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  1. 60 days of: no fap/cold shower/20min meditation *no wet dreams since day 26
  2. Week 2 15 min Tension in the neck muscles.
  3. I had a wet dream ?. I think my guard was a little down. I think it's possible to prevent them, but you have to set your intentions very clear so in your dreams you don't fall for the traps. Anyways I will still count the days. Day 26.
  4. Man, this breathing technique resembles the ones I use when I'm exercising (swimming or running). I think that's when my body needs more oxygen. I'm no scientists to state anything but I would be more worried of running a marathon than doing this breathing technique. Well not really, because a lot of people run marathons and don't die and holothropic breathing is kind of new and there isn't that much info.
  5. 1st attempt: 10 min Felt some intense tingling in my hands specially at the 10 min mark and then like 6 minutes after also. Feeling some tingling on my feet right now like 12 min after stopping breathing. Update (1day later): - I felt really uncomfortable at the beginning of the breathing, my lower back hurted. - I don't know if it is related, but today in the morning in my 20 min meditation, I stopped breathing to see if I could breath deeply because many times I feel like my chest is "blocked". So I did that but the opposite happend, I felt a weird pain and also like if someone was pressing my chest. I took small breaths because if not my chest would hurt. I think I have a blocked chakra or something. - Anyways that's why I started this technique. Next week I'll do 15 min.
  6. Am I even supposed to be enlightened? Is enlightment only a luxury for the thriving? Is enlightment a natural human state disturbed by our modern society?
  7. I think the same happens to me, and I think all my bad habits are distractions of my underlying depression. But then I get to a point where I know things are probably get intense but I have to push the good habts and keep the shit out of my life. It's like a purge. That's my personal experience.
  8. I don't drink milk because I'm not supposed to drink milk because I'm not a baby nor a cow. Also it is said to be acidic, cause acne, inflammation. Calcium? I think its acidity kind of cancels out the absorption. It has a lot of saturated fat too.
  9. For me it's kind of a super habit, like a base habit that kind of recharges my energy and sets me up for setting new habits. If I fail I demoralize and then maybe I try again next day or next 3 months. I think it's like taking out the trash and making room for better shit. Right now I'm starting a new streak and I just feel it's the right thing to do. I'm 19 by the way.
  10. Newbie question: Why some people by being isolated especially to social interaction become kind of insane in a negative way and others become enlightened? Like monks that go to caves.