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  1. Yep, you're totally right. And the mindfuck is, happiness aint located in "mindfuck", "illusory self has attachment", "awareness", "everything", "attachment is not something awareness has to be concerned with", "it doesn't matter", "want", etc. Insights and realizations are great, keep having them, but I really liked what Eren Eager said, insights and realizations are even greater when you remember to drop them and come back to just being purely happy at the end of the day. Which is really the essence of meditation. And also can be the essence of a really immersive gym session, or immersive psychedelic trip, or immersive walk in the park. So immersive that your insights and realizations just aren't there. The ego was never there, so all of your suffering didn't come from the ego, it came from You. Powerful realization, that only the illusory self has attachments, yet it wont save you from practically progressing on the spiritual journey, it will just hold you back.
  2. I personally love that message man! Thanks for sharing! Wouldn't have resonated with it only a few weeks ago.
  3. my feel is that there are multiple layers here: non existence, concept, existence. Concept is a subset of existence, along with other layers like material reality, sleep dream reality, psychedelic hallucinations. An apple may not have physically manifested as material, but may have physically manifested as a concept or in sleep dream. If the apple is in concept but not in material reality, then relative to material reality, the apple exists as non-existence. Yet this is all occurring within existence. An apple though could never occur in non-existence, because non existence does not contain the material, conceptual or sleep dream realms. It contains no realms, pure mu or nothingness. For example, its wrong to say a pink elephant existed as non-existence throughout this entire reading, because the elephant just manifested in the concept realm as soon as this paragraph was read. There was literally no pink elephant before. Therefore that non-existence cannot have any manifestation or form in actuality. Yet non-existence is much more akin to dementia/amnesia. If you're saying a unicorn does not exist, IME that non existence is happening in existence.
  4. have you actually observed non-existence before?
  5. have sex with her it if feels right. don't have sex with her if it doesn't feel right. This is more of an opportunity to explore each other transpersonally more than anything IMO. If that turns out to include sex then great, if not then great.
  6. You haven't reached stage green polygamy then Which is ironic because Moon is green.
  7. and that's why I wrote this is gonna be the last insight I'll share Try and get yourself to realize you don't need to get there. Everything else WONT work. Your attempt to get there is doomed from the onset. The whole point of this path is to get you to go everywhere, burn yourself out to the point that you can't get there anymore, then from that burnt outness, you become open to the possibility that it was never about getting over there, it was about letting go of the thoughts that make you suffer now, and accept and love the happiness that arises from that process. Meditation is what stops the thoughts telling you, you need to get there.
  8. This is just a personal reflection of mine that I've noticed, not saying it to boast, its got nothing to do with how good my ego is, I'm quite a retard and stupid guy myself. But I just felt like sharing it as a way to express the beauty of this world. What seems to happen with me on this forum, is people first think I'm crazy and reject me for the stuff I post, then months later start thinking I'm onto something, start accepting it, start being open to it, and then I come up with a radically new post thats even more radical then before, then I get rejected again, then people start coming around to that one too. I think you've got every right to think I'm deluded, self biased, selfish, egoic, filtered through my own up my own farts lens, building a narrative. I don't want to stop you from seeing me that way. In fact deep down I like it, it adds spice to my life. But I can't help but think the universe is giving us a message saying its the disagreement itself which is the delusion. For if you disagree, you're choosing to block out what's actually happening.
  9. hahahaha. But i want to be the unlucky bloke that went from rags to riches happy holidays!
  10. @snowyowl my post was meant to be take purely practically. Happiness aint located in whether my quotes contradict each other, or in the 'thing in the world' which creates our relative happiness. It aint located in whether you've put my quotes out of context, it aint located in whether you agree or disagree with me, in theory or not. It aint located in non attachment or unconditional happiness. it aint located in who or what does the attaching, it aint located in there's no one there inside with free will, it aint located in imaginary or illusion. its just the being happy itself that is what you are looking for. Whether thats going for walks, going to the gym, meditating, talking to people, whatever makes ya happy, thats where it is.
  11. I disagree. jks ? I don't feel like starting a whole new universe all over again.
  12. Yum! Everything you're doing is f**king yourself also works.
  13. infinity means free will. Free will means freedom to be wrong/deny the truth.
  14. Beautiful story, especially the entities and robots part, reminds me of blade runner. Now love it for what its worth, and throw it away.
  15. loving kindness meditation. When resistant thoughts arise, let it go and pick a better thought. Visualize and write down what you want every morning.