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  1. @Charlotte Did you try "The Work" by Byron Katie? Seems like you would benefit from practicing her teachings on your dad. The work often helps when you think that other people SHOULD change in some way or the other. Should he change?
  2. Did he finally put too much DMT in his soup?
  3. @mkieblesz OMG thank you so much for this Video. I can't remember when I had to cry so hard out of laughing
  4. Yeah.
  5. Nobody can tell you whats best for you. We don't know your psychic condition. Do you take medications? I just know that when you wanna join e.g. a Vipassana Retreat they warn you that you should not attend if you have psychic instabilities because the method and the teachers are not intended to cure your illness. In contrast attending can bring you even into a worse constitution. What about some loose kind of rehab? Could be the middle path.
  6. You can do your own bootcamp. Cost free. Get up at 5am. Jog for an hour. Prepare healthy meals for the day. Workout: https://www.youtube.com/user/MarkLauren2/videos. Meditate. Do Yoga. Go to bed at 9pm... Profit.
  7. Everything is futile. One has to understand this. If you don’t understand it, you will always remain in illusion. Everything is futile and in life there is no progress, no improvement, because life is eternally there. Life is already perfect. All that you try to do to make it more perfect is futile, but it takes time to realise it. Now you are feeling stuck. You can do two things. You can change your style of life and then for a few days again you will be on a honeymoon – hopes and desires and ambitions… and the possibility of tomorrow again becomes alive. But after a few days that tomorrow never comes. Again you are stuck and the whole thing again becomes routine. It is just like when you love a woman. The honeymoon over, the love is over. By the end of the honeymoon you are again seeking and searching for another woman. But you can go on in this way from one honeymoon to another but it is not going to help in any way. You have to realise that there is nothing to achieve in life. Life is not goal-oriented. Life is eternally herenow. It is already perfect. It cannot be improved upon. Once you realise this, then there is no future, no hope, no desire, and no ambition. You live this moment; you enjoy and delight in it. The feeling of stuckness is coming because you still have ambition left in the mind. That ambition is creating the frustration that nothing is improving – but there is nothing to be improved! The trees are happy because they don’t try to improve. They don’t listen to any foolish sermons of Vincent Peale or others. They don’t bother at all about the future. Look at life. Everything is so delighted, right this moment. So be delighted. This time, don’t change and don’t create another illusion. If you are feeling stuck, feel stuck. But tell the mind, ‘Now I am not going to create another dream for you so that you are riding on the wind again for a few days. No more !’ Live with this stuckness and try to understand why you feel it. You are feeling it because you are always keeping a goal ahead. You have to reach somewhere, you have to go somewhere. Where? Life is here – where are you going? There is nowhere to go. Once you understand that, the stuckness will melt away. It is created by you, by your idea that one should be always growing, always growing. Where will you reach by always growing? Now you are mature enough to understand that life has no meaning in the future. The meaning is intrinsic, herenow, in the present. So enjoy your food, enjoy the people you love, enjoy your work, enjoy your sleep, and forget all about the future. Then the stuckness will melt by itself. Nothing is to be done. It is not a problem. The problem is deeper than your stuckness. The problem is that you are still hankering; the mind is greedy. One day everybody has to come to that point and to realise, ‘What nonsense am I doing with my life? – wasting it in improving it while it is already perfect.’ That’s what I mean when I say that you are gods – nothing is to be done. Delight in the fact of your being. Enjoy the way you are and enjoy the world that’s available to you. Then each moment becomes a diamond in itself. Life is no more a means. Each moment is an end unto itself. That’s what Jesus means when he says ‘Think not of the morrow’. For one month, live in the moment, and even if you feel that stuckness, let it remain there. Nothing is to be done. Tell it, ‘Okay, I accept you, but I am not going to do anything. I am going to live moment to moment.’ And enjoy yourself. For one month, without any goal, without the achieving mind constantly boiling within, without any desire, simply live. That’s what a religious man is. ~ Osho
  8. @Mikael89 Everything is relationship. Relationship to yourself, to the people and other living beings around you, to the objects around you. There is not one second in life where humans are without any relationship, besides deep sleep and probably the highest forms of samadhi.
  9. @okulele Just wanted to tell you that I really like your posts. IMO there are a lot of similarities between our life paths. I'm really curious about your next steps in life :-) Have a good one!
  10. On point. I often have this feeling when reading comments that sound like cryptic guru quotes. Perhaps it's true but it's not resonating with people on a different level of consiousness.
  11. At the moment I have the feeling it's to complicated for me. Nearly every session I was doubting if I was doing the Kriyas right. Also I'm not that flexible so some postures feel odd when I do them. I did it for like 2 months and don't feel any results (but who knows?). So I went back to "regular" meditation with the help of "the mind illuminated" and the step by step program. Feels more appropriate.
  12. Wanted to share this with you. Especially consuming baking soda was new to me.
  13. @bwad Hey! I just saw that you replied to this thread. Your answers were really helpfull. To be honest I just quitted the practice and didn't think about it anymore. But now I'm motivated to start again. I will let you know whats happening :-)
  14. @Shanmugam Thank you for the reply. I guess I'll stick to Osho and Kriya till the end of the year. After that I will try inner engineering. And yeah, It's good to be skeptic about all the stuff that ist circulating in this field. I'm not a fan of Sadhguru as a person but his Kriya Yoga could have big potential to calm the mind.
  15. @Samra Exactly the same insight from my last LSD trip :-) Not just believing but knowing!
  16. @BuddhaTree LOL somehow it's funny that you posted this just one minute before my post. Some questions are answered.
  17. The overflow of practices and techniques that are availible out there confuse my mind. I first started with Osho meditations (mainly Kundalini Meditation) which I first learned in a 10 day retreat and practiced for like 2 months quite regulary. Then Leo posted his Kriya Yoga video which conviced me to swich and start practicing it until today. In addition I read all the recommended Kriya books. Now I'm considering the inner engineering course by Sadhguru because I heard many positive things about it. How should I know which practice is suited best for me? Should I stick to one practice and forget about the others? Or is it ok to mix the practices - like one day Osho meditation, the next day Kriya and the next day inner engineering? Or even mix them in one day? What do you think are the up- and downsides of these different techniques? Something like that: Osho meditations: Most easy to learn (just watch one video or read one guide and do it) Many activities For free Kriya: Most complex and biggest potential of confusion Probably the most advanced techniques? For free (but you need the books) Inner engineering: Step by step Online guide possible initiation by Sadhguru if you want to continue after the online course Expensive @Shanmugam I saw that you are experienced in this topic. It would be a pleasure to see your opinion. Greetings from my neurotic ego
  18. Also keep a Commonplace Book as Leo recommends. Write important things down because otherwise you will just scratch the surface of the information you are consuming. The sooner you start the better.
  19. @herghly Sounds to mechanical and intense. Don't be so focused on the outcome. I guess a longer break between the sessions would be more appropriate.
  20. @Prabhaker Well, probably doing Yoga in India won't make me enlightened, but I feel it's a step I have to take to become who I am. And yeah, India has definetely it's commercial downsides. I'm willing to find a school/ashram that is not that commercial and will teach people who are really looking for truth. @okulele I also heard that Amma's ashram is a nice place to stay and learn. One purpose of this journey is also to get rid of emotional attachments and conditionings and to get out of the comfort zone/train will power. For that reason I wanna visit an Osho place and participate in his Dynamic Meditations. Besides the Ashram in Pune there are also some smaller places in the Noth of India that are not that commerial.
  21. @okulele My path is quite similar. I also had profound shifts after taking LSD where I realized that my current path is not what I really want. I studied social science and I'm working in the social sector since one year. But it doesn't make me happy and my heart pulls me in the direction of Yoga/Meditation and pursuing enlightenment. Sure it's possible to work in a 9 to 5 job while doing this, but in my case I really have to leave this place. My plan is to go to India in the end of the year. I don't know where to go exactly but there a thousand of ashrams and place for Yogis. Here is a list of some famous ashrams if you consider India aswell: https://www.tripsavvy.com/popular-ashrams-in-india-1539894