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  1. I woke up the other day and realized I can't precisely find the preset moment. If I clap my hands right now I still have a sense of something happening before the clap happens. When does the preset moment end? I can't find the precise end point of the present moment either. Shouldn't I be able to locate these two points? Memories feel like they are something seperate from this and untrue in a sense.
  2. So yesterday I was contemplating something that I never gave much thought about before, it came up several times in mind as I was driving. When I checked the new video last night it was on the same subject, collective ego. I got that strange feeling. Probably the first time I ever experienced a synchronicity on that level.
  3. This is a short audio book on YouTube and has nothing to do with Jesus. Looking into antinatalism let me to this book. It pretty much points out how we do every thing to distract ourselves from the truth of suffering and death.
  4. I voted no but 20 years I had an awaking experience on mushroom even though I've had lower and higher doses around that time trying to replicate the experience it never happened again. I'm sure it led me to where I'm at today but I don't feel the need to try and go back there. I'm very grateful it happened. On a side note another time on mushrooms I experienced telepathy with one of my friends who took the same dose as me at the same time. Don't know if anyone here has experienced that but it was quite interesting.
  5. A must read. The chapters on the noble eightfold path are pure gold! Wish I could write one paragraph from the book but that would be violating the rules.
  6. I pick the body farm. I want to rot naturally on top of the dirt.
  7. How about a video talking about the double slit experiment and the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment. Could be an awesome part 3 to quantum mechanics debunks materialism. There are loads of videos on the topic already but I think Leo could add some clarity that others lack.
  8. https://www.dhamma.org/en-US/locations/directory
  9. He's pointing out how quantum mechanics shows we don't live in a material universe. Watch some double slit experiment videos on YouTube.
  10. Here is a video by Shinzen Young where he talks about the topic. He used to feel uncomfortable around people but that changed once he became enlightened.
  11. What do you think killing yourself is going to accomplish? You'll become the tao? You'll give your friends and family sadness that's it.
  12. There is a slim chance LSD can trigger schizophrenia. One of my friends triggered an early onset of schizophrenia when he was about 20 from doing LSD to much. He ended up committing suicide a few years later.
  13. Yes the metta meditation probably makes a big difference. I felt detached as in detached from my body for 4 days or so. I've been reading it can happen to some people from to much mindful meditation. I felt I was on the edge of depersonalization syndrome.