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  1. You already have your youtube channel.feeling good about what you have, increases may also change your strategy to serve visitors better.for example instead of one super big video you can chunk it into pieces and create a course.I listened to more than 30 minutes of it but it was not about the books you mentioned in the title.
  2. You should start working hard on yourself before working on your project.
  3. Thank you for the answer,it helped me.There is a paradox in your answer. It implies that universe likes dishonesty or robery.may be there is another charachterstic in immoral people ,like seriouseness or cruelty?
  4. Some people are motivated by negative beliefs ,they may even become wealthy by doing none moral acts. other people have positive belief structure,mindset,practices. so the success formula is not a solid differs based on our beliefs. but why some people succeed ,the other don't? Is it related to the strength of their beliefs, regardless of its content?
  5. actually we want to measure the "now" by or mind and this process,changes it to the "past". if we could put all our knowledge away,we could touch the "now" and the life respectively.
  6. Does focusing on a life purpose limit us ? for example in the we have a vast number of passions.
  7. 1-Respond negativity by positivity: you must be very positive about their negativity.if they want to fool you,you must accept their lies even if you think they want to abuse you. life would fix the circumstances for your benefit. 2-focus on work instead of them
  8. For being the best,you should not sell at first . these are the most important steps you should take: (I am not a Pro Seller but these are the result of my researches) 1-Acceptance atmosphere : you should make an atmosphere of acceptance by accepting what the customers want and being happy to help them by your services and goodies you provide. 2-Listening to and Admiring the customer for their needs instead of introducing yourself as a professional. 3-Try to help the customers instead of forcing them. 4-Having gratitude attitude at every moment.
  9. You are right : time is illusion if we use our logic to describe it : -Is there any past? we only think about it.It only exists in our mind -what about future? something we think will happen.It is not real. -the only thing remains is now,The moment we are living in. But what is it?whenever you begin to feel it or think about it,it is gone.there is no way to know it by your brain.
  10. VERY PRACTICAL: I used to think I am HSP.All the syptom went away,just after I realized the truth about it. If you realy want to help yourself please forget about HSP .It can easily cured by focusing on your work. The difference in brains of people the way is described in HSP definition,is not science ,it is fiction. It is just another nice and charming excuse for not getting rid of the psyche.
  11. -Do they believe in a pre-made programs for their time? -what actions are waste-of-time? -what are signs of fake actions(those actions which are done in place of real ones)? -what is difference of waiting and patience? -Do they make themselves over busy? -how they manage obligations and commitments?
  12. I saw a podcast in DR glover`s website that has an interesting title:" non-judgmental self-observation"
  13. It is simple: the right choice is acceptance of the form of the moment. you accept what the life presents to you with pleasure and then you feel more wise and happy from within and you can clearly understand what is best for you.
  14. Thank you.There are Generic definitions for self-actualization.but there must be an specific answer for each and every question. something like this : "self-actualization is self satisfaction in every aspect of life." or "It is transformation from 'being in the shadow of our desires and feeling regret' to 'living in our desires and feeling happy' "