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  1. @How to be wise You wanna share 1-2 samples of how your inquiry looks like? And how does the process look like - do you find new topics every day or do you process the same topics over and over again? Do you process conflicts with other people or with youself? When I read Katies book I just thought that I have nearly no problems with other people. How to deal with that?
  2. And with books. I read 4-5 books in different genres at the same time so I can switch between them when one seems more appealing
  3. @Viking did you try to establish a healthy routine? Starting with a morning routine like rising up early, drinking a tea, go for a walk, do some yoga etc. Often this helps to navigate the day in a clear direction
  4. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  5. @Shroomdoctor Fuck! Nailed it
  6. A few month ago I wrote with SantataGamana and asked him about his opinion about Vipassana courses. Could be interesting for those who are not sure wether to practice formal meditation or Kriya Yoga - or both Here a part of his answer:
  7. Great insights thank you. I don't understand why you should neither shower hot or cold. For me a cold shower is a good wake-up call for the body. Or hot-cold showers! More tips: Check bioenergetics. These techniques are specifically developed to break emotional blockages and make your body more alive. Also observe how eating and drinking effect your body. For me coffee is a heavy stimulant for my nervous system. It makes my stomach tense.
  8. Contemplate the title and the quotes for half an hour before watching the video und think about how the topic is related to your life/situation. Is there any reason to watch it at all or is it just to distract yourself? You will gain much more yummy juice out of the theory because you will not automatically agree with what is Leo presenting to you. Watching the Video without thinking about it on your own will have near to zero value to you.
  9. @EltonYou could try doing the contemplation before you watch the video so you are not affected by the content. Your fear is a normal reaction of your ego trying to maintain itself. And it's there for a reason. There will come a day where you will feel totaly released and at peace because you have the will to change yourself - this will be you reward. To say it with the words of Byton Katie: "When you realize that every stressful moment you experience is a gift that points you to your own freedom, life becomes very kind and abundant beyond all limits."
  10. Your words are always very inspiring. Do you wanna share where you are going to travel?
  11. Out of curiosity. Which living character would you guys set near to 1000? Sadhguru? Om Swami? This guy?
  12. @Viking Do what is best for you and not what people are pushing you to do ;-)
  13. Thank you for your honest report. It gives me a huge motivation for my 10 day vipassana course which is starting next Tuesday. I'm also a first timer and really excited. Much love. Good to see guys like you doing the hard work.
  14. How exactly does depression feels like for you? Do you have any sensations in the body? Do you feel it inside your head? Do you feel it inside your chest/abdomen? What thoughts come in repeat? How many sensations do have to appear to call it a depression? Really have a look inside. What is it exactly. Do the "symptoms" fade away when you look at them or do they stay? Try not to change anything - just look at them.
  15. @Nevon Nice one. So you do no physical exercise or experiment with psychedelics? I just went for a walk and imagined that everything in my experience builds up like in a sandbox game and every new view/aspect is generated in real time while walking. There was also the thought that I dont't even know if the world exists outside the view which the eyes can sense. I mean what exists outside of consciousness? Nothing.
  16. @Nevon Great. What's your practice if you got any?
  17. @Feel Good What speaks against extra-virgin olive oil? It has been part of the standard mediterranean diet for centuries. People in Italy, Spain and Greek are rather healthy. They got less brain deseases, are less obese and got a rather high lifespan. Also check the book "Genius foods" by Max Lugavere. He has a lot of studies in there promoting the benefits of olive oil. It's even his "genius food" no. 1! Same for vinegar. There are many sources promoting the health benefits of apple vinegar.
  18. I was a follower of Jordan Peterson until one year ago. After watching Leo's content I saw the blind spots in his teachings and political statements. He is so involved in all the gender and political correctness stuff that he is unable to get out of this ego-identifying war. His hole life and career builds on that stuff. Would be so funny to see Leo speaking with Peterson on this topic. Either Peterson would rationalize the shit out of Leos words or his ego would break completely. Nontheless I'm gonna read his book "12 Rules for life" because now I'm aware of these blind spots and I'm interested in reading the book with a real critical perspective. Alone the title says it all: Rules! that implicates that Peterson knows what's "good" for each and every individual. That's religion! That's ideology!
  19. New Aphex Twin is a pure trip:
  20. One of the primary objectives of bioenergetics is grounding. This guys work is exceptional. Try it out: