know that they can have a better life and get their missions accomplished they wouldnt get motivated enought and part of it is the adhd itself. so i am guessing that i would need somekind of environment that make them have new habits but the problem is that it is super expensive to do something like that copered to a talk , also i dont know if the case is they now just dont paying because i am still experimenting with this method. so for adults the problem is that they have work to do, you cant do this while working , they need to invest lots of hours outside their time at work (even you can sprinkel some practicing in work) . i can work with a student and practicing while studying, actually the practice is good while studying and can help people study from the first time they are using it . i have helped students with it and they just dont use it, adhd people usually get at least pass and they are just happy with it, they dont care about all the suffering , from what i am seeing is that people are caring about doing the bare minimum and not more than this, life with adhd defenetly can accomplish this, it is not like depression which stops your life. also this problem makes other problems, the ones that needs it the most are children and no way i can make a regular child to do this treatment so adhd is much harder. usually doctors giving them medications because it is really worth it compers to how adhd fucks you up, mental development is much more important than phisical one . the other group is the people that are fine with adhd pills and dont care about the side effects , some even suffers from this pills and dont care because they do the bare minimum and that is all what matters. the last one is the group that found strategies to deal with adhd . usually they will work at something that they can work with having adhd and have all kind of way to deal with that . this is kinda the population that would do the treatment if i would show in the right time but it is not worth for thier pov to put so much time. adhd strategies arnt 100% and adhd symptoms still popping up some times . also i know from experience that their mood is shitty, not like depression but not like average people, the problem is that i cant telepaticly make them understand what mood they have compers to other people , they just used to it . another problem that they are facing is limited life , strategy cant be apllied to all places in life. there are some more problems like this strategies can take lots of effort and time wasting compers to my method some more problems that i can go into but it will be too long. the only group that i can work with is highschool people that stuck in school and cant strategies their life (and dont want meds of course) , some poeple in uni or college and people that want amazing life , or people that meds dont work for them and have some hard version of adhd. still i dont know what it takes to work with each group . it is really hard to make people change their core habits, i dont really know how it was so easy for me . should i not go to this mission? maybe i am wrong about my estimations? i know that my life would be crap without this treatment, this treatment worth a lot to me. i want to give it to other people but i feel like i can give it to really few people and i can have bigger impact in other places.
  3. just remember that if it doesnt works the first time then try again with synergy
  4. have you tried cbt or some kind of psycological treatment?
  5. probably not good on a daily basis (maybe a weekly basis is fine) but using weed
  6. the only worry that you should have in mind is missing taking the shot
  7. i found a method that helps me with my ADHD , there is one practitioner that successfully have done it . i am looking for new practitioners to try my method for free, if you are a student and intrested in try that out, feel free to dm me about it
  8. so i started to drink kombucha because of the damage that ritalin caused me. it made me have candida overgrowth (not something serious, pretty mild) and having ibs, both of them are much better since i stopped using ritalin but not healed . my doctor said that the candida is because my gastric juices are too acidic. so i thought that i need probiotics ,maybe the ritalin changed my bacterial environment so now i have high ph. i cant eat yogurt beacuse of the ibs (luckely i can eat icecream) and other fermented food i dont like so kombucha is the only option or buying expensive probiotics pills which are confusing and there is lots of trial and error . health results: -two cups a day but its has 70%-80% kombucha and 20%-30% fruits . so from internet review kombucha is great and bad for candida (so unreliable), after one month of use i dont see any change. for ibs surprisingly it helped like 10%-30% , maybe it will get better in the future . on the other hand i can eat more crap now so i dont know if i am really happy about it haha. another surprisingly results is better skin and acne,the skin is smooth and i barely have acne . i dont have lots of acne but i have maybe 1-4 times a month , i barely have something now. for this post i ate chocolate (it gives me pimples every time) and i got nothing . facts: not enoght probiotics- i saw the opposite claim that kombucha has lots of probiotics, i didnt mesure my kombucha but there is lots of yeast and bacteria when i am making kombucha, i can see it with my eyes because it is so big, so my guees is that there is lots of probiotics but there is a need to check it empiricly , i might do it or i will ask people on reddit to do it for their kombucha , probably we will have same results. b12- i saw on bottles of kombucha insane amounts of b12, might be a good source of b12 .however taking pills is better option and esier . any information- it is literally internet disaster to know health benefits of kombucha , i am writing it here just to have some kind of order in this mess. just try it for yourself and be careful . i would use the internet only for knowing how to grow kombucha and for recipes. downsides: sugar content is might be a problem, when you are fermenting is first time almost all of the sugar converts into acid and co2 but when you are adding taste you might use lots of sugar, i used only the sugar from the fruits but it is pretty sugary . personaly the taste of the kombucha is pretty bad, especially the smell so i like to use fruits till it doenst have any kombucha taste or smell. also you can use green tea for having weak kombucha taste . i didnt saw any change in behevior of the kombucha when i did the change , same everything . for me the sugar content doesnt matter but for some of you it might be . it is for sure making it , but it is pretty easy . uses: health benefits for sure drinking it instead of soda , i would buy sodastream instead of using kombucha, it is pricy than kombucha but generally pretty cheap. b12- i dont know why you wouldnt buy pills but you can use kombucha for that taste - if you like vinegar taste you should try it. maintaining hippy identity- i was shocked to see how many hippies are using it . the experience: so it is really fun to have this bubly sweet drink, i am really wainting for the morning and night to drink it . making it is really easy , you dont need to even check it. just once a week you need to bottle your tea and make a new one . it takes like 20 min with lots of waiting to make both of them. it beally takes a space to make it , you can have the drink outside and not fridge it if you are using it within a week or so. how to get it and how to grow it: so for how to grow is really easy , just binge on this channel and you are set to go , it will take you less than an hour to see everything that you need. for how to get there are couple of options, i will say all the bad ones: buying it online, buying a kombucha bottle at store, buying a kombucha bottle to grow a scoby, buying it from a grower. the good option: finding a local hippy that will give you a scoby for free , just looks on facebook (probably) or anywhere else and you will find a hippy that will be nice and give you free scoby. i found a guy that gave me a free bottle in addition to two scobies. usally people have a scoby hotel so they will throw around scobies to random people , scobies are multiplying really fast . you can also eat them , it has 20% protein, might do a review about it in the future. my tip- dont buy a 4 liters jar, buy 2 jars of 2 liters instead. it i will cost you half the price, easy to find and you wont need a scoby hotel. happy brewing!
  9. he got years of skills and got great connections, sounds easy
  10. thank you for recommending
  11. from previous times i understand that the more i write, the more people are more confused. if you want to know about it just talk to in the dm
  12. because it fucked my sleep, but i do want to go back, you can get great insights , ofcourse they are pretty weak and more for day to day life than some metaphisical understanding
  13. the proof that leo needed about his last video, why we can have nice man that dont have sex
  14. i am thinking that i thought about institutions and not about help in general . i dont say that university should address this topic if this is what you understood
  15. maybe i would say that there it is less in your face and has stigma. if i would go for something like that i would feel a loser alittle bit . also i need to look for it . in my university almost every week we get something about lgbt community in the uni . the best you get for hetro is how to not sexually assult someone
  16. incel was before elliot rogers, it says it in the video i am thinking that this interaction is happening because the gay community there is no other group to demonise , you are in the group that you attracted to 2. i dont know if it is universal ( and not sure if it true) but i know that in the gay community getting sex is much more easier than 3. there is no support community for hetro ,you just dont get any support while lgbt get tons of it (in developed countries) 4. you are in the same group of people that you are attract to, you dont need to "figure out" what other group wants or likes, it is the same as you . 5. you do get flirts for other people , as hetro man it rarly happens , only hints that pretty hard to figure out . if you dont start conversation with girls you probably not gonna date. incel usually shy and introverted. 6.most of the cases for gays for not getting sex is not being in some gay community and it is really obviouse , for hetro people you are already in hetro community, if you dont get dates , it feels like something is wrong with you. i have so many reasons but i think it is enough
  17. so i am thinking that ritalin ruined my microbioms, my gut isnt the same, it gets better every day but suddenly things that where fine for me are now really painfull. lactos was fine, then it made me stomach pain , now i am eating small amount every day so i am fine with it . 2 days ago i at lots of soy beans and till now i have stomach pain , not so strong but still feeling it . what probiotics i can take to get normal microbiom?
  18. in hebrew "meta" is dead, probably that is what he is trying to say about this company
  19. i cant agree that the physical appearance is the most important, i think that it depends on what the guy wants, if he wants sex so probably you are right but if he wants a girlfriend personalty is huge, for me when i want a girlfriend personality can change a ok girl to an amazing one . even if i have small physical attraction it can change my mind
  20. so i have lsd but i dont know if it is safe, how can i know if the seller didnt put other stuff in it ? how can i know if there isnt lsd and some nbomb so i cant tell the difference? there is a way to know it?
  21. nbomb i guess. thank for the info, now i can be confident. there is any article about cost of mixing them? unfortunately my country has analog act and hates tons of psycadelics so only black market, unless i want to do lsa or something like that
  22. but what if there is lsd and other stuff at the same time, you cant know
  23. it says if there is lsd, not if there is other stuff also