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  1. @cetus56Going to be honest, I don't even have a list. I really need one haha. I'll make one soon to work on the gazing, do some retreats. I think it's time
  2. I read one of your replies about laying down meditation and I'm considering it. I think the laying down and staring deeply at the universe is an amazing thing. It's also like you are engulfed within reality and there is no escape. You have no other option but to be joyful Sadly, there is no stars over here in the city, damn light pollution
  3. I wouldn't say perfection, but I would say complete. I can't be complete without the tree and the tree can't be complete if it wasn't for me. We're all in one existence that can't escape because there is no where to escape
  4. I guess the point of this is that how ill humanity can be. Some people really love their comfort zones and I'm not judging them, I do the same. I think it's a good reminder that people don't always share the same views as ours and that we should be a bit more sensitive. If you look at their view, it is fucking mentally ill to go through this. They also think this work is supposed to benefit but it doesn't, when it actually releases us. It's that their disagreement with our views that causes us to be "mentally unstable". There is also the other side where self-actualization is hardship, uncomfortable, and scary (from the start, it was for me at least). So why would you go through all of this pain and suffering to become self-actualized. It's a brave thing to do Just gotta take time with them and don't try to persuade but be with them
  5. Guten Tag! Look how amazing it is that you've observed your problems. Realise that, because that observation is being underestimated. You've been through so many other obstacles and you've passed everything single one and done so by observation. You will get through this. This is only one obstacle. So personally, hate your teacher and let all of those feelings out, because it's no good to bottle that stuff up. Now I don't mean to hurt or say mean things to your teacher. I mean purge your thoughts. Do some self-enquiry and just REALLY let out those feelings of hate and disagreement. When you do this, you've essentially purged out the thoughts. You can't actually stop these thoughts from recurring and that's because of memory. So instead, just be with the hate and disagreement. Hate that she forces her ideology onto you. Hate everything about her, because when you do this, you will purge AND will realise, this is fucking pointless. That realisation happens because you've done self-development before and you know how your ego works. Think of those thoughts/ego blocking the view. You gotta purge the view to see that there was no friction or problem in the first place. This also applies to anybody. Don't like somebody? Fuck it and hate them. Then you realise, there was no point of hating. Let your emotions FEEL. Eventually this leads to a state where your mind is calm, purged and loves everything Purge your thoughts, hate your teacher but do it in silence
  6. Go deeper and deeper, FEEL THE DILEMMA. LOVE THE DILEMMA. That's what I would do. Sometimes, you gotta just stop thinking/understanding from your memory/knowledge and just go even deeper. I would say "fuck this uncomfortable zone I'm going to go deeper" inception style It seems that you made so much progression, and I do think it's the homeostasis affect. You're in your comfort zone and you say your life has quality now. Becoming a modern-sage is a rough task to do, and it's uncomfortable. That's why I put awareness on it and just say fuck it, go deeper.
  7. I did some self-inquiry, and starting to agree now. I was at first disagreeing but now I've changed my view... It starts off like that I think, but then it sorts itself out. That's why I think if someone who thinks one is unstable because they seek understanding is someone who is still scared and needs to push through the pain.. But when actually understanding or seeking happens, it becomes neutral.
  8. Understanding reality, enlightenment, consciousness, whatever you want to call it is not meant to be understood. When you try to understand something, you put your own logic, assumption, and identity onto it based on the memory you have. Understanding something is implying you attach thought/ego onto it So you shouldn't actually get an emotional or any sort of reaction to it
  9. @MarkusSweden I think of it like this. If we say conciseness is nothing but not the nothing that we know it as, then existence is the same. When we say that consciousness exists, It isn't the same existence that we know it. Nothing and Existence counter each other because we "think" it does, but we don't know actually what existence is, because knowing requires the ego/thought for it to label and identify. To know something to is understand/label it, rather than to be consciousness of it. So existence being a quality is actually something you don't know, but assume. It's again that materialistic paradigm that Leo talks about. You assume that existence must be a quality in order to allow other qualities.
  10. This post is directed more towards the people who are focused on ending duality/movement of thought What would you say to this type of meditation? I've been practising to silence my minds, but decided to try this meditation technique of do nothing. I really enjoy this meditation method, it really helps me purge my thoughts. I love getting angry at myself for not giving up control, and I just accept it. Then end up hating the meditation technique and I accept it. To be honest, I just remember myself saying internally "I FUCKING HATE MEDITATION, I FUCKING HATE ALL OF THIS". Soon or later, it just went away and then I don't hate anything. Purging is great but... I have trouble with this. I've been working on ending duality, and to me, it seems that ending the thought process is the way to go for non-duality. Wouldn't this technique oppose what I am trying to do? This then opened up an insight... I know you can't really stop and control your thoughts, so does this mean we cannot silence the thoughts? Does this mean we can't end duality? How can we stop the movement of thought when we have no control? There is nobody to control it...
  11. Something I realized today. If we looked at all our "needs", such as money, sex, drugs, clothes, good-looks, healthy, self-improvement, or even basic needs like warmth and food, it all stems from... nothing? All our needs are actually made of nothing. They were not caused or created by anything but the ego? It's like the ego demands things, but what it doesn't even know what it demands. So the infinite why... Whenever you come across anything that you require, like the examples above, just ask yourself "why". Why do you want this? Just keep asking and answering the question and you will just come to an end. Ending in "I don't know". It ends in nothing Here's an example I went through... Why do I want money -> To buy a house -> Why do I want to buy a house? -> To call somewhere home? -> Why do you want that? -> I don't know I literally went through these whys and it just shocked me how every need I find leads to me not knowing why I want this Sometimes, some needs just have infinite amount of whys, and that implies its actually nothing, since there is no sign of cause of it I don't know... Just a thought...
  12. Never thought of it like that... That sounds similar to what's happening with me. I don't really know if I've had a spiritual epiphanies but I definitely feel different. Not really an emotionally feeling, just something I can't describe really. Nothing major, but it's like an awakening like nothing ever happened? Sorry if I keep misunderstanding things I understand now I really like this, awareness that is indescribable... that really helps me explore/understand further
  13. Thank you all @Quanty @Anna1 @Faceless , I will carry on with this practice then. I just had doubts about it which lead me to post.
  14. Oh my, clearly I am still not fully grasping. Thanks for the reminder for the role of memory in our thoughts. To not move dualistically is something that I should stay away from for now then. You're right, need to work on the nature of thought. It will take me a while to understand this...
  15. Good insight though... The intention to end duality is still in duality
  16. But there was no controller in the first place, and this realisation will help end the division. Of course, making conclusions now is the worst thing I can do, it's just I'm trying to get more information. So making conclusions about thought ending is a bad thing to do right now for me? So I should probably carry on with this meditation method to try to understand the nature of thought?
  17. @Faceless Something popped up in my head. You can't control or stop the movement, it seems that thoughts arise out of nowhere. If that happens, then movement cannot end
  18. That's my point, its response to memory. However, It's seems that you cannot stop your thoughts. Even if you wanted to or not. Even if it's in non-duality or duality state, there is nothing that can control the thoughts, and there is noone to control it... There is nothing to stop the movement of it. Then how do you go about to actually ending duality?
  19. I don't think I can accept myself to be those things, limitless, consciousness, existence, etc. Reason for this is because I feel like those are just ideas that I created in order to identify myself with reality, rather than just being reality... I like the realisation that I am not an action figure. But then... What do I do? I can't end my thoughts or control them, when the Truth seems to point that way for me. I know @Anna1 you have a very different view on the duality/non-duality debate to me, and now I'm starting to actually understand where your view comes from. We can't control anything... The fact that we can't control is amazing...
  20. 100% normal. You can't have the full benefits of both without combining both. You need to get the strength of both, rather than picking. The introvert/extrovert diagram can be seen as a cycle. You can go from introvert to extrovert at any time. It's because when you're in the introvert phase, you work on yourself. You self-actualize, do self-enquiry, you meditate, and do all the habits to self-improve. All the work is done internally. But then what happens is that the extrovert is the reflection of the introvert. That's how I see the model. So it's normal. You become introverted but as time goes on, that introvert work will be reflected and thus you will be extrovert. This is also vice versa.
  21. Coding is a nice way to stimulate your brain
  22. Life isn't meaningless. It's something you thought life is, and you don't actually know what life really is, you just assume it. It's why It's important to do work on these topics so you really understand it, so don't come up with conclusions straight away You have to find meaning to it. Life doesn't have all these problems you're currently having, it's you that is having the problems and that is reflected on the world, when that reflection isn't in actuality. It's great that you've finally decided to do something about your life! Use that desire and work on yourself + the Truth. I love how you want to be a social worker and contribute to the world. That is such a meaningful purpose, in which I wish I could try and find! It's important to contribute to the world, that's how you cope with meaning. Also how do you know if the world is meaningless when you haven't tried the social worker yet! The main reason you're not feeling happy is because you feel incomplete. You feel like you need something, but you can't quite catch it, and that something is only achieved by existential. A nice outlook to boost up happiness is being joyful; Joyful that you are grateful for what you have. Don't expect more, just love for what you have, and how it will grow into you You should do some reading on human psychology and obviously Leo's videos on emotions because happiness is still an emotion! Goodluck
  23. Ohh, I see what you mean. when you're joyful, you're just grateful for what you have. You don't need it or want it, it's just there. You didn't ask for it, it's just there...
  24. Feeling incomplete.. That's such a powerful insight So, if I don't want anything. I am complete. That's a nice direction to strive for. Being unhappy/happy can cause problems, "Oh I'm unhappy, let me be happy by doing...". The goal is to be neither happy or unhappy. Just neutral. Not that you should force yourself to not be happy, I mean, the ego isn't really an evil thing. It's just something that's there. No forcing is required, it's just something to realize Definitely not easy to do, lol
  25. You can't just say something doesn't exist. You cannot say Leo, or I, or whatever the fuck exist. Reason for this is because it's an IDENTITY that you created and IMPOSED onto those phenomenons When we describe something "to exist", we describe it with our thoughts/ego because it has memory of existing. You have a memory of existing, but don't have a memory of "not" existing. If we "exist", what the fuck does that mean? See, it doesn't mean anything. It's our mind just trying to survive and become useful. If I said I don't exist, i can just fucking poop and eat bananas. It's nothing useful for our psychological "needs". Do not trust your mind. Do not trust your understanding. These all leads to self-deception. You cannot describe what exists and not, because you thought describes it. If you thought describes it, then it is self-deception still. It's not reality because reality is neutral. If you said "reality is this", then. How to cope with this? Be aware of it, and don't let your mind be the boss. Just stop thinking so much, thinking leads to fear and panic. This cannot be described verbal but with action. You can only BE. Not "you" the ego but ALL. "I know one thing; that I know nothing" - The Socrates Paradox.