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  1. Die and be set free to where though? You can't escape to anywhere? I'm curious when you say that you will be set free and dissolved?
  2. I like how you said you haven't master the topic you want to do. There are a lot of people who are kinda hypocrites and do not know what the fuck they're talking about and you've actually be awareness on that before doing anything. So if you feel like you haven't master something, then master it! Once you do, then the stuff that is out there won't compare to what you produce, since the things you produce are authentically created by mastering Your neighbours won't really care. If they do, then it doesn't matter, it's for you and not for them. If you worry about what people think of you, I would suggest watching Leo's video Quite lengthy, but worth a shot. So Master before you do anything. that's my suggestion
  3. One door closes, another door opens. Going to be honest, this woman sounds like a complete egoistical, insensitive and heartless person and you're probably better off without her. I say use your pain of rejection to better yourself again, just like you did when you broke up with her for the first time. You went back to the states and became more enlightened. That takes hardwork to do that, and you need to do that now. Maybe it's a complete rejection because you feel incomplete? You are completely right in learning from that experience and turning into positive. So I'll give you some sentences/insights - I can find someone much better, who I won't have to manipulate but generally want to be with her - When the next woman comes, I will appreciate and love her even more, because of what that Israeli girl did to me - Notice that I used "Israeli girl", because that is what she is, a girl. Not a woman, she's immature! - I don't need her, I only need cake - I can find some woman who has the same interests as me, someone who is into self-development, perhaps? - What would my dad think If I'm crying over a girl? - I don't hate that israeli girl, because she has taught me a valuable lesson that was much needed - God's plan? Just observe the pain and be with it. Once you're use to feeling the pain of rejection, you will get use to it
  4. I think you should just go with an absolute open mind. If there is something that the therapists says that causes you stress and struggle, just be open mind to it. If the therapists says to change a certain thing or gives you a conceptual framework and you don't like it?, then be open-minded to it. Don't dismiss what the therapists says, just accept what they say and be open-minded to it. By being open-minded, the insight and the conversation will make sense That's all you need, I think. You go to the therapist to help with your issues and they are trained to help you with this. They do the work to get you up and going, and you respond to that work, so you shouldn't worry about preparation. It's why you pay them
  5. Creation in the sense of what? We didn't create anything, not ego, not the consciousness. To create something is a materialistic way of looking things. Nothing came before consciousness because consciousness is No-thing. It's not made up of anything, so it cannot be created by a certain something. If it was created, it would imply it is the essence and is the thing it was made from. It's like a chair being made up of wood, the chair is not a chair, calling it a chair is a identification. In actuality, it's just made up of wood, so we can call it wood. But this can't be applied to consciousness. There is nothing that created it, because it would apply it is the essence of that creation, like the chair being essence of the wood. Our ego did create the identity of "creation" because of it's materialism. Intelligence is not the same intelligence as we think of
  6. It's actually the human experience/understanding that causes the separation. Consciousness is universal and infinite, your human experience isn't. Your human "experience" is limiting and that is why you feel the separation, when there isn't one in the first place. But don't forget, the human "experience" is also part of consciousness. Consciousness isn't doing the separation, and it feels like there is a separation, when there isn't. Some people say the Original state is for survivability. It happened because of evolution. Personally, I think our "thoughts/ego" aren't "consciousness" as you describe it, but are memory. I think there is a much more deeper meaning of consciousness that we can be aware of because we're made of it, and it is something we haven't experienced yet. When I say experience, I mean without thought/ego. It could even mean we can't experience it, who knows. It's something that can't be understood. The other questions, I have no idea about. WHY? There is no why, it's PURE MAGIC! This is just my personal opinion
  7. Sometimes I don't realise that I am doing this lol. Ego can get ya without you even realising. I try to force out this internal monologue.
  8. As I'm working on the non-duality route, I find myself with emotions and certain thoughts that create pleasure. Non-duality should not be an escape for the psychological mind to create security and pleasure, but I can't help myself be at peace everyday as I go deeper into this thinking. Difference between being at peace and pleasure? Isn't being at peace also pleasurable? Any tips to stop being attached to non-duality?
  9. @Faceless This is something I don't exactly know what it is, and I won't pretend to understand it. I understand pleasure seeking mechanics and the memory/thoughts, but understanding the actuality of the fact (or escape) is something I don't know. I know I can't understand it in duality, and I think you know what I mean when I say understand. I can't understand it with thoughts, so I need to work on it existentially. Can't verbally communicate this either but it's a strong insight, I will do some more work. Thank you So I shouldn't be worried about being stuck, which is why I made this post. As long as I am conscious of the attachment and pleasure. Thank you
  10. I see, it's an escape from fact... Is this fact something I can only discover existentially?
  11. We're not escaping from anything. We think we are escaping from something but If we go deeper on why we don't want to escape, then I think we realise that there is nothing to escape from. But what did you mean with this?
  12. I'm not sure. I can't say anything now, I haven't looked into security. How to be aware of this?
  13. Never thought of this, what does security actually mean? The security that I will get pleasure? That I will "secure" a pleasure at least?
  14. I know what you're exactly talking about. I've done this observation before. It happens to me with food. So "I" love eating junk food when watching movies at night, sort of a tradition of mine . When I get the food at the supermarket, I get excited, but then I put awareness on this excitement and it's just as you have said. I re-experience the experience of me enjoying my fatass watching Netflix, and the pleasure from it. Then... When I actually do the eating and watching, it is never like the previous experience. When I finish, I get realisation of "well, that wasn't as good as last time". To be honest, it's more now like "why did I do that?" I get excited, then disappointed, I don't know where this disappointment comes from though, and I don't think it's not from the previous experience or memory, it's something deeper, but I become extremely aware of it.
  15. That is true, I do have awareness. So this pleasure can be considered as an addiction like drugs? Is it worth doing some work on addictions as well?
  16. I understand what you've said and coming from, and I agree with you. It's not really that I'm trying to resist the pleasure, I'm not, it's more about will I get addicted to this pleasure? And when I say addicted, it's not about this addiction not benefiting me but making me stuck
  17. Not really. I don't even know why I'm pursuing in self-actualisation or any of this work. I don't want anything fixed in my life, I don't want pleasure. It use to be like that I guess until understanding a little bit more about duality and other concepts but now... It's just whatever, I'm doing it for no particular reason. By the way, I'm not depressed or anything. I don't resist the pleasure or anything like that. I don't encourage this as well, this is just my personal journey.
  18. No, I fucking hate this. I'm not trying to pursue pleasure, that's the entire point ;( But I'm getting this pleasure from understanding duality and I don't know what to do with it. At the same time, I don't want to reject it because it's valuable observation but then, will I get addicted to this state?
  19. I like this a lot. It's one of the insights I've recieved when meditating but I never accounted for the psychological "states" that occure, only the momentarily emotions. Yeah, I'm going I accept it. There is no use in rejecting but I feel like I will be addicted to the state So that's where my problem is coming from, I feel like I am receiving pleasure from the work to understand duality. I do get pleasures and security from it when I don't seek or want it . I observe it of course, and see how I'm receiving pleasure from being at peace. But then Is this peace false? I'm not really trying to understand or get caught up with this work, It's more about that I am receiving this pleasure from being "peace". What do I do with this? Thank you, I will have to give this a go, this is something needs exploring
  20. @cetus56 @Etagnwo So this peace/comfortable is still a state, and being non-dual is still a state, meaning the goal is to not be in any of these states. At the same time, not having a goal either... I understand this can't be verbally communicated. So letting your mind be free is being in no-state. That's something I didn't think of. So what should I do with my current situation, how do I accept this comfort and peace? I want to be careful when these pleasing emotions/states occur because If I accept them and let them be which is what I do with all things, I could be attached/addicted to them I feel like if I accept them, I can't get out of them.
  21. So, it's perhaps me being comfortable is leading to this dilemma, I just hope I don't become attached to this and feel like I need to attach to this belief
  22. This is valuable. Finding a hobby or something else instead of gaming is a good way to distract yourself. Getting a job is better because you're literally forced to focus on it rather than playing videogames. Going to the gym is great as well since you'll get too tired for gaming
  23. I say gradual. Just keep playing but play with awareness. Realise what the fuck you're doing, Observe the effect it has on you. For example, when you play, does it make you sad or happy? Angry or stress-free?, Whatever feelings comes up, observe it, observe the pleasure that comes, but don't judge it as bad or good, just observe and don't resist. You have plenty of time to remove the addiction and I find gradual is less painful... So don't feel guilty when playing But if you're hardcore as fuck, then DELETE everything like the others said.