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  1. So i am planning on running in my city completely naked and then jog back home when i feel like the cops are coming. I'll be taking mental notes during this process and face my fear of death and humiliation and my fear of getting arrested and losing everything ( social status , personal belongings , etc ) Wish me luck
  2. Become aware of the fact now that there's at least one person in the world getting murdered right now in this very present moment and is going through immense pain. Become aware of the hundred of thousands of people who are locked up for life in prison and are suffering this very moment waiting for their death in their small little prison cell. Become aware of all the people who are in hospitals all across the world and who are going through immense pain, each one of them individually suffering in this exact moment. Imagine being that little kid with cancer being 5 years old. ~150k people die every day Glance at your local newspaper and you will mostly see a reflection of that. And here you are, sitting before a screen bitching and moaning about stupid little shit like the spoiled brat you are. Who knows... You might be next :evilgrin:
  3. Go fight club mode
  4. Found another junkie masturbator trying to feel happiness
  5. Bumping this gold mine
  6. So for those of you who are tired of delaying enlightenment and waiting years to attain this level of spiritual level then you must go to the extremes and cleanse yourself and break free from whatever toxic cycle your are in at the moment. Here's a quick run down of what steps you must take in order to become enlightened, this will work on any conscious living creature. 1. Schedule an entire month off 2. Get simple hiking gear/ a sleeping bag / gallons of water and some anti bug spray 3. Go into the middle of the forest and simply be, create a small fire so animals fuck off and let yourself be there without any distraction. Notice that you will be fasting during this retreat so you will maximize your cleansing process. 4. After a month you will have lost tons of weight, your thinking process will have changed and your entire digestive track will have rebooted. Your entire nervous system will be like new and you will now be a completely different person. I'm personally going to do this starting on Monday 11th. I will be posting back the results after i am done. I will keep a journal on me and write down everything that happens to me during the journey. See ya!
  7. “Show me someone without an ego, and I'll show you a loser.” ― Donald J. Trump He's a billionaire and the president of the US, so i think we should inspect his words a little bit more closer.
  8. "Infinity (symbol: ∞) is a concept describing something without any bound or larger than any natural number." ∞ is a symbol which is used to visually represent the truth by Leo Gura. The word infinity is used to point ---> towards the truth. Well I am here to argue that this symbol ∞ does not ---> to the Absolute truth. Infinity does not point towards the TRUE truth because if that were the case then there would be an infinite amount of truths, infinity being one of them. What makes you believe that your truth is the right truth in an infinite sea of truths? Your scientific knowledge? Your direct experience? You believe & trust that THIS reality holds the truth of ALL of reality & realities? If infinity = truth then there is a world where you are currently being attacked by your coffee table and screaming using your feet asking for help while having 4 penises attached to your face each one trying to ejaculate on the coffee table so the coffee table stops because the coffee table in that reality would be sentient and would be allergic to sperm. There would be a world where infinity would point towards the truth and that would make perfect sense in your mind. You would take 5-Meo-DMT and meditate abit and then you would swear that you've seen the truth. There would be a world where Muslims are a 100% right and that everything they could potential think/sense would point towards the truth of Allah , there would be a world where your feces would be the truth and it would totally make sense in your brain. You could make a 2 hour video on how feces are the absolute truth of the universe and it would make sense to all of your audience and to yourself, you could even directly experience the touching of your feces and you would call that the truth under the infinity concept. This seems absurd right? But this must be included under the infinity concept. This is what infinity entails, it entails everything and nothing. If infinity is the right pointer, how come we have it? Maybe infinity only makes sense here, from what we can deduct from our knowledge and our senses. Think deeper, there is no infinity, infinity is the wrong pointer. Infinity is not the truth, Leo is misguiding us. Infinity is absurdism.
  9. Nofap is one of the biggest form of mental masturbation. You're literally counting the days you haven't ejaculated so you can gain ''superpowers'' in real life to then transform that conservered energy into another activity, thus delaying masturbation for a bigger orgasm, be it by getting real sex or feeling better or any other benefits you could get from retaining from ejaculation.
  10. This thread has been unlocked! What happened? Did some admin finally grasp what i was trying to articulate?
  11. One more neurotic driver to add to your life!
  12. He's using this kind of language to reprogram your brain so you actually kill yourself in real life. I have downloaded and archived all of the videos leo has produced over the years for analysis. Even in his "innocent" videos he's using what i call meta-language to get you to actually off yourself. I plan on writing a book & making a full fledge documentary on this guy called Leo Gura and expose his tactics. You think he's truly talking for 2 hours straight without reading a script? The script he's reading his carefully crafted, words are placed in a very specific order to trigger certain mechanisms in your brain. I'm not going to unveil his complete tactic here but become aware of the fact that he's actively working in getting you to kill yourself. I run the audio files of his videos in a compressed mp3 format and look for repeating words, negatives and language rewriting methods and i have come across a lot of them so far.
  13. Leo Gura ingeniously orchestrated and designed a complex conceptual system based on various frameworks built by other people to serve his agenda. He designed his life in such a way that allows him to dedicate his life to pursue a very selfish thing ( his enlightenment, his awakening , his spirituality , his quest to the truth ) instead of being a productive member of society and having a real career. There's a reason he's preaching death in a subtle way, his entire life has been a battle of self-image problems and rejection from women, he's escaping from reality by indulging in high-level conceptual fantasies and delusions. All of his videos are utter nonsense based on assumptions ( groundlessness , no-self, infinity ) None of the videos he produces will help humanity in one way or another, if anything it makes people nihilistic and makes them live a very neurotic life. If you follow Leo to the letter you will be a total loser in real life, you will be a neurotic, anti-social self-absorbed non-self individual who will probably kill himself in the name of the truth. This forum has been like a playground for me, i have been observing the behavior of the members of this forum and most if not all of you seem to be extremely neurotic. I have been following this entire self-help thing since 2009 when it began with no PMO on reddit. Now this self-help lifestyle has evolved into a completely neurotic cringy lifestyle. I've seen people neurotically meditate 2 hours a day, take cold showers every day, self inquire every day , follow a very strict diet and limit themselves in the name of the truth & bettering oneself thinking that it will get them something, as if there something to be gained from all of this. Hate to break it to you but this entire lifestyle has been designed for you by various masterminds to make you suffer. It was first designed by trolls on various chans and forums and then adopted by gurus like Leo to make money out of these lifestyles and to profit out of it. What matters is genetics, people with superior genetics eat everything Leo advises you not to eat and still get to get amazing sex, friends and big careers and bodies, intelligence and wit. No amount of self-torture will get you to the level that these people are at. You can meditate and self-inquire for 20 years but these people have been successful since they were 15 years old young. Leo is very intelligent, he came in at the right time and built a platform for himself to secure his future by telling tales and regurgitating old citations. At the end of the day we all die one day, what matters is who gets to experience the best life and who doesn't. Changing your habits probably won't do that, you were born genetically inferior and the sooner you come to accept that the sooner you will accept that you don't need to torture yourself everyday anymore. Go take your happy pills, go jerk off and go do whatever the fuck humans are built do to. The lifestyle that Leo is selling us is built to indirectly kill us. What angers me is that he's hurting the ones who are like him, the ones who have self-image problems and the ones who have led a similar life that he lead before his rise to fame. He should be going after those genetically superior humans who treat us like trash. Just look at Leo, i posted a picture of him on a women's discussion forum and they all ridiculed him for his skeleton-look apparence and men said he looks like a cancer survivor patient. This is what people in Real Life think of Leo, i think Leo should go out more and stop going to workshops and seminars and here, this is a hivemind. People outside of here think that we are losers and we kind of are.
  14. Truth only makes sense in this conceptualized framework of the human mind, outside of it there is no truth. To be seeking the truth means there is a lie. What would the lie be? Instead of trying to try to find the truth maybe try to find the lie. Reverse engineer the entire process to get to the truth. First you have to question yourself by asking yourself about what truth you are seeking, if you're here then it's most likely existential truth. So in essence, you carry that truth. The truth is not stored in some encrypted air gapped computer on a NASA facility. What that agency might have is very advanced knowledge but that's not what you are after. You want to get to the root issue of existence itself, you don't want more mental masturbatory concepts about how reality functions and how you can alter it. You want the ultimate answer about how all of this came into being. Why you are You, What you are and what is existence, what is reality etc. What would the lie be? Where would the lie be best hidden? The only tools we have at our disposal is stuff in the ''external world'' and ourselves, all of which is inside the universe. To this date the best ways humanity tried to find the truth is by creating religion, science , language ( questioning the Five Ws ( Who, What, When, Where, Why ) , meditation, yoga, psychedelic usage and using direct experience as a way to '' see&feel '' the truth. Notice that all of those ways of finding the truth are external, and even using direct experience is external. What i am going to argue for here is that you are literally the lie. It's because of you that there is this quest for the truth, without you , the lie, there would be no truth. There is no such thing as the truth inside this lie ( language , direct experience, humand mind ), the truth is a very highly conceptualized concept that only makes senses in your feeble human mind. The truth is created by the lie, without the lie there would be no truth. To truly find the truth is to find death, to remove the lie. Not to use concepts and frameworks or direct experience as a way to see the truth. As long as there is the lie, the truth will not be here.
  15. Here i am going to argue that even doing nothing is masturbation. Your entire life is a masturbatory experience.