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  1. This has cleared up some underlining issues. Thank you Great insight on how thoughts uses memory for pleasure. How it uses knowledge and past experiences. I need to explore further into that. Also great insight on being the universe from @NoSelfSelf So every past has a beginning, implying we have a beginning. When we were born, we were even unaware of the world. We cannot remember anything. We were just doing our own thing, crying and shit... But how did we learn to become the I, and the center... That is very interesting... Well, the only time we even identify ourselves is when we started remembering stuff... Perhaps evolution? Who knows. Take your time, I don't mind late replies. Any input is helpful. Thank you both @NoSelfSelf and @Faceless
  2. I really do want to try this out, giving up no thoughts/sensations but it's so hard when I just want to question everything haha... My mind is constantly trying to understand stuff which is opposing non-duality. It's really hard to kill duality when sensations never really change. Our thoughts change but never our sensations. Well, that's what I think so. The fact that it doesn't change makes it significant because it's indicating that sensation isn't supposed to be ignored. I guess you can say don't try to give up thoughts. Trying = thinking.
  3. These two interest me the most. So sensation is part of this movement/motion of the thoughts and thus identity? I can see that... So what you're saying is htat sensation is therefore part of the experience. It is in motion... But here's where I get stuck. What if this isn't part of the experience, and that we're only using our ego/thoughts/self to attach to the sensations to create the experience? Don't we create the experience by thinking? Because we are allowing the motion to take place. But sensations seem to always be static. Always there, and that we apply meaning to those sensations. Aren't sensations, therefore, objective?
  4. Yeah... Why the fuck do I actually care? It's just the universe, it's just a phenomenon. Omg hahaha, I'm only experiencing the universe, that's all... There is no need to watch it, watching it is attaching to it. But, isn't there a way to authentically feel the universe through your sensors? Without judgement. Without attachment? You said it yourself, if you judge it, you give it attention. But if we just gave attention to the sensations and not judge it, wouldn't that mean that's the authentic universe, or at least, apart of it?
  5. But aren't my sensations perceiving the universe, or is that just my imagination that I (when I say I, we mean the self) created? I say this since you can argue that my knowledge of how the universe is perceived is blinding me from the truth because I created it the knowledge/perception... But then again, there is some phenomenon that is going on with the sensations... What is this phenomenon?
  6. Thank you. These couple of days have been tough. I just need to carry on.
  7. I've only done this for two days and it has already made huge results in my progression... When I thought (previously) of nothingness, I felt a presence but recently, reading up on the forums with other people's opinions... It's gone weird, like I'm not in the moment but am at the same time I am? It's so paradoxical
  8. You're right. What am I talking about... Just stop being in the moment. I just meditated and I just feel nothing but I don't get it. How can I feel this nothingness? Now I'm back to my senses and it's weird...
  9. So we should paralyze ourselves? brb, getting into a car accident But in seriousness, it's quite amazing what are sensors does... But it just shows that the sensors that are not causing the delusions, but ourselves? Who says we have to follow our senses? I guess if we did cut off our body, our awareness would skyrocket, for we would not attach ourselves with the body. So if our bodies were healed, we would have to make the decision of attachment or still be detachment. that's a scary decision. Thank you for this
  10. Look inwards, not outwards. You think you know everything, but you don't. You attach meaning, purpose and reason but they are not inwards, they are outwards. Does life inherit these traits? If not... Then accept that and allow reality to be
  11. I love this
  12. Self-deception is when you are yourself? Since there is no-self, just a ego thing? Everything to do with the self is self-deception.
  13. Reality is infinite, meaning it contains all paradoxical contexts. It also means our thoughts are included. Reality is one unification of everything. By removing thoughts, you're see a reality without thoughts. What does this mean though? Do you know how fucking significant this is? There is no reflection upon us, a reflection means a thought. Can we even become aware of the no-thought effect because that awareness is a thought. A reality without thoughts is a reality that is nothing? But a reality that is nothing is an assumption that is nothing. And that assumption is also an assumption times infinitely amount of times. Our minds are attaching things to this reality continuously , so when we remove the thoughts, reality just doesn't mean shit because the meaning and everything is just a thought. Reality is just there. "There", another attachment. I don't know, this is something I need to explore even further and I should probably stop posting on the meditation forums because I'm talking out of my ass LETS GO OUT AND SEARCH FOR IT (well, I need to at least)
  14. I think ending one's self is just ending the perception that we think we have of reality, because we will truly never know reality. So is enlightenment even a thing? Or are we kidding ourselves?
  15. Sorry, I wasn't trying to make fun of your example but trying to you use your example to explain my reasoning But you are right in saying that they are illusions, but you can't say they are not "real" because there is clearly some phenomenon happening.
  16. It is your own perception of reality. You have sensors acting as input machines and your brain filters it. The dream house catching on fire is just part of reality and nobody is telling you to get the water. Your perception is that the house is valuable and so you do it. Your perception is also telling your its a dream. Something is only real because we labelled it as real. So can we ever trust ourselves? Can we ever remove our perception of reality or just be aware of it? Life is neutral.
  17. Man... Whenever I read your posts I feel so loved. Thank you. Great insight
  18. Journals are great. I use my journal to keep all of the knowledge I've acquired. I literally note down everything that I find interesting or I have learned so that I won't forget and it is easier to recap. I am a big note taker. My journal isn't just limited to self-actualization but to everything. For example, when I watch documentaries, I use my journal to write down what I have learned, or if I found out a definition of a keyword, I have a page dedicated just to keywords which I append it to. It's really great to have a place to note down stuff. It's so that you can just search for the information you found out but just cannot remember. It's a great recap tool and is limitless, you can literally add whatever you want to your journal and personalize it for your needs like having a meditation log, or a page dedicated to specific topics, a timetable, diet plan, literally anything I would highly recommend you to have a journal, and it's best to have it as digital, because you can add diagrams, graphics, and links to useful websites. It's also easier to edit, and add stuff to it. You can create pages, and have hierarchies for those pages too. Program I recommend is OneNote, but if you don't like Microsoft (which I don't, haha), an alternative and open-source program called Zim - a desktop wiki.
  19. Ahh well, that is rough...And you are right, I don't know how a business-start works and you have made me realise that I may not help you with this question because I have never started a business. So I will leave on this note. You work 100h a week, what about the other hours? Wake up at 6 oclock, Goodluck
  20. Sorry... Both you can chase at the same time. There is no limit on what to chase. Self-actualization and self-realization can happen at the same time. Don't limit what you can chase and cannot chase. Results will be the same even if you balanced it. 100%, 50%, 25% it doesn't matter. As long as you keep on chasing you will get there. Eventually. Chase both self-actualization and self-realization and chase the self. Chase everything because you have no limits. Chase it because what matter what you do, the results will always be the same even
  21. Ahhh! I see where you are now coming from, and yes it does sound nice. And the fact that you don't want to half arse do it is also a struggle... I do see the conflict. Personally, I think you should follow your intuitions. Here's the thing though, don't think of those years spent "wasted" on your business. Those years are only wasted if you make it sound wasted. You know why? Because it's in your vision. You have created a image of your life and so you should direct your energy onto it! Therefore, it is not a waste. With the half-arse situation... I don't see why you can't multitask. Your mind is a extremely amazing thing that can handle all types of pressure and materials. You can develop further into self-actualizing and at the same time create your business. You can! Of course you can! Because nothing is limiting you but yourself. You can do whatever the hell you want because your brain can handle it. You can literally do anything! And don't make half-arse sound like a easy task too... Actualizing and at the same time creating a business should be hardwork I would assume. It's not easy stuff You can still carry on self-actualizing and still create a whole new business. The evidence? Well... Leo. He has made a business literally based on actualization. Mainly to help people but also so he can do those retreats you talk about without worry of money and at the same time help us even further. I'm not saying Leo is this guy doing it for the money, because he's not. He could have publish books, and made all of his content payment-required. But what I am saying is you should commit to those years since you are determined. I don't think you will fail in your career (there will failures as obstacles but overall you can be successful). Goodluck
  22. How come you want to be financially independent? You say it's personal to you but that's your identity... You are right in saying there's a difference in being stable and independent financially which I overlooked. But I'm a bit confused about why you are obsessed with being independent
  23. Your political views will 100% change. You will see shambles of politics...
  24. @Faceless You are right. We need to explore this and stop theorizing. Perhaps we can escape from reality? Only one way to find out
  25. Let's say stopped all thoughts. Who is there to observe the effect of no thoughts? Nobody is there to observe it. So it's like nothing even happened. Truth is timeless