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  1. It's amazing to see all the self-proclaimed Enlightened people arguing with each other, utterly fascinating.
  2. Thank you, @dharm4 for sharing this. I listened and benefited from it. The most eye-opening take away for me, is how the Left Brain dominates speech communication while Right Brain can't express its wisdom in language or words. That makes a lot of sense now why most sages recommend silence as the best means to Enlightenment, because once the Left Brain can finally shut up, the Right Brain can take over. That makes me feel like we have all the answer all along, but the hypnosis of the linear logical linguistic system actually imprison us in confusion or Maya. I'm digging through his other Podcasts now, what a fascinating scientist he is, Dr. Don Hoffman.
  3. Dear @AleksM, Thank you for Enlightenment Guide #2. I've already taking actions suggested in the guide. I keep returning to my breath and bodily sensation each time the mind wants to draw my attention or insist on imagining different problems. I would like to get the extremely powerful activation playlist you mentioned. Thank you so much again.
  4. Does anyone has the playlist that he mentioned and don't mind sharing it here in public?
  5. @Arkandeus Thank you for sharing your beautiful state. Do you feel like there is more for you to seek? If yes, what else are you hoping to gain? I would be content with the state you described, but not sure if I would still continue to search. Thank you.
  6. The word "thought" keeps deferring its meaning to something else ad infinitum...
  7. Alex, I'll take "whatever that can be said is wrong" for $2000, please!
  8. Just finished listening to this Audiobook course, Radiant Mind, Teachings and Practices to Awaken Unconditioned Awareness, and find it especially effective in guiding one towards the Nondual state. Peter Fenner has this talent of directing the mind into completely relaxed yet alert state. I get to experience the emptiness behind this character I take myself to be, it's like emptiness having an experience of being me and everything the body mind can perceive. Would love to find more programs like this that the author can talk you into experiencing Nonduality.
  9. A few perspective on the nature of Time. I can't understand all of them, but they all sound interesting.
  10. Great question, @DocHoliday. With all the pointers given here, have you drawn a satisfying conclusion yet? I have not. I'm just enjoying the exchanges here. @tsuki, your replies consistently stir something inside of me, they are like koans. The thinking immediately desires to have your level of realization, and tries to find ways to achieve it by acquiring more knowledge from writings, books, or teachings out there, that seduction of gaining and improving is strong. At the same time, as I'm reading all these interesting replies that I so hope to be my own truth, there is also an blank openness that allows all these forms to pass, seeing that they don't really matter that much and won't have the same intensity once the moment is passed. I can't come to any conclusion, but I enjoy it tremendously when they are pointers here that twist my thinking and loop it into itself, and makes me wonder "isn't everything I'm experiencing, all self-referential? Can I ever stand outside of myself to objectively know myself? I feel like I'm just a strange loop, including the whole Reality I'm experiencing, ever just existing inside of a bubble. What's beyond it? I don't know."
  11. What is your absolute Number One pointer, teaching, book, that convincingly help you go beyond the finite? The issues I have in all the materials I've come across, due to my ignorance and laziness, fall into these categories from my point of view. - Sounds like a made-up cosmology, like Absolute Infinity has the desire to know itself, therefore everything is created. Why does it even have the desire? - Most of the teaching or explanation seem to me so mental and intellectual, but they sound authoritative of knowing the Unknowable. - How can limited forms that we are, as human being, ever touch the limitless formless? Let say they are few truly Enlightened Beings who have been here, and some still alive, they are still imprisoned by this limited form. You can still see a body there saying "I'm not the body, I'm not the mind", but it's clearly there. A person in the insane asylum can also be totally convinced that he or she is GOD, without any doubt, and wonder why others don't see it. If the TRUTH is the TRUTH, how come it's only known to a few? How do we actually know it's the TRUTH they claim to have realized? UG Krishnamurti is one of the few authentic people who boldly declares that all spirituality are con game, it will never deliver what it promises. The more I'm searching, the more I find more words, concepts, ideas, made-up beliefs, yet some are considered more valid and true than others in the spiritual context. I find it amazing that some people, in this human body form, can boldly claim that they are enlightened, somehow have this realization that cannot be expressed, but yet considered a goal that other human beings should strive for. No matter how enlightened a person is, I would like to see how they live their daily life. If they seclude themselves from the society, what's good or value of that said enlightenment? It sounds to me more like another "FINITE" belief system or perspective that they adopted, and they live their lives from that understanding, which is no different from any other person in the World.
  12. Thank you for this nice pointer to not engage in movement in time. The immediate result is just "Be". 1) Create Reality 2) Infinite Objects in Reality, some Objects think they exists separately as individual autonomous Selves with free will in a Physical World with a feedback loop to search for an ultimate Objective in the Reality, not knowing they can never see the whole since they are all within Reality. 3) See Reality creates Consciousness that cannot see itself keep searching for itself. God plays hide and seek so well, that it can't find itself. It's another good pointer to start from the standpoint of the only One and project out to Reality. When there is only One, everything just starts and stops there, no movement. Thanks for the poetic reply, you have a way with words that soothes. Care to elaborate of this? Thank you for the sincere assistance. It's like every time someone ask these questions, it's another thought in the One mind asking the same question, and the One has to return back to the same spot it never moves from to answer them again and again and again...
  13. I like it that the belief of using psychedelics to achieve Enlightenment is being challenged. I had experience of Infinity and Void on Huachuma and Ayahuasca in Peru. We had discussions afterwards. An Italian fellow kept saying how amazing these medicines had helped us, and we're so lucky to have experience it. At that moment, my reply was if it's the Truth, everyone should have access to it, not just those who take the entheogenes. I'm still opened to the different paths work for different people, go for whatever floats your boat I guess. That being said, I do want to at least try an breakthrough experience of 5MEO-DMT though. The stuff is so hard to find...
  14. @tsukiThank you for sharing your awakening experiences. I enjoy reading all of them.
  15. Dear @Leo Gura, Best wishes to your retreat! Gonna miss you very much! Even though I would love to watch your YT videos and your presence on this forum, your grand undertaking dwarfs everything else. See you after you level up again, and share your insights with the community. Love and hugs to you, fellow traveler. PS yes, I'm enjoying my life the way it is and lazy to do any more work than I've been doing. So I'm just being opportunistic to wishfully think your next video would get me enlightened.
  16. Not only all we experience is a mental constructed idea of everyone else, we also just experience an idea of ourselves too then according to this deconstruction method, yes?
  17. Dear @tsuki, reading your postings on this thread is tremendously helpful. You are very good at breaking things down to the meta level. What has been the most helpful resource to you to reach this level of consciousness and realization if you don't mind sharing? Thank you!
  18. Dear @InfinitePotential, Thank you for your pointers, they are very helpful. I purchased the book list and I have the first book in the Enlightenment section. I'll go back and revisit that chapter if you remember which chapter is that. I got some other 5 stars book too from that section, and some of them seem more intellectual to me and just keep repeating the same premises that the author claims. 1) So, people on this forum, with their medium of body and mind, typing their opinions and thoughts, are also like the apple example? 2) Is "Nothing is Everything" as a concept also something too, and liken to the apple example? Isn't all the understanding about Nothingness also another perspective, but not the Absolute Truth? Mostly importantly, the apple example is a very effective pointer, how is it reconcile with everyday living? Even in @Leo Gura's video, with all these deep ultimate understanding, it's made clear that he'll still live this life and fine-tune different facets of everyday life, how is this story different any other people who haven't reached that level of deep realization? Seems like there is still always business as usual regardless there's the deep realization of "we're not the body and mind" and "this IS Nothingness." Would love to attend some sort of real life interaction where people are fearless and authentic about exploring these questions together, without ego, without spiritual bypass, and without the simple brush off reply of either you get it or you don't...
  19. That's so cool that at least a group of super human beings like you all here who gets enlightened and understands that all this is nothing... yay!
  20. Thank you very much @InfinitePotential for the explanation. I will deeply contemplate on it. Gives me hope that so many people get this.